Causes of Armpit Rash and How to Treat with Natural Home Remedies

Armpit is a part of your skin that is sensitive towards irritation. Armpit rash is one of symptom that indicates several things like wrong life style or even climate exchange. Even though it is hard to notice abnormal color in your armpit, you can notice armpit rash from its inevitable itch and irritation.

Usually armpit rash show redness and some times white in your armpit. Even though it is hard to see these effects, the unbearable itchy impact will leave you uncomfortable. There are so many things that might cause armpit rash. Each of causes will determine what treatment that will be best to get rid of armpit rash.

Some armpit rashes caused by heat or even life style. These causes will not only determine the best treatment but also how long will it last. Armpit rash that is caused by heat is usually last for hours.

But there are so many other causes that last armpit rash for weeks or even months. No matter how long, it is important to know the cause so it is easier to know the cure.

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Armpit Rash Cause

Armpit Rash Symptoms

Even though there are so many causes of armpit rash, below we listed some of most common cases that can impact armpit rash:

After Shaving Effect

Irritation can happen when you are done shaving. These little red painful bumps are common effect of after shaving. You need to make sure that your armpit is free from chemical product minimally a day after shaving so it would not get irritation.


This is a very common type of skin infection. Overall colour is red but in its end it has white rashes like a ring that surround redness skin. Usually ringworm gets itchy and swollen dry too.

Heat Rash

Heat rash usually happens in hot weather like summer or spring. In those times when people get more sweatier, people usually are prone to heat rash.

There are several ways to tell if armpit rash is caused by heat rash or not. Heat rash armpit usually appears red and slightly raised. They are also tiny and prickly unlike the rest of armpit rashes appearance.

Direct Contact with Dermatitis

Armpit rash can also be caused by direct contact with dermatitis. Some people show allergic or irritation impact as red patches too.

With lower immune response or even higher immune response, some people will easily get armpit rash or red marks on the impacted skin area. This will happen several hours after contaminated skin occurred.

To notice an armpit rash caused by direct contact with dermatitis, you can see from their appearance. Usually they look read and dry. Also don’t forget the unbearable itch point. This is why it is highly suggested to use your own personal stuff and never contaminate people’s personal stuff too.

Contamination can happen due to some reasons. Personal care products, food or climate allergies, medicines or insect bites are reasons that may cause armpit rash. So make sure that you use your own personal belonging and keep them clean.


Candida is another type of fungus. It triggers fungal infection and armpit rash is one of the impact. As usual, it appears red and swollen too. It gets very itchy and scaly too.


Eczema is an inflammation condition of skin. It is not a contagious one but is a chronic condition. It is usually infected in folded skin so armpit rash is one of them.

It can last for more than a weak. It is prone to get worse at some times of the year. Stress and another illness might get it worst too. However eczema main attack is not armpit. Sometimes it happens on the other parts of skin too like neck or even elbow.

There are several main characteristics to notice eczema such as itchy, red, dry and cracked. Mostly this occurs to children or adolescent often. When it gets scratched it will produce clear fluid too. IT is very uncomfortable because it is very itchy too.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

This one is another evolution to eczema. What is new however seborrheic dermatitis will appear on oil producing skin. Even though this is development of eczema, symptom is not similar. It is not only itchy but feels burning too. It looks red but sometimes it can change to yellow or white flakes.


Chafing occurs when your skin get to rub itself too often. It is not only between skin surfaces but also clothes. Armpit is part of your body that is easily get chafing skins. This is because armpit get to rub against skin and cloth every seconds.

There are several ways to notice whether an armpit rash is caused by chafing. First of al it has red colour almost look like a burning scar, they are also usually bleeding, cracked and swollen. So chafing has reddish in the center and white in its end more like coped dry skins.

This can happen when you use a not accordingly top size. Also chafing is more prone when it comes to summer or spring because at those times people get sweaty easily and moist skins are prone to chafing.

Types of Armpit Rashes

Armpit rashes

Atopic Dermatitis or Eczema

This type of armpit rash will get bleed when being scratched. But it also impacted such unbearable itchy effect. What worst is this rash happen since childhood. Children probably cant help themselves to let the itchy effect alone. At certain time of the year, eczema will flare up. They appear red too.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

This one is development from eczema. Even though it can be said that they are one same thing, symptoms appear differently. This is because what causes seborrheic dermatitis is different.

Usually it happens in over oil production skin. This is why it appears white or yellow flakes. They feel differently too because it gets some burning feelings.

Contact Dermatitis

Having direct contact with irritant is also another type of armpit rash. Not only direct contact, you can get this from parfume, deodorant, your fabric detergent or even your own fabric. Use proper size of shirt so your skin doesn’t have to rub hard against it and cause irritation worst.


