36 Accent Wall Ideas to Make Your Home Amazing

Accent Wall Ideas – When you think about your house, is every room the way you visualized it to be? Otherwise, including an accent wall is one means to change your favored area. Allow your blank wall be a canvas of chance for creation and expression.

Whether you want to sprinkle a wall with a brilliant pop of color or add structure, we have actually assembled 36 different accent wall ideas for you to explore.

To begin making your very own wall, brainstorm the kind of atmosphere you want your guests to experience. Are you going with cozy as well as welcoming or dramatic? This all depends upon the personality of your home.

Also, take into consideration fundamental shade concept and also the architecture of the room. This will help you bring the room to life. Start your mini makeover using our mood boards to discover residence decoration ideas for your room.

1. Wood Bands Accent Wall

Wood Rings Accent Wall

We just enjoy this concept, due to the fact that wood constantly brings warmth into our residence as well as because you can do it yourself! It is primarily disks of sliced birch poles glued to plywood panels that create a graphic wall mosaic. If you leave longer items they can be utilized as hooks for bags and also garments or art work. Click the web link for the in-depth tutorial.

2. Room Head Board Accent Wall

Bedroom Headboard Accent Wall

The head of the bed has the tendency to be a bedroom’s fundamental attribute wall, so making use of color to earn the accent wall noticeable is an enjoyable idea. Likewise enjoyable? 3 white large minds (is that just what they are?) as wall art.

3. Pattern Accent Wall

Use a Stencil to Add Color and Pattern to Your Accent Wall

You could make a large modification to any type of area with wall stencils. The latest wall pattern patterns are gorgeous as well as easy to use. With a wall pattern, you may not also have to repaint your accent wall, rather just include color with the stenciled style. Stenciling a wall is a fantastic way to add more of your accent shade to the room without overwhelming it.

4. Deep Blue Living Room Accent Wall

Deep Blue Living Room Accent Wall

Whether light and bright, or dark and also significant, an accent wall is a terrific means to have a little enjoyable with color and/or pattern. So if you’re searching for an added pop in your living room, consider an accent wall to liven things up.

This magnificent accent wall, in a space made by Dettaglio Interior decoration, demonstrates how an accent wall in a saturated shade can add deepness and rate of interest to a traditional space.

5. Geometric Wall

Geometric Wall

Pastel rainbows typically aren’t just for the kids’ area. This geometric wall functions as a headboard, while a soft lilac bedspread, taupe-coloured drapes and striking geometric plant racks complete the look.

6. Concrete Accent Wall

Concrete Accent Wall

With a touch of concrete you could include rough and also commercial feeling to your home, like in this living-room. The wood floor contrasts well the cold wall.

7. World Map Accent Wall

World Map Accent Wall

Oh, world maps, how I like thee. Especially the full-wall versions. I’m having a hard time thinking up a circumstance where a mammoth-sized globe map as accent wall would certainly NOT be best. Truthfully? I’m turning up blank.

8. Momentary Wallpaper

Temporary Wallpaper

Temporary wallpaper is a significant fad, and also is very budget-friendly. Likewise called “renter’s wallpaper,” this product is detachable and also requires no paste or water. You could have a lot of fun with patterns and also colors you may not wish to cope with completely.

Momentary wallpaper is excellent if you ‘d like a trendy appearance without the dedication. The best spots for a temporary wallpaper accent wall is your foyer, behind a head board, and also in a room lacking any actual architectural features.

9. Orange Living Space Accent Wall

Orange Living Room Accent Wall

A bright orange accent wall is a terrific way to add a ruptured of energy to a living-room. It’s fresh, fun, as well as lively. Keep in mind though that because they are so stimulating, electric shades like the orange in this area courtesy of Nest Seekers, are best fit to living locations, as well as not resting areas.

10. Rainforest Within Your Bed Room

Rainforest Inside Your Bedroom
Thao Nguyen – behance.net

Set up a genuine rainforest inside your bed room. This epic wallpaper juxtaposes with a monochrome research study, tartan bedding as well as dangling captive light.

