31 Cool Bedroom Ideas to Light Up Your World

Cool Bedroom Ideas – So many cool stuffs for your bedroom decoration are available in both of online and retail shops. Applying your creativity and a considerable inspiration will amazingly give you marvellous imagination that never comes before. Indeed there are countless modes and methods to get a comfy and fascinating bedroom design, yet the real deal is did you have one of them already?

Here you go! We offer you some of our Cool bedroom ideas to inspire you. The best thing is you really will be able to completely transform your common bedroom into one remarkable private chamber with the shortlisted ideas we have for you.

You know, talking cool bedroom designs are not just about for kids or teens bedrooms but also for master and loft bedrooms. Feel free to explore all of our coolest ideas for your bedroom and encourage yourself to have one of them in your home.

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Teenage Bedroom Ideas

Than just for sleeping, bedroom for teens more like their hangout. Teens love freedom, doing anything they want without any rules and demands, and if their bedroom can support it, surely going to be great for them.
In designing teenage bedroom, you should remember that teens have differing viewpoints than adults. That’s why you should look at their notion to design it.

1. A Multi-Purpose Bedroom

Multi purpose room in bedroom

You should have to pay more attention to make their room more useful than just a place for sleep. With a wider area to do more social things, their room will be a perfect place where they can study, play, and loaf with their friends.

2. Hit the Wall with Bold Design

Wall Art For Teenage Girl Bedrooms Bedroom Colorful Bed Sets For Teenage Girl Bedroom Wall Ideas

Wall is a large part you can exploit more. Unlike adults, teens have a bigger preference to bold colour. It can give them so much energy they need. You can try to add some bold-coloured design on the wall to make them feel the vibe.

3. Fun Teen Bedroom Ideas

Fun teen bedroom

Most splendid thing for teens is having fun, so you must make a fun atmosphere in their room. You can design their room as their imagination. It definitely can be their creativity booster. Strong imaginative elements can also being a part of the decoration to give more realistic sense of their imagination.

4. Tactile Texture

Decorating Teenage Bedroom

Placing comfy stuffs within teen’s room will make them feel safe and restful. They will love its comfort to spend their time at. You can start using good-touched fabrics and textures to decorate, and surely add some fluffy component to make it touchier.

5. Bed Storage in Bedroom

Storage space in bedroom

Untidiness is one common case happened in teenagers’ room. Providing appropriate storage can be one solution to this problem. You can place drawers or chests on every empty space like under the bed or under the table, or you can also attach some racks on the wall where they can easily store their goods to make their room always tidy.

Cool Bedroom for Teen Boys

Not an easy thing to amuse teen boys, so it is quite difficult to find suitable bedroom designs for them. Do you confuse enough to choose which designs they will love? However, you can try modern, industrial, minimalist style then spark some brightness to emphasize its teenage impression.

6. Cool Wall Shelves

Cool Wall Shelves

Decorating your boys’ room with unique shelves within the wall will give superb tone they never felt before. By choosing the simple colour combination, without too vivid and too much colour, will give minimalist thrill but also sophisticated. Then, adding particular element will also strengthen the vibrant ambience formed before.

7. Sporty Bedroom

Sporty Bedroom

Mostly all boys like sport and so they love sporty ambience. The sporty passion will encourage them to be more dynamic and enthusiastic to live their life. Some vivid colour accent can be applied to emphasis the sportiness. Then, for more realistic sporty aura, you can attach some sport utility like some balls or the others.

8. Shabby Wood Accent Wall

Shabby Wood Accent Wall

Shabby accent got by applying wooden decoration or wooden wall or wooden floor can also impress your boys. It offers vintage sensation as much as calm feeling. Mixed soft brown theme with its variations is a good colour scheme option to enhance the accent.

9. Tennis Bedroom

Tennis Bedroom

A tennis-themed bedroom can be a best option to design your boys’ chamber, as long as they love this sport. All of the tennis element can be attached on the wall, and then giving tennis ball-shaped pillow will strengthen the vibe. Using the tennis colour theme is also importance to amplify those feeling.