Candida will get worst in hot weather and unclean life style. it is also caused by tight shirt. It is much better to use over size rather than tight one. Candida is itchy and scaly too. Itching is inevitable and it appears red rashes.

Complications of Armpit Rashes

Armpit rashes require immediate treatment accordingly. Leaving armpit rashes for too long will only get your skin get more fungal infections and grown bacteria. Bacteria will lead to a complication of armpit rashes. Red bumps with fluid are an example of armpit rashes complication.

Another complication might occur when unknown armpit rashes cause is found. Remember that different cause of armpit rashes will lead to different treatment.

Not every armpit rashes can be cured with one similar cure. Mistreat armpit rashes will lead to worst situation as it might be a symptom of another illness. Better consult with doctor to further inform you.

Treatment for Armpit Rash

Under arm rash

Do not Scratch

No matter how itchy it gets, never touch or play the armpit rash area especially if you haven’t washed your hand. Bacteria will worsen armpit rash condition so better leave it alone. As scratch will worsen the rash, it is better to take the next treatment.

Tentative Treatment You Can Do

First of all take a warm bath. Make sure the temperature is not too hot. After that, apply anti-itch cream to sooth infected skin area. Remember, it is risky to scratch them.

If the infected area is dry then apply moisturizer. Compress armpit rash area with cool compresses will help to get your hand away to scratch them.

Find the Armpit Rash

To make it easier, take a look at the characteristic. It can be another symptom to another illness so it is highly recommended to consult to a doctor about this. For a while, keep a healthy life style and hygienic habit too.

Stop Using Contact Dermatitis Product

It is better to first identify what causes armpit rash. Remember the last contact dermatitis product you use. Sometimes it can also caused by hair removal.

Home Remedies for Armpit Rashes

Ice Cubes

To sooth the infected area as it might get super itchy and some are burning too, place ice cube on the rash to get it better.

This way, your hands can stop touch or scratch the armpit rash that will only get everything worst than it already is. Cooling ice cube will decrease burning and itchy feeling plus it will help to distract your hand.

Vitamin C

Consuming more vitamin C will help to cure the armpit rash faster. Lemon, strawberries, tomatoes and broccoli must be your daily consumption for the next week at least until the infected armpit rashes get better.

Vitamin C will help to fight against infection to your skin. This is why vitamin consumption is important all along.


Lemon is famous to getrid of bacteria. Armpit rash is caused by bacteria too. So lemon can help to get an armpit rashes bacteria disappear and get it better faster.

Slice a lemon and rub it on the infected area for a while. It might get a little painful but it will be worth it. plus, lemon water will help as whitening.

Essential Oils

There are so many essential oils that can help to get armpit rashes better. Fungal infection and irritation always impacted inevitable itch.

Essential oils from tea tree and lavender can help decrease the itchy effect. To stop over itchy effect, rup a cotton of tea tree oil with water on infected area.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has so many functions. Coconut oil can help to sooth irritation too. To use coconut oil as home remedy, mix lavender essential oil and coconut oil on a cotton layer. Rub it on the irritation area.

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Preventing Armpit Rashes

Hygiene Life Style

It is important to start a hygienic life style from now on. Shower twice in a day. This way, excessive oil production is some part of your folded skins will get clean. Consume fruits and vegetables on daily basis. Also it is suggested to let your skin dry itself after shower rather than using towel.

Find the Perfect Deodorant Product for You

It is not only for deodorant but also fabric detergent, perfume and fabric material. Any contact dermatitis is supposedly avoided. This way, armpit gets a better treatment and stay away from armpit rashes caused.

There are some deodorant that will cause irritation on your skin. Therefore, it is better to pay attention to what you are allergic from and what’s ingredient of your deodorant.

Wear Proper Clothing Size

Never wear a tight clothing size especially if the material cant absorb sweat. This will lead to irritation due to bacteria and moist skin.

It is suggested to wear a cotton material cloth and a proper size so your skin can get some air. Don’t let sweat being trapped in tight cloth and airless space. It will only lead to fungal infection and irritation.

Use Powder in Hot Weather

Sometimes armpit rashes can be caused by hot weather too. To prevent this when the weather is hot then use extra powder in your armpit area. This will help to absorb excessive sweat and oil production.

Always let your skin to get fresh air by staying in air conditioning area. Avoid hot weather as much as possible is a better prevention.

When to See a Doctor

The best time to consult to a doctor is when you already feel and see the symptom. Remember that complication can occur when there is underlying cause of it.

Professional will hand you the best cure or treatment to make it less itchy and get better faster. The faster you get to consult with doctor is the better as you will know weather the armpit rash is just ordinary armpit rash or another symptom to another illness.

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