What is a Mezzanine Floor?

Mezzanine floor? Looks like it could be a good idea for home décor. What would a house be like using this type of floor?

Before seeing the inspiration of a house that uses mezzanine, we first look for information about this floor.

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What is a Mezzanine Floor?

Mezzanine floor is a lifted partial floor that doesn’t cover the whole flooring as wide as the floor below it. Usually mezzanine is used as storage additional space to maximize the whole space.

Mezzanine floor is built in a supposedly one floor but divide into two with only partial part are built as second floor. So you can see the floor blow it from mezzanine because it is open.

Mezzanine is an ideal idea to get more space in your home or building. It Is also a modern way to maximize your building space.

Sometimes you set your home too high and you wish you can take advantage from that as second floor but it was too short for the second floor. In the end you can’t make it second floor but still wish to take advantage from it as well.

Mezzanine will help you to get more spaces without necessarily require much space. It is a way to make your one floor into two because it doesn’t cover the whole flooring.

Even though it is not as big as the floor below it, you still can get more space from it as storage or even some people make such wonderful idea with this design.

Types of Mezzanine Floors

There are not yet proper names to mezzanine floor types. But for types, there are some purposes of mezzanine that makes it look various in types.

Industrial Mezzanine Foor

For this purpose, usually it combines some objectives. There are storage space and office space in one same floor.

Warehouse Mezzanine Floors

For warehouse, mezzanine can be an ideal idea for extended storage. It will enable your warehouse to get effective in every possible space available.

Mezzanine Floors for Production Space

In a manufacturing space, production space can take large part of space. With mezzanine floor, you can get additional space for production.

How Much does Mezzanine Floor Cost?

It is largely impacted by the size need. The larger the more cost you have to pay. But approximately, per one square meter it is roughly £75-£150. It will also vary depend on where you live.

Additional cost might counted if you use different material and human resource cost. Also the time production is very various and it will ad more cost to human resources.

Mezzanine Floor Plan

To plan your floor it is depend on the dimension of your room. Later on, you can deice which material and how much material you will need.

It is much better to consult this with professional because there might be consideration for maximum weight.

Mezzanine flooring plan require safety standard because it doesn’t coer as wide as below floor, we have to consider the precise calculation.

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Mezzanine Floor Design

Even though previously we mentioned only for industrial purpose, nowadays mezzanine are adopted for home too. It is not only giving additional space but also good light and vent distribution.

Even though it si not big enough to be called second floor, mezzanine is still beneficial. Here are some of best mezzanine floor ideas you can do in your building.

Office Mezzanine Floor

Barn mezzanine ideas

One of common objective of mezzanine is for office. If you feel like you need your own office space without combining it with any other room in the house then mezzanine will help you out.

It is right above yor other room and mostly if you haveb kids your kids will not be able to bother you.

Gathering Area Mezzanine Floor


If you have small long apartment or house, this flooring design will help you to maximize every possible space left.

This way, it is no longer limited by one floor but several floor with good light distribution and vent. Build a small stairs so you don’t have to use so much space more.

Mezzanine Floor for Bed

Mezzanine floor design ideas

This is also another modern way to build a mezzanine floor. If you don’t want to make your own bedroom and instead will use it for another purpose, you can take advantage of mezzanine for bed.

It is an effective way to get more space and at the same time you can take every advantage from your whole space without wasting an inch.

Mezzanine Floor for Library

Mezzanine floor ideas

For your own library or home office, you can use mezzanine as well. Instead of separating a new space for your library, you can make use of left over space for mezzanine floor.

In this illustration you can see that it is much better because it gets enough light source and cozy due to its placement on your floor. The lower floor might be noisy and would distract your focus to read or to do your job.

Loaf Bed Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine plan for your home

Not only for library, you can also make your own bed on your living room. This way you can get every space available. You can have more bedroom especially for guests.

Instead of wasting more rooms for bedroom, just loaf your bed and create a mezzanine so you can get extended space from the height of your ceiling.

Mezzanine Floor Position

Modern mezzanine design

It is not always have to stick to the wall. You can always make your mezzanine separate from the nearest wall but you need to install joint like in the picture.

The height of your mezzanine is based on available left over space. This way you can get the right light and vent source. This is why it is better to consult mezzanine plan with professional.

Mezzanine Floor Steel

Narrow apartment with spiral staircase and mezzanine

For material, you can use steel.

Even though mostly mezzanine is a space where people rarely step onto, like bedroom, precise calculation for the right material is needed especially if you don’t want to get disturb by noises.

If you build them from woods, there are quacks sounds.

Mezzanine from Left Over Roof Space

All you need to know about mezzanine floor

Some roof types give yo additional space. Unlike hip roof, mansard roof, gambrel roof, and many other roof types will give you additional space in your upper house so you can create this mezzanine look.

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