20 Desk Organizer Ideas to Boost Your Productivity

You may have ever heard that a hard worker’s desk tend to be messy and unorganized. For many years, this opinion has become an excuse for lazy workers not to organize their desk.

In fact, surveys show that unorganized desk can trigger stress as you will need more time every time you want to find something. For this reason, it’s time to change your view and get some desk organizer ideas.

According to the experts, neat and tidy desk can improve your work efficiency and productivity. As you can easily find something that you need, it also gives you a better feeling when working.

If you are looking for tips and savvy ideas to organize your desk, you’ve come to the right place as we have shortlisted inspiring organizer ideas. Be ready for the inspiration!

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How to Organize Your Desk

Organizing your desk may seem as simple as putting everything orderly but it is somehow more complicated than you think. There are plenty of things to take into consideration such as the layout, desk component, and so on. If you want to set the desk to improve productivity, the following tips should help you out.

1. Pay attention to the layout

Ideally, the monitor is located about 17-inches from your body. It should also be placed at eye level in order that your eyes can easily look at the monitor without giving too much strain on eye muscles. Next to the monitor, you can place some knick-knacks and pencil holder. Be sure those things are within your reach.

2. Consider desk component

A working desk typically consists of several components such as monitor, keyboard, mouse, phone, pencil holders and knick-knacks. Those things should be put on your desk, considering you will use them frequently.

Sort out your items based on usage frequency. Put frequently used items such as phone and stationeries at your dominant side.

3. Organize your supplies

You may have a lot of office supplies but only some of them are frequently used. These supplies can go up on the desk. The rest, store them in a drawer so that your desk doesn’t look cramped.

4. Mind personal knick-knacks

It is rather hard to keep you in a good mood for 8 hours a day and 5 days a week. To help you get a work-life balance, get some knick-knacks on the desk but don’t make it too much. Family pictures and souvenirs may help gain positive feeling but too many of them can give you a distraction.

Desk Organizer Ideas

Are you ready to give a major change to your workspace? If you have the spirit but have no idea to set the desk, you’ll need a little help. Below, you are about to find inspiring and clever ideas to organize your desk. Now you can say goodbye to a cluttered and messy desk. Check this out!

1. Clip-on Desk Organizer

Clip-on Organizer

Small space can be the biggest hindrance to get a nice and tidy desk. With a little creativity, you can transform the small desk into a functional and organized workspace. At the time you run out of space on the desk, clip things on. Thanks to the binder clips that make this happen.

This organizer idea benefits from your desk edges. Simply clip the stationeries and even tiny planters to make your desk look fresh and neat.

2. Hide the Wires

Hide the Wires

Binder clips are indeed a versatile tool you should have in the office. You may have cords and wires around the desk and it can drive you crazy.

Fortunately, binder clips can keep them in place. Giving a new purpose to the binder clips can enhance their function as a mere paper holder. Besides, you don’t need to purchase a new wire organizer.

To hide the wires using binder clips, simply put the clips on the edge of your desk. The handles can help secure your wires and cords for a tidy desk.

3. DIY Wall Pocket

DIY Wall Pocket

If you cannot go horizontally, then go vertically. Optimizing wall space is a clever idea, especially if you have a small space issue. DIY wall pocket helps you save much space on the desk, allowing you to work conveniently without too much distraction.

This wall pocket can be used to keep your mails, invoices, and other documents. Be sure to give it a decorative touch to make your office looks nice.

4. Stack Mason Jars

Stack Mason Jars

Invest on mason jars to keep your desk organized. Bringing some mason jars to the office can give you an easy and clever solution to cluttered stationeries. Simply stack the jars and put your pencils and pens in it.

Aside from its practicality, this unique organizer can reflect your creativity. You can color up the jars to make it more attractive.

5. Belt Memo Board

Belt Memo Board

If you have unused belts, you can try this desk organizer idea. You will need some belts, wooden board, and a pinch of creativity. This belt memo board can resolve your space issue in the office.

Nail belts on the board and you’re done. Now you have a savvy memo board that does not take your desk space. Not only is it practical, but this organizer idea makes your workspace looks impressive.

6. Paper Tubes Desk Organizer

Paper Tubes

You can always be creative with paperboard. Your abandoned paperboard can be upcycled into a versatile paper tubes to organize office supplies. To make this project, cut the paperboard then assemble the parts into small tubes. Arrange the tubes and attach one another.

To enhance its appearance, get some gift wraps to cover the tubes. Now you have a DIY paper tubes to keep your desk neat and tidy.

7. Magnetic Colorblock Desk Accessories

Magnetic Colorblock Desk Accessories

Do you often see paper clips cluttering around the desk? It’s time to give a new place for the clips. Magnetic color block offers a savvy solution to keep the clips in place. The magnetic block will secure the clips and more importantly, they are easy to find.

The magnetic color block can also serve as attractive desk accessories. Simply put the block on the desk and let it do its function.

8. Pyramid Can

Can Pyramid

This upcycled cans organizer can blow your mind. Apart from its creativity, upcycling cans helps support the campaign of reduce, reuse, and recycle. More importantly, this DIY organizer is one of a kind.

