Cinder Block Fire Pit Design Ideas and Tips How to Build It

Cinder Block Fire Pit – A Fire pit might not be the main essential when it comes to a home for living. However, its existence brings more joys and happiness.

Therefore, adding a fire pit to your garden will be just perfect because then you can do so many fun and enjoyable things with people you love, be it families, friends, or neighbours. Building a fire pit is possible to do it yourself.

There is a lot of options when it comes to fire pit’s construction material as well as designs. However, cinder blocks are one of the most recommended to choose because it is less expensive and more practical to build. You can either build permanent or temporary fire pit in any style you prefer.

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How to Build Cinder Block Fire Pit

How to build a fire pit using cinder blocks?

Before planning on building a cinder block fire pit, there are several things you need to consider for safety and convenience purpose. The good news, here are some tutorial tips to do for building fire pit safely and efficiently:

  • Choose the right location because fire pit means it can produce flames which can endanger its surroundings. Choose the spot which is non-inflammable. The most recommended type of spot is concrete pad or bare ground. Avoid building fire pit near vinyl or wood surface because they catch fire easily. Choose a spot where it has accessible distance from a high pressure water source. Just in case of emergency, you can easily use the water to tame the flames.
  • The placement of the fire pit also needs to be considered thoughtfully. You need to calculate carefully to make safe distance between the fire pit and every structures around. It is recommended to place the fire pit at least 20 feet away from your house, potting sheds, and other structures. You will need landscape paint to mark the right spot.
  • Remove all things that can burn. You also need to clear tree branches since they are easy to burn and cause more flames. If there are some hanging utilities, make sure to put it away from the fire pit as well.

Things You Need to Build Cinder Block Fire Pit

  • Cinder blocks
  • Landscape paint
  • Garden soil
  • Water
  • Lava rock
  • Hammer
  • Shovel
  • Level
  • Wire-Mesh
  • Mortar mix
  • Pea gravel
  • Rebar
  • Fire-grate

Fire Pit Tutorial – Steps to build cinder block fire pit

Building fire pit from cinder block material construction either temporary or permanent is recommended. However, it is important to go through the right steps so here are the detailed instructions and complete steps you can follow:

1. Clear Area

First thing first, make sure to clear the area where you are planning to construct the pit. Clear the area in circular shape if you want to build circular pit. Then, mark the circular fire pit area using landscape paint with diameter of 3 to 4 feet.

This diameter fits for four people. Make sure to add another 1 foot of diameter for each additional person so it is more spacious and comfortable.

2. Dig

From the inside of the marked area, remove or dig in 6 inches of the soil to put the first row of cinder blocks. By placing the blocks below ground level, it can keep the steadiness. To help the drainage, add 3 inches of gravel to the bottom of the fire pit.

3. Stacking Cinder Blocks

If you are planning to build temporary fire pit, all you need to do is stacking the cinder blocks. For circular fire pit, you need to gradually set the first layer of cinder blocks around the circle. Make sure that the hole in the blocks facing upward. To ensure every block packed tightly, use the shovel to dab at them.

4. Place The Blocks

For square fire pit, you just need to place the blocks evenly side by side. Make sure that every row of blocks are systematically aligned. Continue to layer up the blocks to the second level.

Make an opening air to get into the pit by turning one of the blocks at a slight angle. If you see any gaps between the two rows, you can spread some garden soil over them.

5. Planning to Make Permanent

If you are planning to make permanent fire pit, the process takes longer because you need to do it one cinder block at a time. Following package instruction, prepare your mortar.

Lay down the first layer of mortar on top of cinder blocks using a trowel. Then, use hammer to push the rebar through the block holes. Next, fill the remaining cinder blocks spaces with the mortar mix and let them dry overnight.

6. For Permanent Fire Pit

For permanent fire pit, you still have another step, which is to consolidate the inside surface of the fire pit with pea gravel. Continue the consolidation and add some lava rock.