11. Stone Accent Wall

Stone Accent Wall

Rock walls are just beautiful. They look pretty in living spaces, restrooms as well as corridors too. It is not the most affordable option but fortunately is that you could do your personal! A composite ultra-light product that could be stuck straight to drywall and easily reduced making use of just a routine hacksaw. No special tools or blending are should produce your rock wall with veneers.

12. Modern Geometric

Modern Geometric

The geometric non-precision of this kind of accent wall (Do It Yourself ‘d below with some painter’s tape as well as paint) makes it a best prospect for a fashionable, fun-loving area. Children’ bed rooms, living room, even utility room could easily benefit from this accent wall idea.

13. Usage Tile on an Accent Wall

Use Tile on an Accent Wall
Daltile – thespruce.com

Glass tile accent wall surfaces are stunning and could completely change your space. Your choices for the tile accent wall consist of tiling the whole wall in stunning glass floor tile for a premium look. This is the most remarkable way to include a ceramic tile accent wall however may not be cost effective for every budget plan.

14. Geometric Living Area

Geometric Living Room

An accent wall doesn’t have to stick out and also make a large show of itself in order to make an influence. In this living-room from Refined Interiors, a geometric wallpaper is the perfect compliment to the warm leather couch as well as mid century modern buffet.

15. Texturing Black & Gold Wall

Texturing Black & Gold Wall
Alime Karimova – behance.net

Make texturing your main theme. This black and also gold wall inserts radiate and groove in unexpected places, creating a focal item that stuns over a black timber flooring.

16. Chalkboard Accent Wall

Chalkboard Accent Wall

Chalkboard wall surfaces are enjoyable for the whole family and they do not just look excellent in the kid’s area. They are among the greatest Accent Wall Ideas. It looks gorgeous almost anywhere. A massive benefit that it will certainly enable you to change your space look every now and then.

Attract a tailored art, compose an inspiring note or compose your shopping list on it! With latex blackboard painting you can simply develop your chalkboard wall.

17. Accent Wall with Wood Pallets

Accent Wall with Wood Pallets

Certain, the wood pallet fad may be waning, however if rustic decor is still your M-O, this type of accent wall is unbeatable. Depth, character, visual interest, as well as warmth are all prompt outcomes of a wood pallet accent wall.

18. Tone-on-Tone Living Space

Tone-on-Tone Living Room

People have the tendency to think that an accent wall have to be a different shade compared to the others in a room, but as this living-room accent wall from Burnham Style demonstrates, a tone-on-tone pattern can be equally as impactful. Here the used molding is painted the very same color as the wall and develops a vibrant, textural impact.

19. Star Pattern

Star Pattern
Julia Sultanova – behance.net

Make more of a statement. This gray accent wall creates celebrity patterns within a grid. 2 hanging camera lights add sparkle to their middle, a formulated territory a head board with a distinction.

20. Shade Accent Wall

Color Accent Wall

One of the most common services and Accent wall ideas is the color accent wall. Pick a bright and lively shade and rather than utilizing it on four wall surfaces – that would be way too much – simply use it on one wall. Simply one wall will offer you a strong element, without being overwhelming.

21. Homemade Accent Wall Wallpaper

Homemade Accent Wall Wallpaper

Certain, this suggestion needs lots of effort and also something simply reluctant of a lifetime supply of permanent pens. But the end result is magnificent and also filled to the brim with personality. And also, it’s much more economical compared to real wallpaper!

22. Lively Wallpaper Accent Wall

Playful Wallpaper Accent Wall

A vibrant, patterned accent wall is a lively addition to this vibrant living-room. While the pattern is a little bit extreme, the teak mid-century shelving system put in front helps to temper the effect and also assist it blend right into the remainder of the area.