To repurpose the cans, the first thing to do is cover the surface with any color that you like. Then, stack the cans and secure with hot glue. Voila! The DIY can organizer is ready to keep your stationeries and enhance your desk.

9. Painted Storage Box

Painted Storage Box

Do you need some additional storage? Bring in your creativity and make a DIY storage box from wood planks. This painted box storage looks adorable, thanks to the colorful paint and unique patterns it has.

This wooden storage can be used for any purpose. Whether you need to keep documents, invoices, or office supplies, you can rely on painted storage box. Get the right size to fit your desk space.

10. Home Office Organization

Home Office Organization

Though you are working at home, real office atmosphere can maintain your mood and concentration. To evoke an office feeling, organize your desk with this clever organization idea.

As you can see in the picture, this home office organization includes wall storage and right desk layout. While wooden memo holder helps keep your memo, wall pockets come in handy. Thanks to flower vase that can boost your mood.

11. Add Extra Storage

Add More Storage

If you run out of desk and floor space, you can take this into consideration. Overhead storage idea provides you with additional storage without consuming space on the desk and floor.

A small office cabinet is versatile, thanks to ample space it offers. You can also combine the cabinet with magnetic bar to ensure your office supplies are well-kept and easy to find. Therefore, you will have enough desk space to work.

12. Cork Pencil Holder

Cork Pencil Holder

Cork is a multipurpose material that can save your life. To resolve your desk organizer problem, cork is worth your thought. Cork pencil holder is a mind-blowing idea to keep your office desk neat and clutter-free.

Gather your corks and stack them into several layers. Make some holes on its center and your pencil holder is done. Put your pencils on the cork and you don’t need to spend your precious minutes to find one.

13. A Checkerboard of Options

A Checkerboard of Options

Optimize your wall space to get a neat and tidy desk. This is an inspiring desk organizer that will fit to any workspace, especially the narrow one. You can divide the wall into small grids and make a checkerboard to put your memos.

In addition to memos, you can also attach small organizers for office supplies. No more cluttered desk as you know where to keep those pencils and pens.

14. DIY Minimalist Wood Desk Organizer

DIY Minimalist Wood Desk Organizer

If you don’t have much time to think about desk organizer, this idea could be the one you are looking for. This minimalist wood desk organizer gives space to place your stuff such as mug, smartphone, and even office supplies.

You can make this simple organizer within minutes. Simply put a rectangular hardwood plank and grab some boxes with various sizes. These boxes can help you keep things such as pencils, pen, smartphone, and even sticky notes.

15. DIY Wood Block

DIY Wood Block Desk Organizer Ideas

Improve your working desk with DIY wood block. This organizer brings simple concept and yet it offers high functionality. Interestingly, you can easily create this wood block organizer at home.

Prepare a piece of wood and sand the surface to ensure its smoothness. Make several holes at various sizes to hold your pencils, pens, and other office supplies. Thankfully, this practical organizer fits any desk space.

16. Anthropologie-Inspired DIY Desk Organizer

Anthropologie-Inspired DIY Desk Organizer

If you are an artsy person, give a little decorative touch to your workspace by adopting this organizer idea. The following desk organizer looks simple with plywood board and boxes at various sizes. All you have to do is attach the board on the wall and let the storage do its job.

Despite its simplicity, this Anthropologie-inspired desk organizer can give its best function to keep your desk neat and tidy. You have a space to keep the office supplies including sticky notes and memos.

17. Easy Triangle Organizer

Easy Triangle Organizer

Enhance your workspace with this DIY organizer. Easy triangle organizer looks perfect for pens, pencils, and other office supplies. As a bonus, this storage is extremely easy to make.

Grab colourful origami paper sheets and fold them into small triangles. Attach each triangle until it creates a nice organizer as you see in the picture.

When you have a limited space on the desk, this storage works just well. It doesn’t take much space but it works great to keep your stuff in place.

18. Rustic Desk Organizer

Rustic Desk Organizer

If you are more into rustic style, this desk organizer should be satisfying. Adopting rustic nuance, this wooden organizer suits best if you have a lot of pencils, pens, and painting tools. It also comes with additional storage to keep your ruler and other items.

This organizer can be your upcoming DIY project as it is quite simple to make. Prepare wood pieces, nails, hammer and a bit of imagination. Then, you will have a unique desk organizer.

19. For File & Folder

File Organizer

Show your unique personality and get this peculiar desk organizer for office. Unlike other storage with boxes or drawers, this organizer comes with tray to keep your file and folder.

The unique design makes this organizer worth your thought. Not only does it help keep your files and folders, but it also serves aesthetic touch to your workspace.

20. Makeup Drawer

Makeup Room Drawer

Being a makeup artist means vanity table is your working desk. This desk organizer idea is worth considering, thanks to neat and tidy look that enables you to find any product within a few seconds.

If you want to keep the desktop clear, optimize the drawer as a storage. Invest on small boxes to make sure the small items are well-organized.

Now that you know desk organizer tips and ideas, it’s time to do your own organizing project. Which organizer you like the best? Choose your favorite and improve your productivity with the right organizer idea.

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