23 Bathroom Tile Ideas – Simple & Stylish

Choosing the right bathroom tiles will consider not only the aesthetic finish of your bathroom but also safety. Safety will be guaranteed by the chosen bathroom flooring material you are about to use.

Elderly or senior is in a higher risk to fall from slippery flooring. That is why you will need the best bathroom tile ideas so you can make sure that your preferred style is not only about beauty.

There are so many bathroom tile materials that will help you to present not only beauty but also its safety. Each of material has pros and cons.

Sometimes you can only choose of the two important point either safety or beauty. This is also why you need bathroom tile ideas. Even though you use the material you are not fond of, you can style them better in installation.

The way you style your bathroom tile also will impact the finish look. Therefore if you don’t like the available material, you can talk to a professional about the design you want and ask for an assistant to realize it.

Even though it will cost more, you will find it worth it in the end. This is better rather than you reinstall new bathroom tile so it is according to your preferred style.

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Bathroom Tile Ideas for Floor

Speaking of bathroom tile ideas, in this article we will not show you not only the beauty of final look but also its safety insurance and the risk that might come within the idea.

Every material comes with advantage and disadvantage so it is sometimes inevitable to sacrifice one point out of the two. So here are 23 bathroom tile most inspiring ideas for your reference:

Ceramic Bathroom Tile

Bathroom floor tiles

It is one of the most commonly used bathroom tiles you could notice. It is one of the cheap one you can think of. the disadvantage is it is slippery when it gets wet. To come as solution, it is much better to make a limit between shower room so it will not get wet outside of it.

Stylish Grey Flooring Bathroom

Tiles for bathrooms

Stylish modern bathroom is also one of the most common ideas to adopt. Grey tiles will make your bathroom look stylish.

There are so many materials for grey tiles so it is hard to tell whether it will be slippery when it gets wet. But you can choose a safer material and choose the grey one to make sure that it is safety for senior and kids.

Bathroom Wall Flooring Idea

Bathroom tiles designs

Bathroom is one of the home parts that often gets trim tile as wall decoration. It looks pretty and easily decorated as a left over space too for shelf. Besides, tile patterns are more complex and various. No wonder it will look better with trim tile o bathroom wall.

Neutral Color

White bathroom tiles

Simplicity never fail any decoration theme. White bathroom tiles will help to bounce the sun light that comes to the room. This way your bathroom will get brighter yet simple to see.

Again, there are so many materials that comes with white tiles so you can choose one with the most safe and cost effective one according to your reference.

Mermaid Theme Color

Hexagon tiles bathroom

These colors combination make such mermaid living vibes. It has good patterns that it will never bore you. It will look amazing for your bathroom except it will get so much more slippery when it gets wet.

For specific, it is slippery even though it is not wet. So you might have to consider the disadvantage of using this material.

Traditional and Rustic Look

Home Depot Bathroom Tiles

Traditional and rustic look bathroom is safer. Maybe it is much better if our separate between shower room and toilet. This way, you can have a rather safer tile for your shower room and choose the most stylish one for your toilet. But this traditional rustic toilet looks good too if you are a fan of simplicity.

Wood Flooring Design (Dark Floor)

Floor Tiles for Bathroom

It is not necessarily real wood as the material. There are materials that can resemble this wood like material.

Even though real wood material will be less slippery yet still look stylish, it is not as durable as ceramic when it gets wet. So you have to find the material that will give you the best finish so it will be worth it for a longer time.

Porcelain or Ceramic Flooring

Bathroom Ceiling Tiles

You can see in the picture that they choose a pastel green color. Every color will look just as good as any other. It is also okay to use ceramic in this type of bathroom.

Porcelain flooring is the most reliable material for bathroom though. It is ot slippery, stylish and comes with reasonable price. Besides, when you use a bath then logically you will not get wet outside of it.

Beige Color for Tub Surround

Cheap Bathroom Tiles

Another color that will look good in your bathroom is beige. Beige comes with such comforting vibes. It is also just as beneficial as white that will bounce lights and therefore can make your bathroom look bigger. Such bright color like white will help to make an illusion as if your bathroom is bigger than it is.

White Bathroom Tile Accent Ideas

Cheap Bathroom Tiles

White bathroom is a good way to make your bathroom brighter. However, when you choose to paint your wall white, it will get dirt marks easier. It is better to install all of your bathroom with white ceramic tiles.

Tiles materials are much easier to clean rather than painted wall. This is a time saver that will help you to keep your bathroom clean.

Porcelain Ceramic Bathroom

Marble Bathroom Tiles

Porcelain is the most luxurious one out of every the other tile material out there. It looks good like a marble. It will reflect objects when it gets enough lights.

Get a luxurious vibe in your bathroom by installing porcelain material. Porcelain also invites such mermaid and mid-century decoration into your bathroom.

Blue Tile in Accents

Blue Bathroom Tiles

Are you a fan of blue? Like a calming sea, your bathroom will look gorgeous in blue tile accent. It is also look like a big swimming pool when you enter the room.

