Best Ceiling Paint Color Ideas and How to Choose It

Painting a ceiling is indeed a tricky project that requires much of your attention. While many people out there fear painting their ceiling, they end up calling a professional painter to get it done.

In fact, painting a ceiling is not as frightening as you think. If you don’t mind having a lot of drips and messy interior for a while, then you can do it by yourself.

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Ceiling Paint Color Ideas

Despite much of the effort it requires, painting a ceiling is worth trying. There are plenty of paint color ideas to revamp your ceiling. If you are looking for fresh and inspiring ceiling paint color ideas, you need to check this out!

1. White Color

White Texture

White color scheme for your ceiling can bounce more light, thus giving you a clean and spacious effect. White ceiling is flexible as it can match with any interior designs as well as any rooms. Not to mention you can combine with any wall paints as desired.

2. Best for Bathroom

Best for Bathroom

If you are looking for the best ceiling idea for bathroom, this picture should inspire you. White ceiling is perfect for narrow bathroom. Thanks to large glass windows that provide sufficient illumination to give a visually larger look. The white bathroom ceiling can be combined with wall paint in pastel color.

3. Black Paint

Black coffered texture

Do you dare to be black? Paint your ceiling black to define your true personality. The coffered ceiling in black looks great in your living room. To accentuate the concept, choose interior furniture with the similar shade.

4. Popcorn Ceiling Texture

Popcorn ceiling texture

Add more textures to your ceiling with popcorn ceiling idea. If you are bored with plain ceiling, this inspiring idea is worth your thought. Popcorn texture works just great for low ceiling such as basement, attic, or other rooms.

5. Sparkles Ceiling Ideas

Sparkles Ceiling Ideas

If you want something different, ceiling paint with glitter could meet your need. As the name suggests, the ceiling paint comes with glitter to improve its appearance. This paint works best to create a starry sky effect on your ceiling.

6. Flat Finish Ceiling

6. Flat Finish Ceiling

A room with minimalist concept doesn’t need much of your thought. When it comes to ceiling paint, flat finish is sufficient to revamp the ceiling. To accentuate its minimalist nuance, white color scheme should be the best choice. You can combine the white ceiling with black wall for a contrast look.

7. Touch Up

Touch Up

Redecorating kid’s room can be started from the ceiling. You can repaint the ceiling with pink and grey stripes to create a distinctive look. This paint color adds more excitement and subtle look at the same time. Combine with earth-tone wall paint to balance the atmosphere.

8. Goes On Pink

Ceiling paint color

When you have a project to redecorate a princess’ bedroom, you can go on pink. This chic and feminine color can accentuate the girly and cheerful personality of your princess. Pink ceiling colour can be mixed with white wainscoting for a perfect look.

9. Semi Gloss Paint

Semi gloss paint

Add some sheen to your interior with semi-gloss paint. Ceiling paint with gloss brings sumptuousness and luxury, allowing you to enhance the value of your interior. Semi-gloss ceiling paint can be applied anywhere including your kitchen and living room. Choose the right color!

10. For Your Kitchen

For Your Kitchen

Kitchen deserves your attention as much as your living room. When it comes to ceiling paint, white is always a great idea. White represents cleanliness and simplicity, allowing you to focus on your work in the kitchen. In addition, white ceiling is easy to combine with kitchen cabinets and other elements.

11. Ceiling Paint for Shower

Ceiling paint for shower

Many people fail to get the best ceiling idea for shower cabin. In fact, choosing the right ceiling color helps enhance your shower experience. No matter what color you choose, be sure to opt waterproof paint for the sake of durability.

12. Navy Ceiling Paint

Ceiling Paint
Brunelleschi Construction –

Navy is among favorite colors for ceiling paint. The cold-tone offers fresh and calm feeling, which is perfect for living room or bedroom. Wall paint in similar shade can be chosen, while you can paint the windows white for contrast look.

13. Warm-Tone Ceiling Paint

Combination ceiling paint

If you want to evoke warm nuance, this ceiling color idea is worth your thought. Warm-tone ceiling color combined with white wainscoting is a perfect choice for your Mediterranean interior concept.

14. Subtle Paint Color

Subtle Paint Color

What is the best ceiling paint color for green wall? Simply choose subtle colors to complement your interior. Subtle colors such as beige or ivory yellow are great to mix with green wall paint.

15. Earth-Tone Ceiling Paint Idea

Combination ceiling paint

Give a unique look to your interior by painting the ceiling with earth-tone paint. Dark brown mixed with light beige gives a warm and welcoming nuance. This ceiling color idea is suitable for living room or bedroom.

16. Ceiling Paint Texture Type

White ceiling paint

Improve your ceiling by adding some texture to it. Having a tray ceiling is a clever idea to get rid of interior boredom. White paint should be great to evoke a clean and spacious look. Not to mention it works well for any interior concept.

17. Ceiling Enhancement

Ceiling Enhancement

If you are about to finish attic redecoration project, shed ceiling should be taken into account. The tilt ceiling gives comfortable atmosphere while white color choice can bounce more light for a visually larger look.

18. Embrace The Nature

Embrace The Nature

Bring outdoor freshness to your living room by choosing this light green ceiling color idea. Conventional ceiling and wall paint in a similar shade evokes natural look to fresh up your mind and soul.

