41 Entry Table Ideas to Liven up Your House in Details

Entry Table Ideas – Entry table is also often to be called console table. It is one of the most versatile furniture often used in different corner of the room. Basically, it is a table supported by ornamented brackets. It can be movable or fixed against the wall. Some people may find it unimportant to place entry table.

However, adding an entry table in one of the corner in your house can add versatility to the mood. Entry table or console table can be place in different area.

First, the entryway is the most common place to put entry table. It provides string focal point as well as first impression for whomever the guests visiting your home. It is a perfect fit to welcome guests.

Entry table is also often to be placed in an office room, especially the one set at home or what you often call home office. It is also often for entry table to be put as bedroom vanity. It can be added with hanging mirror above, chic chair underneath and of course the light source.

Since most entry table doesn’t have drawers, you can put your jewelry or make up in small boxes. The type of entry table is varied by sized and model. Thus, there are many choices to choose. You can choose simple entry table or the one with open shelving.

If you are running out the ideas of what kind of entry tables that will be able to complement your home, here are some great ideas you can pick!

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1. Entry Way Table

Mediterranean Blue Entry Table Design

This entry way table is a perfect fit to welcome your guest at home. With round white mirror hanging above the table, everyone can check their appearance before or after entering the house.

This entry way table use rustic style to provide classic yet versatile look. With navy console table, added with family photos and flower, there is nothing dramatic to this look.

2. Small Entryway Table

Simple and Narrow

Console table is not always to be big since the function is not that urgent. This small entryway table is perfect to make first impression to any guest entering your home. This table doesn’t have drawers and only consists of wooden brackets as supports.

3. Entryway Storage

Multifunction Entry Table Ideas

If you want more functional console table, this entryway storage is a great idea. The color is the same as the surroundings, making the table looks in sync with the entire area. There is only black pattern adorned the table and open shelf above the table to save your favorite books or magazine. What a simple yet elegant look to see!

4. Narrow Entry Table

Front Entry Table Ideas

Well, this look is certainly for those who are into simple style. Wooden table added with some ornaments and accessories above is enough to welcome guests. The empty space underneath can be used to place basket to put your stuffs.

5. Rustic Entryway Table

French Vanilla Forest

Rustic style never disappoints interior design. Wooden console table in this picture looks rusty yet classy. There is no vibrant color added into this entryway table. All the color is in similar shade which makes it look rustic and warm.

6. Entryway Mirror

Simple Entryway Table

Hanging entryway table is not a bad idea to try if you prefer simplicity. Besides, you can use the empty space underneath the table to put your umbrella or boots. The focal point of this entryway is not the table but the mirror with curvy lines which shows off elegant look.

7. Entry Table Decor

Rustic Design Console Table

This is monochrome entryway table that looks neat and simple. However, the table is the mix of wooden and steel which makes it look like contemporary style. There are no additional accessories but the lamp and chairs make up for it especially when they come in the same color.

8. White Entry Table

Entry Table Ideas with Mirror

White is always related to clean and neat atmosphere. This looks just screams the concept very well to emphasize simplicity and elegance of the room. The big round mirror is the focal point which adorn the entry table which has open shelving.

9. Modern Entry Table

Small Space Table

This modern entry table looks beautiful with unique lined-mirror added with plants on the table. Unique pattern of the table feet gives the impression of modern style just right.

10. Entry Hall Table

Mirrored Art Deco Table for the Entryway

Entry hall table doesn’t need to be extravagant. Just look at this elegant entry hall table. Almost everything consist of glass which make them look shiny and classy.

11. Entryway Bench Coat Rack

Simple Entryway

If you want something different, you may try this idea where the entry table is designed into a bench coat rack. This is more functional than it looks. This idea is great for teen’s room.

12. Entryway Table With Storage

Table Console

If you have much stuff that need to be stored, you might as well choose this entryway table with storage. It looks like a pile of chests since the table is made of wooden material.

13. Wood Entry Table

Tidy Entry Table Ideas with Cocoa Colour

This wood entry table isn’t placed against the wall but in the middle of the room right in front of the entrance. The main attraction of this table is the full-wooden material in beautiful ornaments.

14. Black Entry Table

Minimalist with Accessories

This is modern entry table with thin lines and simple surface. The color is timber black which contrast to the wall. However, it is complemented by the frames which have similar color and theme, along with table lamp.

15. Crème Classic Entry Table

Chateau Balustrade Entry Table

The style is warm with the perfect color combination between crème and brown in most area. Wooden entry table is the focal point but the mirror is the scene stealer. To brighten up the mood, orange plants and candles are added.

16. Bench Entry Table

Entryway with Rug

This entry table has double function. It can be used as a table as well as a place to sit. The color is bolder than the surroundings. However, it gives the right statement since the overall area is applied with dull color.

17. Rustic Open Shelving Entry Table

Entry Table Reclaimed Wood

This look is playful and unique at the same time especially due to the open shelving entry table in baby blue color. The furniture is considered thin but enough to place some favorite books. The photos hanging on the wall above the table just add the warm vibe to the mood.