10. Attic Bedroom

Attic Rooms

Designing your attic to be your boys’ bedroom is a great idea. With impressive layout literally it will be loved by them. They will feel their privacy more there. By adding certain element, however its look so simple, it could be magnificent.

Teenage Girl Bedroom Ideas

Mostly girls like sweet, bright, soft pastel colour. Applying that colour scheme on your girl bedroom definitely can amaze her. Adding some cute decoration sometime also needed to highlight the girly feeling.

11. Peace Bedroom

Peace Bedroom

Some girls love tranquillity. If your girls are one of them, you should to design a peace bedroom. You can start it with combining calm colour on the bed and the decors because certain colour will bring calmness atmosphere to the room. Then you can choose simple pattern like dots or simple flowers. Adding love-themed decoration will make the room perfect.

12. Girl Cool Bedroom

Girl Cool Bedroom

Begin your design by lay outing the entire bedroom element and you have to consider making much space for your girls hang out in with their friends. You can pick out some bright girly colour combination to the room to make it more sweet and cute. Adding wall ornament sometime is also a necessary.

13. Turquoise and Cream White

Turquoise and Cream White

Combining cream white coloured wall and stuffs with other turquoise coloured element can be so sophisticated for your girls. Covering the floor with a large ornamental-patterned mat can be an optional addition to make the room feels more elegant.

14. Dream Bedroom

Dream Teen Girl's Bedroom

If you have been confused enough to design a bedroom for your girl, you can try to arrange a fantasy theme for them. You can ask them first what dream they like to be. It can be anything. Once you get the idea you can apply it on the elements, perhaps with bold colour, and it’s an ultimate idea to add some details ornament and decors to strengthen the concept.

15. Bright Teen Bedroom

Bright Teen

When you are designing a room with large windows for your girls, this idea might be perfect. Take the advantages of the bright. You can emphasize the ambient by selecting bright coloured elements and decorations.

16. Nice Bedroom for a Teenager

Nice Room for a Teenager

It will be nice if you design your girls’ room with beautiful layout, beautiful colour scheme, and beautiful concept. They will fell in the sweet live when they were in the room. Girls love flowers is an unavoidable truth, so placing some flowers in their room will be so much nicer.

17. Turquoise and Pink

Turquoise and Pink

The other matching colour with turquoise is pink, and girls love it very much. It will give sweet impression to them. Combining those two colours with adding some brightness will be a loveable to them. You can make it flawless by adding complementary elements with delight pattern.

Twin Bedroom Ideas

Designing a room for two teens is a challenge for you that have twin children. Choosing a suitable cool bedroom for a twin perhaps not just prepare two separated bed and doubled the number of stuffs but also build great impression of harmony.

Providing two same-sized beds denote giving privacy together with equality to your twin children. Selecting a proper colour theme of the room and each decoration stuffs more become an important thing because it will enhance the feel of harmonious twin.

18. Two Beds with Study Desks

Two Beds with Study Desks

Simple coloured minimalist design can be a great one option to arrange your twins’ bedroom. Have two beds is a requirement for you, so you can arrange it side by side or top-down. For your teen twins studying will be more fun if they do together, that’s why you also need a study desk for them two.

19. Small Twin Bedroom

Small Twin Bedroom

Don’t be bewildered if you just have a small spaced room for your teen twins and you have to provide two beds for them. Don’t worries, you still can make it! You can make the beds in a stack. Just put the second bed below the first one in a drawer-like mode. If it wants to be used, simply drag it out. Then, you can decorate the rest of the area by yourself. But, you have to notice to use simple colour scheme too, don’t too much.

20. Bunk Bed

Bunk Bed

Bunk bed is a great option to you who have twin teens. It’s save a lot of space by top-down bed arrangement. However, first thing you have to consider to make it cool is choosing the right material.