19. Dark Ceiling for Masculine Look

Bedroom ceiling color ideas

For a bachelor’s room, this ceiling paint idea should inspire you. Wooden ceiling with its natural dark color accentuate masculine look inside the bedroom. Thanks to hardwood flooring that complements the whole interior concept.

20. Accentuate Cleanliness

Different ceiling paint color

If you are obsessed with cleanliness, this conventional ceiling idea should be taken into account. While the white ceiling accentuates its clean look, vibrant pink wall paint gives a refreshing look to the interior.

Ceiling Paint Cost

Now that you know a sizable selection of ceiling paint ideas, it’s time to consider the paint cost. Basically, ceiling paint cost depends on many factors such as sizes, and quality of paint. Ceiling height should also be taken into account as it adds paint cost whatsoever.

How much is the average paint cost? In the US, the average ceiling paint cost is $150 to $300 for a standard room sized 10×12. In other words, you have to spend around $1 to $2 per square foot. But this estimation does not include any repair in case your ceiling needs one.

Ceiling Paint Problems

When it comes to ceiling paint problems, there are a great number of issues that can occur to your ceiling paint. Peeling paint is one of the most common problem that reduces attractiveness of your interior.

There are many other problems such as mold and cracks. Let’s get to know more about ceiling paint problems below.

1. Peeling paint

It is irritating to see your new ceiling paint is peeling too soon. Not only does it lower interior attractiveness, but the falling paint chips are also harmful.

Peeling paint is caused by several factors such as high humidity, low paint quality, and poor application methods. Once this issue happens, you will need to peel off the paint and reapply the fresh one.

2. Bubbling paint

Bubbling paint is another annoying problem commonly occurs on your ceiling. As with peeling paint, the bubbling area looks unattractive. If the problem is not treated, the bubbling paint will start to crack and peel off.

The falling chips will be dangerous to your health. This problem can be caused by wrong application method and dirty surface. Peel off the bubbling paint and reapply new paint layer.

3. Cracking

When you see the ceiling paint is cracking, it is necessary to take action to get rid of it. While the cracking paint can be caused by many factors, you need to figure out what makes it cracks.

If it receives high sunlight exposure, you can install window shades or blinds. But when it is caused by too many layers, you might need to peel off the layers and reapply the new paint.

4. Mold

Mold can create dark spots on your ceiling. This problem can be caused by water drops from the roof or gutter. When this happens, you need to find the culprit and fix the leaking roof. After repairing the source of the problem, clean the mold with brush and reapply ceiling paint.

How to Repair Cracked Ceiling Paint

Cracked ceiling paint can happen to any buildings. As mentioned, there are many factors that cause cracked ceiling such as water exposure, high humidity, or intense sunlight.

But cracked ceiling is not the end of the world. You can fix the problem and bring back the flawless ceiling for more visual interest. That becomes the issue is, how to repair cracked ceiling paint?

Repairing problematic ceiling paint is actually easy as long as you know what to do. The following instructions should help you out. Before starting the repairing project, prepare the tools and equipment.

You will need drop cloth, sandpaper, paint scrapper, spackling compound, dish soap, bucket, soft sponge, knife, primer, paint, and paint brush. Now you are ready to go.

  1. Spot the ceiling area with cracked paint, then place a drop cloth under the ceiling you are about to repair. This is to prevent crumbling paint and falling chips from making a mess on your floor.
  2. Get a ladder, scrape the cracked paint with paint scrapper. Be sure to scrap thoroughly on the cracked area, including the edges.
  3. Check the surface smoothness with your hand. Sand the surface if you find bumpy area.
  4. After ensuring that the surface is ready, fill the cracks with spackling compound. Push the compound using with a putty knife. Leave it dry and sand.
  5. Mix dish soap and water, use a soft sponge to wash the area. Let dry.
  6. Primer the surface using the similar primer you have used on the other area. When it is set, paint carefully with a paint brush.
  7. Apply to layers of paint to make sure it looks even.

To prevent other cracks in the future, be sure to use the right painting method. It is also necessary to choose good paint quality that can last longer.

Ceiling Paint Tips

How to paint ceiling

Are you ready for ceiling painting project? Don’t be so hurry! There are some tips to paint a ceiling you might have not yet known before. Though it may sound simple, paying attention to painting tips help you prevent cracks or peels sooner than you think. For helpful tips for painting a ceiling, please check this out!

Paint with a roller

You might be tempted to use a paint sprayer for an easier painting project. In fact, paint sprayer is rather difficult to set up. Not to mention it leaves you with much more splatter, which means you have to cover the entire items in the room. Instead, paint roller offers the best coverage and less splatter.

Use the right pole

If you don’t want to bring in a ladder, you can simply use an extension pole. This pole helps you paint from the ground. When choosing the pole, be sure to opt the shortest and the lightest you can afford. This enables you to minimize the weight.

Always use drop cloth

Even a professional painter leaves the paint project with paint drips. For this reason, always use a drop cloth to keep your floor clean.

Work in imaginary grid

Considering that ceiling is a large area, painting a ceiling can be overwhelming. To make your project easier, you can work in imaginary grid. You can make a 3 by 3 feet imaginary grid so that you can focus on the area you are working on.

All in all, painting a ceiling can be a fun and challenging project to do. With a sizable selection of ideas, you can express your personality through ceiling paint ideas. Hopefully the above tips and information are helpful.

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