Foods That Start with I

What foods that start with I? There are actually a lot of foods that start with letter I. Around the world you may find dozens. From the unpopular to the most popular.

There are a variety of foods that prefix I, ranging from healthy food, snacks, main meals, or desserts.

From all over the world, you can find so much food that starts from the letter I. Here are some foods that you might ever try.

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Içli Köfte

içli köfte - foods that start with i

Içli Köfte is a Turkish version of Lebanese Kibbeh stuffed with meatballs. The outside of the food is made from a mixture of bulgur wheat, potatoes or semolina, and special seasonings.

For the filling, this food uses onions, lamb or beef. It is also filled with peanuts, walnuts, pine nuts, or pistachios. Of course also use the seasoning options.

Içli köfte is usually boiled then fried to get the outside of the crispy and soft inside.

You can find this food in almost any restaurant in Turkey. Usually Içli Köfte served as appetizers.



Injera is a typical Ethiopian food in the form of bread. This food is made of teff which is the most small grain in the world. Teff is also a super wheat that has a high nutrient content.

This traditional culinary is very popular in its home country. Usually, this flat bread is served at breakfast, lunch and dinner.


idli - foods that start with i

Idli is the traditional food of southern India. This dish is a savory cake that is quite famous for breakfast.

This delicious culinary is usually served while still hot. Idli will be dipped in sambar or chutneys, or it can also be seasoned with a variety of spices.

With such a large country, IDLI has many types. For example, Rava idli that uses semolina replace the rice in his adonannya. There is also Malli idli, one type of idli that is fried together with curry leaves and coriander.

Imelletty perunalaatikko

imelletty perunalaatikko

Imelletty perunalaatikko is a typical Finnish casserole. Cooking this food takes quite a long time. Once cooked, this meal will have a sweet and delicious flavor.

The ingredients used to make imelletty Perunalaatikko are mashed potatoes and wheat flour that is stored in a warm place for a few hours. The mixed storage of these two ingredients will break the starch and give it a natural sweetness.

Before being served, Imelletty Perunalaatikko sometimes also given sweetener and seasoned nutmeg. Afterwards, just baked until golden brown and produce a crispy crust at the top.

Imqarrun il-forn

imqarrun il-forn

Imqarrun IL-forn or grilled macaroni is also known as roasted pasta (Għaġin il-Forn). Traditional Maltese dishes are quite popular.

In addition to using pasta as a basic ingredient, this culinary also wears other ingredients. Inside the casserole There are also ground meats, onions, carrots, garlic, tomatoes, cheeses, eggs, as well as other seasonings such as nutmeg, curry powder, or salam leaves.

The Imqarrun il-forn is baked until cooked and the color turns into golden brown. The outside of this meal will be crisp, while the inside is soft.

Ice cream cake

ice cream cake

Ice cream cake is a dessert consisting of a layer of ice cream and also cake. However, there are also those who do not use the cake, but only the ice cream is layered.

The dessert was very famous and became a dish when the birthday party was in North America.

Iced VoVo

iced vovo

Iced VoVo is a traditional biscuit from Australia. Made of wheat flour that is given topping the raspberry jam in the middle and the two Strik pink fondant. Then, this biscuit is given the finishing touches of grated coconut.



Ijzerkoekje is a typical Dutch oval-shaped cookie that is creamy with a strong cinnamon flavor. The origin of this hawker is Vlaardingen, a town near Rotterdam.

This meal is usually consumed by fishermen in the area of Vlaardingen. Fishermen will bring ijzerkoekje when departing for fish.

Ice cream sandwich

ice cream sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich is a famous dessert in New York City. This delicious meal is not known who found it. However, the shape is unique, vanilla ice cream is made into a sandwich using two thin wafers.

With the development of era and technology, ice cream sandwich not only using wafer and cookies. This cold food has many types. Ice cream is served along with waffle, brioche, churros or even croissants.

İncir uyutması

İncir uyutması

It is a traditional Turkish-style fig pudding. Making this pudding is quite unique. The tin or fig fruit is soaked into warm milk and allowed to stand overnight.

Imotska torta

imotska torta

Imotska torta is a tart originally from the town of Imotski. The meal consisted of pastries and filled with almonds. The combination of two ingredients is then seasoned with various spices.

Ikinari dango

ikinari dango

Ikinari Dango is a typical food from Kumamoto Prefecture, Kyusu. These foods can be made quickly. The meaning of Ikanari is “sudden”.

This food is a combination of the soft yam and Anko. The two combinations make the Dango Ikinari very tasty and sweet.


inipit - foods that start with i

Inipit is one of the most famous desserts in the Philippines. Made of two cake parts are arranged so one. The middle part is filled with cream, such as custard.

Although there are many kinds, the most common is the plain vanilla sponge component stuffed with mashed potatoes.

Ichigo daifuku

ichigo daifuku - foods that start with i

Ichigo Daifuku will probably make you feel the sweetness of Japan. All types of Daifuku there are chewy mochi as a peel. Made of rice pounded and given stuffing inside her skin.

The name Ichigo is a whole strawberry used in this snack. In traditional dishes, strawberries will be wrapped in advance with sweet, thin red bean paste.


Imagawayaki - foods that start with i

Imagawayaki is a snack that originated in Japan. This food is very well known throughout the country. This snack is a kind of sponge cake stuffed with a sweetened anko (red beans) mixture.

Ikan bakar

ikan bakar - foods that start with i

The last foods that start with I was ikan bakar or in English grilled fish.. Ikan bakar is a food originating from Indonesia. In fact, grilled fish can be found in almost all the world. This food is made of various types of fish that are seasoned and grill on a coals.

That’s some foods that start from I. If instructed to choose, you will eat which one first?

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