18. Full Horizontal Bench Entry Table

Entry Table Ideas with Plants

Most entry table is small but this one is such an exception. This long entry table is adorned in full black color. The size of the mirror is just perfect for the table. To fill in the empty space underneath, two chairs with contrast colors are added.

19. Study Vibe Decors

Classical Study Design

The contrast between wide, low table and vertical mirror surprisingly work very well to result in captivating look. Even though the shape is contrast, the color is in sync.

20. Entryway Storage Bench with Coat Rack


This look is for those who are looking for more functional entryway. The bench-like entry table can be used as storage. The wooden shelves above just add the function of this entryway table.

21. Small Entryway Ideas

Perfect Entry Table

The wooden entry table is small and only enough to place flower pots. However, it succeeds in adding beauty to the room especially due to the warm color it owns.

22. Entryway Table and Mirror

Front Entry Table Ideas

This is perfect combination of entryway table, mirror, and the door. They are in synced color which makes it look warm and in tune. There is no dramatic or vibrant color added aside from the yellow flower as a charm.

23. Classic Wooden Entryway

Timelessly Handsome Wooden Table

Wooden is always the best material to use for furniture just like in this entryway table. The overall color is in the same vibe as the wooden table. Candle holders are added to complement the look. Not to mention that the unique ornamented mirror steals the scene.

24. Modern Entry Table with Structured Drawers


This compact entryway table is perfect in many ways. It serve various functions. Big mirror above the table just add the versatility of the area.

25. Entry Table with Mirror

Entry Table with Mirror
Janis Nicolay Photography – cutypaste.com

Full length mirror is absolutely stunning behind the entryway table. The color is also beautiful which focus on silver or white.

26. Small Semi-bench Entryway Table

Traditional and Antique Entry Table Ideas

This semi-bench entryway table made of wood with no additional ornaments. It is just complemented with table lamp but already look impressive in subtle way.

27. Eccentric Country Style

Pretty & Petite Country Style

This entryway table made of wood looks eccentric with unstructured pattern but somehow work very well to the mood of the entire room. Round mirror with black outline adds charm to the look.

28. Half Circle Table

Modist Small Table

This entryway table is unique in shape. The open shelving underneath serves more function to the table. The rectangular frame above with contrast color from the table gives perfect view from the front.

29. Double Wood Entryway Table

Sidelights and Transom Home Windows Entry Table Ideas

You can put two entryway tables especially when the entrance of your home is in the middle. However, choose table with simple styles just like the entryway tables in this pictures. There is no exaggerating ornaments or accents which is very nice to balance the view.

30. Glass Entryway Table

Sophisticated Metropolitan Design

This glass entryway table is a perfect fit for modern styled home. The clarity of glass lightens up the room even more. The table is also simple without additional ornaments or accents.

31. Tall – Open Shelving Entryway Table

Double-Sided Storage

Functional entry table sticks to the counter which makes the rooms looks spacious especially with white as the main color to the most part of the room. However, patterned carpet right in front of the entrance just adds the charm to the room with vibrant colors.

32. Industrial Entryway Table

Asian Entry Table Ideas

The focal is the painting above the entry table which steals the scene with dramatic drawing and more vibrant color compared to the surroundings. Low patterned chairs are added underneath for convenience with. This concept uses the same color with the same shade especially when there are bricks on the wall.

33. Compact Country Theme Table

Almost Like Art

The entryway is compact and can be used for many purposes with the drawers available. The view looks a bit busy but it is just how country style looks like. It gives off homey-vibe.

The additional basket beside the entryway table adds warmth to the mood. The color choice is in similar shade. Frames in various shapes above just lighten up the concept of home sweet home for the family living in the house.

34. Simply Rustic Wooden Table Decor

Rustic Apothecary Style

The wooden entryway table is simple with three drawers and open shelving underneath. There is no contrast color added just subtler flower on either side. Not to mention the unique patterned-mirror above add the beauty of this look.

35. Classic Curvy Style

Faux Foyer

The table made of wood synchronizes the entire vibe with similar shade of color. The unique ornaments of the table add classical vibe to the mood.

36. Open Box Entryway Table

Fun & Functional

This compact, open box-like entryway table is simple with crisscross pattern on each sides. There is nod rawer complemented this table but you can add some accessories to lighten up the mood.

37. Bright Mood Decor

Between In and Out

White is always the great trick to make crowded room looks more spacious. The compact entry table under the window is compatible to make the room neat.

38. Autumn Mode Entryway

Table with Refinished Wooden Folding

The autumn mood in this decor is just right to be applied in the entryway. Wooden table, table lamp as well as wide mirror are in similar shade of colors of autumn vibe.

39. Storage Entry Table Ideas

Double Duty

The entryway table is also compatible to place much stuff inside. Wooden material adds warmth vibe to the room with calm tone in color choice.

40. Dramatic Art Glass Decor

Abstract Art Glass

The dark theme of this decor is perfect to create dramatic atmosphere. The look is perfect for modern theme house. The glass entryway table complements the decor just right.

41. Cheerfully Distressed Chic Entry Table

Cheerfully Distressed Chic Entry Table

This playful and chic decor is very welcoming. The pattern and texture of the table is perfect added with white accent around. The drawers serve more function to store many things.

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