Hip Roof Ideas – Advantages and Disadvantages

There are so many various ways to get such a look for your house. Some people are too focus on what they see on daily basis without concerning what might impact the whole picture.

Yard is probably the most common one to think of as decoration. But it is not only limited to yard for your home decoration only to make it more spacious and relaxing.

Roof is part of home that acquires lack attention. Even though roof is the first defense towards climate snow, ice, rainfall, wind even heat, roof is still part of things that is less considered as something people have to take care of too.

If you want to change your house look, changing your roof will save your budget and time but still do the job.

Nowadays there are so many roof shapes you can choose. But it is not only limited to a matter of your preferred style to pick which shape or type you wish.

Hip roof for example is one of most common chosen. Even so, there are disadvantages to choose this roof shape. And if you still insist to create this roof without concerning the disadvantages. It might harm you.

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What is a Hip Roof?

First, let us start with the definition to illustrate what hip roof is. Hip roof is a type of roof where the sides, consist of four, are directing horizontally slope towards the wall creating a vertical end on top of the building.

It is not always four sides though because there are so many various designs you can create with this roof type. The point about this roof is its slope direction and the vertical end.

Pros and Cons Hip Roof

Even though this roof type is known for its durability and stability rather than a gable roof, this roof type still has disadvantages too.

Consider these advantages and disadvantages of this roof type to make sure that this type of roof can suit your living area and will be the best option so you don’t have reconstruct later.


Hip roof is widely known more stable and weather resistant rather than a gable roof. Some places confront such unfriendly weather or climate almost for daily basis.

This is why this roof type is more countable because it has good stability when it comes to wind damage. If you have such living area then this roof style is a much better idea rather than the other roof shapes.


Even though it has good defense towards wind damage and more stable rather than gable roof it is quite hard to maintain this roof type.

It is because they left small space so there is no additional space even only to maintain them. Also this roof type covers the sun light source.

You have to reconsider how to get more sun light source because the roof design will not give you such benefit.

Hip Roof Framing

Constructing a this roof design is more challenging than gable roof. Even so, there are so many options on how to design your gable roof according to your home shape.

The point of this roof is the hip end or the vertical end. Sometimes it is not really a vertical but more like a point where all the four hip sides are meeting in on top point.

They have solid look because there is a join between sloping surfaces.

Type of Hip Roofs

Tented Roof

Tented roof has intersection. It is the same as usual hip roof only that it has one other additional hip as if there are 3 hip roofs.

Dutch Gable Roof

Dutch gable is a double roof. The lower one is gable roof and the upper one is hip.

Half-Hip Roof

The concept of half-hip roof is gable roof with additional small hip on top of it.

Pavilion Roof

It is called pavilion roof because this type of roof is only for perfect square building. So the hip roof is perfect triangular too.

Helm Roof

For a spire building, hip style roof still consists of four sides but follow the shape of the wall.

Hip Roof Pictures

For your home, we have collected bet of hip roof ideas so you can get inspired and get a new roof idea that will suit your preferred style.

Luxury House Ideas

Hip roof ideas

Even though most of building has one roof shape, doesn’t mean combining several roof shapes in one home can be a bad idea. Instead, variation in one is always a good fresh idea.

So, if you have your home in square and additional pavilion in front of it you can pull the look like in the house.

Patio and Porch with Hip

Patio cover or porch

For porch you can put the idea of pavilion roof. Make sure to design your porch in perfect square so the roof will look beautiful.

The point of pavilion roof is the point end on top so if it is not perfect square it will ruin the esthetic look.

Hip Roof for Shed

Small shed for storage

Sheds are not always a square. Some sheds are as big as a house. The point is for sheds you will never design mansard roof.

Even so, it is better to make sure that the room size is suitable for the type of hip roof you wish.

Material of Hip Roof

Big house top view

Material for your roof can be various. Metal is one of the materials for your this roof type that can create a good look.

You might need to talk with a professional to consider the best material for your roof design with so many considerations.

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