DIY Makeup Room Ideas

DIY makeup room ideas will certainly open up insight into the makeup room setup. There is no need to use a high cost to make it. It just takes creativity and imagination, certainly with a little equipment and materials.

The makeup table can be made using materials in the house. The room can be arranged to your liking. Certainly, adjust to the planned budget.

To make it easier to create a makeup room, here are some images that can be sampled.

Table of Contents

1. Minimalist Makeup Room

beautiful makeup room ideas

The makeup room doesn’t have to be with a lot of wall decorations. The table can be made as absorbent as possible with a little stuff on it.

Mirrors also don’t have to be in front of the table. You can try putting a big mirror high enough next to the table. That way, the space at the table can be used for makeup.

2. DIY Brush Storage

beauty brush jar

Beauty brushes can be made by yourself using used materials in the house. Like a jam jar or a place made of other glass.

Jars can be decorated using colorful ribbons to your liking. Inside the jar can be filled with rice or Styrofoam so that the brush can stick and neater.

3. Bright Makeup Room Design

bright makeup room design

Using a bright room theme will make the atmosphere more comfortable. Use the dominant white color to give a bright impression.

In addition to white, it can also use gray or black for blending. The combination of black and white is certainly a perfect fit.

4. Cheap Furniture for Makeup Room

cheap furniture for makeup room ideas

Using furniture doesn’t actually make the room look cheap. You can wear aesthetics to make it feel classier.

Such as fur carpets, floating shelves, high flower vases, minimalist table lamps, rattan baskets, and other items. Alternatively, you can also use a mix of white and pink.

5. Corner Makeup Vanity Table

corner makeup desk ideas

Usually, the corner of the room is an empty and untapped place. The place can be used as a makeup room. Use the corner table to make the makeup look neater.

After that, add some supporting equipment. Like bright lights, large glass, as well as other salon equipment.

6. DIY Black Makeup Desk

diy black makeup room ideas

Using all black color turns out to be also good for tables and makeup equipment. The use of this matching color will give a minimalist and elegant impression.

What can I wear in black? Tables, chairs, safes, lipsticks, mirrors and more.

Preferably, black is not used for walls. Because, if the wall is black, then the room will look dark.

7. DIY Makeup Organization

diy makeup organization ideas

In the makeup room, in addition to the room, also have to arrange a table. The arrangement of this table is important, to make the dressing table look neater and cleaner.

Use squares and shelves arranged with a minimalist design. You can select a box with the color according to the theme used. For example, like the image above, white is selected because the surroundings use white as well.

8. Lighting Ideas for Makeup Desk

diy makeup room ideas

Use bright lighting to make makeup clearer. The lamp used to choose white color so that there is no mistake when makeup.

Give a rack next to the dressing table to store items. So, the dressing table is clean and looks neater.

9. DIY Makeup Room Ideas with Lighting

diy makeup room ideas with design inspiration

Using a small makeup room can be used as a solution. Especially, when there is no other room adequate.

Just use the rough room and absorb the set and to a minimum. The cost of making a small room is also not much. So, costs can be saved to a minimum.

10. Decorating Ideas for a Makeup Room

diy makeup room organization

Decorating the dressing room certainly costs not least. But, if it turns out that the room is small, it might save you a little cost.

Use minimalist furniture and décor. Use a table with lots of drawers or shelves. So, a lot of stuff can go into a drawer.

Also pay attention to the use of colors from furniture and walls. Using white will make the room brighter and more spacious.

11. Makeup Room Inspiration

diy small makeup desk in bedroom ideas

Floating table will probably fit a minimalist design. In addition, the use of mirrors and floating shelves will also look aligned with the table.

To add an aesthetic feel, use a fur carpet at the bottom. Maybe, you can use a nice better seat to look fancy.

12. Cheap Makeup Room Ideas

diy small makeup table ideas

To get a cheap price, then using cheap goods is the right choice. Use the existing table again, a small table is okay.

Make sure, if you buy a table with a chair, so it can be more efficient. Put the make-up equipment in a drawer. Also use a small storage area on the table to style other makeup tools.