Using some mortar, secure the outer layer of the blocks. Let them dry for few days. Once it dry, put the fire grate or wire mesh over the mouth of the pit as finishing touch.

Cinder Block Fire Pit Ideas

There are many designs and styles of cinder block fire pit you can build relatively easy. It is important to choose the right design not only the one that you prefer but also that fits with the availability of space where you are about to build the fire pit. Here are some ideas of cinder block fire pit to choose.

1. Simple Ideas

Easy to make

Basically, you can make a temporary cinder block fire pit by purchasing the package with manufacturer’s instruction of how to build the pit using the cinder blocks.

The process is relatively easy even if you are not that great at building a construction. Circular cinder block fire pit is the most preferred because it brings simplicity and practicality.

2. DIY Fire Pit

DIY for you

A simple square shaped fire pit placed in your backyard is easy DIY project to make. You just needs few cinder blocks and layer them to two rows. It may looks small and simple but it will still bring the warmth you need when gathering around people you love.

3. Round Fire Pit

Curved Cinder Block Fire Pit Design

Round or circle fire pit is elegant and mostly preferred due to its natural sense of comfort to gather people around. Instead of building the pit on the soil, you can build it on concrete pad and provide some space for sitting. Placing two cozy chairs will bring more comfort to the mood.

4.Cinder Block Fire Pit with Chimney

with Chimney

Semi-closed fire pit is not a bad idea after all since the shade can add comfort to everyone around the pit. It has resemblance of indoor fireplace where there is chimney to allow the smoke to go on the right path. Cinder block fire pit with chimney brings advantage because then you don’t have to deal with the smoke from the fire.

5. Backyard Fire Pit

You can place in backyard

Choosing backyard to build fire pit is good idea because you can truly enjoy without being disturbed by anything such as noise from the passing cars or people. The backyard provides the space needed for safety purpose as well. You can decor the fire pit to your liking to lighten up the mood.

6.Small Fire Pit

Small size fire

Small fire pit is more recommended if you have limited space to build it. You can build fire pit using cinder blocks and layer up to two or three rows. You don’t need additional decoration because in this case, less is more.

7. Square Cinder Block Fire Pit


You can also build modern fire pit with square shape cement pavers. It is elegant to place in your garden. You can make solid foundation of mortar mix before placing the blocks on top of it to make sure its steadiness. You can also paint the blocks to your favourite colour to make it more personal.

8. Concrete Block Fire Pit Area

With wood bench

The benefits of building concrete blocks fire pit is the smoother surface which brings out the aesthetic at some points. Just build up to two rows of concrete blocks and you can enjoy the warmth of the fire. You can also add some decoration to your likings large fire pit.

9. The Best $40 Fire Pit

Cinder block fire pit grill

Building DIY fire pit doesn’t have to be expensive. You can make simple round fire pit made of cinder blocks with less than 40 dollars. You just need to purchase cinder blocks package and follow the instruction properly. Mini fire pit in the backyard is a great addition to your perfect home.

10. In-Ground Fire Pit Plans

In Ground Fire Pit

Building this type of fire pit may needs more efforts than you think. Make sure to choose a location with proper distance from your house. You also need to dig in the soil to reach the right depth. The good point of this in-ground fire pit is that the wind won’t easily sway the flames.

11. Inexpensive Backyard Fire Pit

Fire Pit Block

You can build simple concrete blocks fire pit in the backyard. It is relatively simple. To add the aesthetic point, you can layer up the cinder blocks with smaller blocks in different colour. You don’t need to build in on concrete pad since you can do it directly on the soiled ground.

12. Cinder Block Fire Pit Grill for Cooking

Cinder Block Fire Pit Grill

Cinder block fire pit with grill is a good idea so you can hold barbeque party anytime you want. Aside from enjoying the warmth of the fire, you can enjoy the foods you share with people you love. Build simple fire pit in square shaped that you can just simply put the grill on top of it anytime.

