Food That Starts with B

There is a lot of food that starts with B. Around the world certainly there are more than hundreds of food from the letter B.

Do you know the food that starts with B? It can be difficult and frustrating to mention it. Relax, don’t stress, we have a list of foods that start from B.

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Foods That Start with B

Bánh ít

Bánh ít - foods that start with b

Bánh ít is a traditional Vietnamese food. This food is made from steamed glutinous rice. This snack is also filled with various types of stuffing.

To make it, glutinous rice will be wrapped in banana leaves, then steamed until fluffy. Bánh ít is usually served as an appetizer.

In order to stab it is usually Bánh ít dipped in sauce that the basic ingredients are vinegar or pineapple.

Beef negimaki

Beef negimaki - food starting with b

Beef Negimaki is a food made from thinly sliced beef and blanched scallions (negi). Both are rolled together and are balled with teriyaki sauce.


Barbunya pilaki - food that starts with the letter b

Barbunya pilaki is a traditional Turkish food made from a combination of borlotti nuts, carrots, tomatoes, onions, parsley, and olive oil.

How to make it, the nuts soaked, then swaled. Afterwards, the nuts are cooked until they become tender but not mushy.

Carrots and onions are stir-fried using olive oil. Then, tomatoes, nuts, and other seasonings are blended into it.

Bánh tôm

Bánh tôm - food beginning with b

Another food that is beginning with letter B is Bánh tôm. The bánh tôm is processed by the seafood originating from Hanoi.

Bánh tôm is made from a small cut of sweet potato and then lined with dough. Pieces of yam and dough on top are given shrimp. After that, the dough is fried until cooked and crispy.


Bebbux - foods beginning with b

This food is called Bebbuxu in the Maltese. Bebbux is a traditional food ground snail in Malta.

The way of cooking is quite unique, the snail will be cleaned by making it fast for several days. Then, the snail is cooked using salty water first.

Only then after maturity, the slug is watered using tomato sauce or a mixture of oil, garlic, and spices.

Boquerones en vinagre

Boquerones en vinagre

The dishes starting from the next B are boquerones en vinagre. This distinctive dish comes from the Spanish made from fresh anchovy soaked in vinegar and olive oil.

Before serving, the boquerones en vinagre are usually sprinkled first with garlic and parsley. Then, on the top is decorated with olives or capers.

Bresaola e porcini

Bresaola e porcini

Bresaola e porcini is a simple antipasto famous throughout the Valtellina. This food is the best culinary that the main ingredient is available locally.

The food is made with a thin bresoala slice at the top with fresh porcini mushrooms. In addition, there are also fresh lemon juice, olive oil, scallion, salt, and pepper.

Bribirski prisnac

Bribirski prisnac

This characteristic meal is usually served during the Easter holiday in Bribir, Croatia. Bribirski prisnac is a savory flavor cake. This cake is made from flour, eggs, yeast, bacon or ham, shallots, and local cheeses.

Boudin balls

Boudin balls

Boudin balls is a special dish of Lousiana. These delicious balls are made of boudin sausage meat formed into balls, battered, then shrouded breadcrumbs, then fried using hot oil.

This unique food is made from rice, green peppers, onions, ground pork, and assorted spices.



Budla, Budel, Crnoluški Želudac, Goranski Nadjev, or Nadelo is the name of this delicious meal. Budla is originally from Croatia, precisely in Gorski Kotar.

As already mentioned, there are many names for this food. Made of crustless bread, eggs, bacon, ham, onions, and additional seasoning namely salt and pepper.



Barbecues were originally found in rural areas. However, the last few years, barbecues moved to major cities.

This is due to the charm of barbecue that has a fragrant smell and tender meat is juicy. Every bite to the barbecue will be delicious and tender.



Looking for dessert with B prefix? Baklava can be a delicious choice. Made using a thin layer of dough and woven with chopped pistacio beans. Once cooked, the baklava is then watered by the thick sweet syrup.

Finding baklava is not difficult, almost every country there is. It is said that this sweet dish originated in Assyria, from the 8th century. Later, this dessert was enclosing to Greece, and it is believed to be the original creation of Turkey.


Bakso - foods that start with b

Bakso is one of the food that starts from the letter B originating from Indonesia. Meatballs can also be called meatball in other countries.

The food is served with gravy and some complementary. In one bowl, there are usually tofu, yellow noodles, vermicelli, dumplings, and other ingredients. Sometimes, when going to eat, the meatballs are added with sambal, soy sauce, and sauce first.



Bibim means mixture, and chapter means rice. So, Bibimbab has a sense of nasi campur. Bibimbab is a food originating from South Korea.

This food is made from rice combined with various kinds of ingredients. You can find slices of beef, namul (sliced vegetables), gochujang, soy sauce, and raw eggs at the top.


Bakwan - foods that start with b

Bakwan is a food originating from Indonesia. Made from wheat flour that is filled with cabbage, carrots, scallion, and corn beans. There is also an added shrimp on it.

The ready Bakwan dough will be fried until cooked. Bakwan has a crispy texture outside and made inside.


Baguette - food that starts with b

France may be very identical to this long and light bread. Baguette is the most iconic food from France.

The word baguette was first used in 1920. The origins of Latin, Baculum root, which means stick.


Brongkos - food that starts with b

Not yet known when the first time is cooked. This unique food has a great taste. The word bongkos itself is derived from both English and French. Its name is brown horst which means chocolate meat.

For the Javanese, the word is quite difficult to pronounce. Finally, it is called Brongkos.


Bulgogi - food that starts with b

Bulgogi is also a food with a prefix B originating in South Korea. Made from thin slices of meat cooked quickly.

Usually, the meat is cooked using a large flame on a hollow round metal plate.



The last food that starts with B is Borscht.

The food originated from Ukraine is quite famous. Borscht is a simple soup made from meat or bone broth, fermented beet juice and vegetable stir-fry.

Actually, there are many versions of the broth that can be used, can be based fish or vegetables. However, for fermented beet juice is mandatory. The dish is red with sweet and sour flavor.

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