13. Makeup Room Decor Ideas

diy vanity table makeup ideas

Actually, the image above is a simple and easy to emulate design. Use a table that is quite long but not wide. Give the dressing equipment off the table.
Use the drawer as a make-up storage area. Choose a glass large enough to make the room look more spacious.

14. Dressing Table Makeup Ideas

dressing table makeup ideas

With a simple design, the makeup room can look aesthetic. Especially using a blend of white and light brown colors.

The addition of plants also makes the room fresher. Glass can be used in the shape of a circle so that it does not look ordinary.

15. IKEA Makeup Vanity Table

ikea makeup vanity table with lighted mirror

IKEA products are certainly familiar with home use. IKEA furniture can be a pretty good choice for styling a dressing room.

16. Makeup and Office Room Ideas

makeup desk and workspace ideas

A makeup table combined with a work desk? Why not?

Just use an L-shaped table, or place two tables next to each other. Then, one table for dressing, the other used as a work desk.

17. Hair and Makeup Room Ideas

makeup drawer storage table organizer

Makeup is not complete if without smoothing the hair. Therefore, also use the dressing room to style the hair. Just add hairdryer and some other equipment.

18. DIY Makeup Room Lighting Inspiration

makeup mirror diy makeup desk ideas

Using lots of lights will certainly make the room brighter. Also make sure to use a large mirror so that when makeup, the face is clearly visible.

Lights can be installed around the mirror for easy makeup.

19. Makeup Room Storage Ideas

makeup organization

Got a lot of makeup equipment?

Try using a cupboard or shelf that can store all the items. Using a lot of shelves does not matter, because it will be very useful if it turns out that makeup equipment is also a lot.

20. Makeup Studio Room

beauty room decor

As a makeup artist, you can also record and upload to social media. Share your experience of makeup and tutorials.

21. Classic Makeup Vanity

makeup room décor with retro style

Even if you use the DIY theme, you can still make your makeup room look elegant. Just use classic-style tables and mirrors. Combine it with a room theme that also looks luxurious.

With this blend, there will be an elegant and luxurious makeup room. But remember, just use a rough budget, don’t overdo it.

22. Home Makeup Room Ideas

makeup storage ideas

At home, making a dressing room is not difficult. Make use of what’s in the house and use it as a place to put makeup.

If there is no special room, you can use the room or clothes room. Putting makeup equipment near the bathroom can also be a solution.

23. Makeup Beauty Room

makeup table organization storage design

Using regular furniture can also look beautiful and attractive. Especially with a suitable color mix, the dressing room feels more comfortable.

24. Pink Makeup Room

makeup table vanity

Pink color can make a makeup room look more girly. Combine it with white so that it doesn’t look monotonous.

If there is no room, you can place the dressing table in the corner of the room. Just use a small table to sing.

25. Permanent Makeup Room Ideas

makeup vanity table with lamp

Making the dressing room permanent is the right choice. Because, every day we need makeup.

If it’s permanent, just use a big enough table. The lights for the dressing table can also be used a lot so that it is brighter.

26. Glam Makeup Room

modern makeup desk

What’s the inspiration from the image above? Does it look interesting to be realized in your house?

27. Makeup Room Essentials

original makeup table design

In a makeup room, the most important things that should be there are tables, mirrors, chairs, and makeup equipment.

28. Lighting for Makeup Room

original makeup vanity design

Using cute and unique lights will certainly make the makeup room not look boring. Moreover, the lights used are not like those used by many others.

29. DIY Makeup Room Ideas with Minimalist Style

simple diy makeup table ideas

Using a simple table certainly doesn’t matter. The most important part is not the table, but the presence of a mirror in front of us.

30. Salon Makeup Room

vanity makeup inspiration

Creating a salon-like makeup room can also be a good idea.

31. Womens’s Makeup Room

variera dressing table

Looks minimalist and neat, right?

32. DIY Makeup Room Ideas on a Budget

white makeup desk

As mentioned earlier. The makeup room doesn’t have to be expensive. Using furniture in the house can also be. Small table, with a tiny mirror, and a pretty white chair.

Makeup equipment can be stored elsewhere. So, a small table will not be full of makeup equipment.

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