23. Blackboard Comparison

Chalkboard Contrast

These super-glossy blue wall ceramic tiles from the Italian company Fap Ceramiche include color as well as luster to a contemporary cooking area. “A dose of your favored color could personalize a cooking area and also make it a haven,” states architect Susan Doban, who regularly suggests dazzling hues in her projects. A strip of chalkboard paint adds contrast – and a practical way to share details as well as favorite dishes.

24. Beehive Pops Texture

Beehive Pops Texture
Evgeniy Zhdanov – behance.net

Draw in to your function wall style. This dark grey beehive appears and bent on develop its texture, managed warmth by two pendants either side.

25. Instax Wallpaper

Instax Wallpaper

Most of us have favored photos. Some, who are much more into digital photography probably have thousands of favored shots. Develop a wallpaper of your Instagram shots to have them constantly around you.

26. Wall Mural

Wall Mural

Very little to state regarding this fantastic concept, besides to pick a mural scene that talks with you. This accent wall suggestion is wonderfully straightforward and also packed with appeal and personality.

27. Damask Stencil Wall Decoration

Damask Stencil Wall Decor

Damask wallpaper adds a classy want to walls with the beautiful patterns and also abundant style. Nevertheless if you desire a much cheaper and no-wallpaper service, use damask pattern. Damask patterns are great for DIY decor. You could create classy and sophisticated patterns on your accent wall surfaces. For more ideas click the link.

28. Circle Wall

Circle Wall
Denis Kozhar – behance.net

Love all points round? This bed room wall creates unique territories to mark the bed and also display finer things. Conventional porcelain plates have fun with an open closet and also scarf-laden chair.

29. Smart Trim

Clever Trim

If you’re not a fan of painting a wall an entirely new shade, attempt adding three-dimensional information, similar to this Greek key layout.

30. Focal Attribute

Focal Feature

In a living-room with a focal attribute, such as a fire place, it’s not a bad concept to deal with the whole wall as an expansion of the focal function by turning it into an accent wall. A different paint shade, wallpaper, and even lighting formats could change this routine wall into the foundation of the entire area.

31. Multicolor Mural Living Room

Multicolor Mural Living Room

To add a feeling of playful power to a youngsters’s playroom, take into consideration a vivid, geometric mural, like the one in this space created by Lucy Interior Design. The intensity of color and design would be a whole lot on a bigger wall, yet in this little nook it’s just right.

32. Sweet Scallops

Sweet Scallops

This layered appearance calls for a bit of skill to duplicated, the but completion outcome is totally one-of-a-kind.

33. Striped Timber

Striped Wood

This is an accent wall that could be assembled fairly promptly, once the knotty pine boards have been tarnished (as well as secured?) to one’s satisfaction. I love the impact of the peekaboo paint between the boards, developing 3-D red stripes.

34. Lime Eco-friendly Living Room

Lime Green Living Room

If you’re not scared of having a little enjoyable, consider a living room accent wall shade such as lime environment-friendly. Not for the faint of heart, the shade in this area from Think Contemporary takes a little obtaining made use of to, yet the total appearance is fresh, fun and lively!

35. Fabric-Covered


Material could be used in a way much like wallpaper to produce a memorable accent wall. Reward: In a Room, an accent wall can also double as the headboard.

36. Art-Displayed


If you’re wary of dedicating to an irreversible accent wall (although I blink at the idea of paint’s being thought about “permanent”), remember than an accent wall can really be the same kind and shade as the remainder of the wall surfaces in your residence; it’s what you Perform With the wall that makes it stick out. If you take this method, though, dedicate to it. Go large with your screen – flooring to ceiling, wall to wall. Make it a real accent wall.

Accent wall surfaces are the very first thing that visitors see when they stroll right into an area. They establish the atmosphere and set the mood. From displaying significant pieces of art to choosing detailed patterns, you have full imaginative control over how your wall looks.

So let your residence decor be an expansion of your personal style! Style an accent wall that is a direct representation of the things you love. If you need house design accents to offer the finishing touches for your wall, surf our wall art.

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