Using wooden maybe cooler than using metals that give an old image. Selecting the proper colour theme is the second necessary, and the third is the layout you chose.

21. Purple Twin Bedroom

Tween Bedroom Ideas

For your special twin girls, purple-themed bed room is a very good idea. They love kind of colour like that. You can apply the combination of the entire purple variant to the elements as long as it still in harmony. If you have quite long room, arranging the beds in a line is a great option for you. But if not, you can order it top-down or, if it’s enough, side by side, or as told before.

Bedroom Wall Paint Ideas

It doesn’t like designing for teens, for adult’s you can give more elegancy and luxury through the elements. Giving some artistic touches to your bedroom will make a unique feeling. You can try to attach some painting to your wall, or paint your wall instead, or do both together.

22. Wall Art Bedroom

Wall art bedroom idea

Make your walls as large canvas to paint on. Maybe just a simple bold one-coloured painting but it will be magnificent. You are also being able to combine the concept with unique layout and some additional element. However the aesthetic ism of the painted wall shouldn’t be covered by any other element.

23. Wall Bedroom Colour

Wall Bedroom Colour

Still pertaining to the wall painting, you can also attach some paintings to fill some spots. In this way you can play more colours, yet keep the charm. You can use comprehensive pattern on your wall painting, or you can use wall paper instead.

24. Cool Bedroom Painting

Cool bedroom painting

It could be a simple way to decorate your bedroom with just a single abstract painting attached above your bed. Choosing elegant tone then arranging the stuffs sophisticatedly will be enough to bring the cool atmosphere to your chamber.

25. Wall Painting Bedroom

Wall painting bedroom

You can choose, maybe two to four, realistic paintings and arrange it symmetrically together with the other decoration. Still you have to accentuate the painting as the centre of interest. Using bold colour theme can be a great option for you.

Master Bedrooms

One thing to be considered in designing master bedroom is the intimacy. Adults always need their bedroom to be the place of an intimate romantic chemistry between the couple happened. In some part you can add several elegant and luxurious decorations to warm the atmosphere.

26. Master Bedroom Design

Master bedroom designs

For the master, picking out grey-based tone to be applied to the concept is a majestic suggestion. This scheme will be looked very mature and classy. You can also design a dimly lit atmosphere on yours. It will be loved, because it enhances the intimacy.

27. Modern Bedroom Design

Master bedroom design modern

If you have large room, don’t fill the entire space with too much stuff. Let a lot of them empty, and fill a corner with your bedroom elements. Choosing proper bright colour for the tone can raise the modern character of your room. Surely, it must be supported by choosing right decoration.

28. Romantic Deep Red

Romantic deep red master bedroom design

Applying dominant deep red colour in every element combined with other red-related colour as the main tone will maximize the romantic intimacy between the lovebirds. Deep red colour will deliver a warm sensation to energize you. By selecting proper –not too bright– lightening, the “hot” perception will be ultimate.

29. Master Bedroom Decoration

Master bedroom decoration

It’s not an obvious matter how you can make a cool bedroom design only by attaching some outstanding decoration. Regardless the colour theme you chose, try to create peaceful and restful ambiance. Indeed the key is on the layout.

Cool Bedroom Decors

You can achieve a cool bedroom feeling just by placing certain cool decors. It’s a simple point to feature cool equipment or cool ornament within your room. But you still have to pay attention regarding the layout.

30. Cool Bedroom Wall Decor

Bedroom Wall Decor

Featuring cool unique stuffs in your bedroom shall make your room has different sense. You can start with maximally exploit the largest part of your room, the wall, by decorating it through the cool wall decor. Choosing colour scheme is not a crucial point. You can use any colour you like. The more essential notion lies on how you lay the decorations out.

31. Fun Bedroom

Fun Bedroom

A fun theme is also can be used for designing your bedroom. You can pick fun colour for the scheme and choose some fun unique decoration. That won’t be diminishing the adult nature of your room, but it will bring peace and serenity instead. This joyful room will let you to escape from your stressing routine.

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