Field Trip Ideas for Preschoolers and Kindergarten

Field trip ideas for preschoolers are exemplary. Invite the children to play while learning. Not only can you study indoors, but you can also go outdoors.

By taking the children out of class, they will learn a lot. About the environment, social, business, work, and various knowledge. All can be learned directly, not just from books.

There are several places that can be used as a field trip.

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Field Trip Ideas for Preschoolers

Here’s an idea that can be used for preschooler field visits.

1. Farm


Visiting a farm or farm can be an option for children. They can see how the food that is always on the table is made.

Preschoolers can visit wheat farms, potatoes, tomatoes, and a variety of other staple foods. Alternatively, you can also visit a chicken and cattle farm.

It will be nice to see a variety of plants and livestock. They can also get to know the profession more closely as farmers.

2. Museum

children museum

A visit to a large museum might confuse the children. They can be invited to a special museum for children. The Children Museum is designed specifically for them.

There are many things to learn, ranging from technology exhibitions, science, and history.

They can interact and touch the objects on display. Yes, because especially for children, of course the items in the museum will be child-friendly as well. However, not all children can be touched.

Dinosaur museum for example. There are a lot of dinosaur bones that children certainly shouldn’t hold.

3. Zoo


Zoos can be field trip ideas for preschoolers. By going to the zoo, the children will learn the fun science.

They can learn about animals, habitats and animal food. In addition, inviting preschoolers to the zoo can also introduce climate change.

4. Bakery


Going to a bakery or restaurant will increase children’s knowledge of their favorite foods.

Of course, it would be nice to invite them to see such a large piece of equipment. There are giant freezers, mixers, gas stoves, ovens, and other bread making equipment.

Children will also learn how bread is made. Starting from mixing flour with eggs, then added other ingredients.

But there’s something to be aware of, which is security. In addition to fun field trips, children’s safety must be taken into account. Of course, this is not only our role, but the parents and the place where the field trip was held.

5. City Park

city park

The easiest and cheapest outdoor learning activity is to go to the park. We can feel freedom, breathe fresh air, and burn energy in the park.

Many activities can be done in the city park. Preschoolers can play ball, rope, draw scenes, or create stories about their travels.

When the children came home, they were asked to make a drama story that would be presented when they went to school. This activity will train children in storytelling and acting.

6. Factory


Visiting a vehicle manufacturing plant can also be an option for field trip preschoolers.

In addition to seeing large factories with a variety of existing equipment, children can learn about technology. How sophisticated is the vehicle manufacturing plant?

Not only vehicle factories, preschoolers can also visit factories equipment, toys, packaging, and anything made in the factory.

7. Aquarium

aquarium - field trip ideas for preschoolers

In addition to taking children to play on the beach and sea, we can also take them to the aquarium. In giant aquariums, preschoolers can study different types of diverse marine animals.

8. Toy Manufacturing

toys store

Actually, this is not recommended, the children may be excited, but we are not. Yes, they’re going to whine about getting a new toy after visiting a toy manufacturing.

9. Pond

pond - field trip ideas for preschoolers

Seeing the beauty of the pond in the middle of the city can also be an option for field trip ideas for preschoolers. They can see wild animals in small ponds. Or playing water, but of course with parental supervision.

When it’s winter, the pond will become frozen and it will certainly be even more interesting. However, since the outdoors will feel cold, consider choosing the lake as a field trip.

10. Local Library

local library - field trip ideas for preschoolers

Visiting the local library can make children enjoy reading books. Although they could not read, at least the penchant for reading the book appeared.

Take the kids around the library, see the book collection, and be quiet.

11. Fire Station

fire station - field trip ideas for preschoolers

One of the city’s heroes who seems to be a destination for children. See firefighters practicing and preparing when needed.

It can build a child’s empathy for the environment. Seeing the concern of firefighters can also make them feel safer.


Approximately, which field trip ideas for preschoolers are your choice?

The above idea is suitable for children aged 3-5 years. It can be done in summer, winter, spring, or autumn. Just adjust the time to the place.

Alternatively, field trip ideas for preschoolers can be held virtually. Children will see new knowledge through cyberspace.

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