Your bathroom will be the most aesthetic part of your house in your favorite color. You might want to add a floor mate so your floor doesn’t have to get wet and slippery in the end.

Glossy Flooring for Your Bathroom

Class Bathroom Tiles

Glossy flooring looks shiny with enough light. The amount of light in your bathroom will consider its glossy effect. It is not slippery if you use specific sandal material especially those one for home.

This type of flooring will make your bathroom look luxurious no matter the size. Although it might look better in bigger size, glossy flooring will still look glossy in smaller room.

Bathroom Wall Tile

Mosaic Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom wall looks better in tile. Somehow tile wall is now belong to bathroom decoration. It is almost as if every bathroom with tile decoration is the best decoration ever.

Black and White Bathroom

Bathroom Tiles Perth

Black and white bathroom is a simplicity on its finest level. Black flooring is not only limited to tile. You can also choose the flooring design without tile. The one as if you step o limitless floor looks good on bathroom too. The white bath and wall will help to lighten up the bathroom so it is not too dark.

Bathroom Tile Ideas Around Bathtub

Bathroom tile ideas

Reflective flooring looks like mirror on floor. It will reflect everything but not as clear as mirror. It is almost looks the same as glossy flooring.

Beige reflective flooring will look much more luxurious in daylight with natural sun light. Even so, in setting light your bathroom will invite warm tone into your bathroom and it is not a bad idea.

Hexagonal Floor for Bathroom

Tile floor bathroom ideas

Ideas for Bathroom Tile Shower

Previously, you are inspired with bathroom tile idea. This one is a shower room tile idea. shower room is different from bathroom. So for its flooring you might have more freedom when it comes to bathroom.

As for shower room, you have to think of the safety assurance and risk. Here are some shower room tile ideas you can adopt:

Manufactured Shower Room

Bathroom Shower tile ideas

You can have this type of shower room from your nearby Ikea store. It comes with its glass and its flooring. The flooring material is similar to bath material. So it is a little slippery for senior. Usually senior will not use shower room so you probably don’t have to think about that point though.

Rocks Material

Lowes bathroom tile ideas

This design is simple yet stunning. The rock material tile for the shower room part is also reliable because rock is not slippery like ceramic. Also it has a stylish pattern just like ceramic.

You can use this ideas to make a new half bathroom in your home.

Small Bathroom Tile Idea

Subway bathroom tile ideas

Small bathroom is better in white. White will make your bathroom look bigger because it bounces lights in your bathroom.

Bathroom Tile Ideas Gray and White

Gray and white bathroom is one of the most common idea yet still look the most aesthetic for their simplicity. There are so may gray and white bathroom ideas you can adopt like this following:

White Tile

Grey Bathroom Floor Tiles

White tile will help you to get a better look with more reflective flooring. Reflective tile is usually ceramic material but lately professional knows how to make the reflective effect even though it is not ceramic material.

Gray Flooring

3d Tiles for Bathroom ideas

Color impact the final look of your bathroom. The whole decoration purpose is to make you as owner to feel comfortable so choosing your favorite color will help you to feel more comfortable.

Grey and White Flooring

Tile Bathroom Wall

In the wall you can see that gray and white flooring as combination is not a bad idea at all. You can try them as decoration too with different color.


What is the most popular tile for bathrooms?

The most popular bathroom tile is subway tiles. This type of tile can be used on two parts, the wall and the floor. If you use both, you can give it the same look. Besides being good, the choice of subway tiles is cheap and easy to install.

What kind of tiles are good for bathrooms?

There are many types of tiles that are good to use for bathrooms. You can use ceramics, porcelain, or vinyl tiles.

What are the latest trends in bathroom tiles?

Traditional white tile is becoming a trend nowadays. The bright white color provides comfort in the bathroom. White tiles with marble patterns will also trend in the future.

Which colour is best for bathroom tiles?

White is the most recommended tile color for the bathroom. In addition to the popular white tiles, white gives a brighter and cleaner impression. Alternatively, it can also use other colors such as ocean blues, aqua greens, and gray.

Which tile is best for shower walls?

Choose ceramic tiles, porcelain, or quarry for shower walls.

What size tile looks best in a small bathroom?

Small bathrooms are better to use large tiles. With a few tiles in use, it will make the room look bigger. Also use the same grout color as the tile.

Should bathroom floor and wall tile match?

Floor tiles and bathroom walls can be made the same. But you can also make it different. With different wall and floor colors, the bathroom will feel more spacious.

Should floor tiles be darker than walls?

Generally, the color of the floor is darker than the walls and ceiling. But you can use bright colors on the floor. Combine it with the color of the walls and ceiling of the bathroom.

Which is better for shower walls porcelain or ceramic tile?

If used for bathroom or shower, porcelain options. Because porcelain is harder and denser. In addition, porcelain also has resistance to water absorption.

Does painting bathroom tiles really work?

Yes, painted tiles will be more durable than the tiles sold. Coloring bathroom tiles also takes less time and money than having to replace with a new one.

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