13. Cinder Block Fire Pit and Bench

Urban cinder block fire pit

Build fire pit made of cinder blocks on the concrete pads and place benches around it for proper sitting. The benches can be made of cinder blocks as well. To liven up the mood, paint the fire pit with two or three different colours. It will look playful.

14. Easy Fire Pit Instructions

Easy Cinder Block Fire Pit

It is possible that you need to build a fire pit without so much preparation. However, it is not impossible. You can follow easy fire pit instructions by placing cinder blocks in circularly in one row. No need to add another row.

15. Best Outdoor Fire Pit

Round Fire Pit Design

To build the best outdoor fire pit, you need to go all out with the plan. The best thing to do is to build the space specifically to build the fire pit and seats. You may need help from professional to build proper construction because it is not only the fire pit to build.

16. Outside Fire Pits Ideas

Fire pit stone blocks

The idea to build fore pits outside is always great because you have more space to explore your creativity. It is also safer because the space allows for better circulation for flames and smoke as to not disturb its surrounding.

17. Cinder Block Fireplace

Outdoor Fire Pit

Fireplace made of cinder blocks is great idea because it is easy to make. You can build it either on solid ground or concrete pad with patio. Create your own decoration to complete the look.

18. Cinder Block BBQ Pit

Cinder Block Fire Pit

Building fire pit with the purpose of providing the right thing for BBQ party is a good idea to begin with. You have more benefits because you can grill some meets and sausage aside from enjoying the warmth. It provides more functions to the pit.

Simple Cinder Block Fire Pit

You can also make a outdoor kitchen using a cinder block.

19. Curved Brick Fire Pit

Bricks fire pit

There are so many option when it comes to fire pit design. Curved brick fire pit is aesthetically pleasing to look at. Aside from being functional, its curvy looks make it appear more elegant.

20. Square Fire Pit Plans

square fire pit

Last but not least is square fire pit plans you can build in your garden. It looks attractive finish and simple yet beautiful at the same time. You can make some improvisation in layering the rows of cinder blocks to make it looks more appealing.

Cinder blocks are readily available and most preferred by homeowners to build fire pit. They don’t need high maintenance to perform efficiently. They also make the process of constructing fire pit easier. Even if you are not too familiar with construction, you can do it without so much hassles in the process.


A cinder block fire pit is a great addition to any outdoor patio or backyard. Not only is it a great place to relax and have fun, but it’s also a great fire pit for Outdoor entertaining. By following the simple tips, you can keep your cinder block fire pit in great shape and enjoying its benefits for years to come.


Can cinder blocks actually be used in a fire pit?

Yes, of course. Fire can be made anywhere. Cinder blocks will make the fire accumulate, so that the flames are awake and the heat can be absorbed.

Do you need to use mortar if you’re building one?

Nope! You just have to stack the blocks neatly with each other. Although adding mortar will make the construction more sturdy. But it’s not necessary.
Without adding mortar, you can easily move the fire pit. But, if you want to use mortar, make sure you won’t move it.

Are cinder blocks going to explode in these fire pits?

No, generally bricks won’t explode when exposed to fire. As long as you make holes for airflow and fire.

Are cinder blocks fire resistant?

Yes, cinder blocks are resistant to heat. But, if you want to use really strong, then just use concrete blocks.

How many cinder blocks do I need to make a fire pit?

Depends on how big you’re going to make the fire pit. But, normally, you can use two rows of cinder blocks. With 10 cinder blocks for each row.

Does a fire pit need air holes?

Of course, every fire pit requires airflow to create a fire. You can make a wind hole on one side of the fire pit. Alternatively, it could also make one hole as big as 2 inches for 24-36 inches around the base of the fire pit.

Will cinder blocks explode in a fire pit?

No, cinder blocks are safe to use to create fire pits.

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