Floor to Ceiling Windows Ideas

Floor to ceiling windows is a trend style for making a new effect that can make your home shine more. The windows which usually has only a function for an air exchange room, nowadays it can be the thing that makes your room more attractive, and has modern look.

This style with wide windows also can make your room more special by showing outside world that can describe the weather on a daily basis. This window can also make a warm home atmosphere with the support of the outside environment that is immediately visible.

This model is able to combine your home with nature with outside of your home. This model is commonly used in modern home designs, also makes the interior of your home will feel more comfort and elegant.

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What are Floor to Ceiling Windows Called?

This stuff is such a things that can be used as furniture that has full height. It can change the wall with using the windows. This is also an interior style that is usually used in modern home. This style can show outside world at home, so the house will look wider, warmer, and also elegant.

Floor to Ceiling Windows Cost

This window cost have to be bought with several price. It will depends on the quality of windows. If you choose the six from ten quality, you can get window for less than $1400. If you want to get an affordable price, you can choose fiberglass or vinyl to complement the interior design of your home.

Floor to Ceiling Windows Pros and Cons

This style is basically able to make the window function into a wall together. This will make the sunlight into the room naturally. This model also can make you more relaxed, and make your room more spacious.

Besides, this design certainly has its own shortcomings. Windows that are wide open can certainly limit your privacy, but this can be overcome by installing curtains. If you can’t manage the room properly, then the room will be hotter because of excessive sunlight.

Floor to Ceiling Windows Ideas

If you are in possession of a house with beautiful views outside the room, you can create a wide windows design with a style that can enjoy the view outside. This decoration can certainly be adjusted according to the location of your home.

1. Style for Apartments Idea

Floor to ceiling windows

Apartment is a suitable place to use the wide windows design in every room. This is because the place is a multi-storey building that has a certain height, so you can enjoy views of the city from your room.

The room with the various forms of windows that change the position of the wall can make your place brighter and wider.

2. Modern Floor to Ceiling Windows in Living Room

Minimalist home with floor to ceiling windows

Everyone must crave a beautiful and comfortable living room. this is because every house will definitely get guests, and these guests will judge the impression on the design of your home.

living room with floor to ceiling windows can make your room more modern. This modern design will make your guests comfortable to meet at home.

The living room can also be used as a lounge for the family. Then, the wide window design can make your free time become more meaningful by looking at the beautiful view from outside. You can also sunbathe and enjoy the sun without having to leave the house.

3. Style for Urban Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom with floor to ceiling windows

Bedroom is the room you normally use for rest. This room must be comfortable and can maintain your privacy. Bedroom with floor to ceiling windows can make your rest quality better and more quality.

This is because the window that presents the outside atmosphere can give you comfort. The atmosphere is suitable for those of you who like to be alone.

4. Style for Elegant Kitchen

Kitchen with floor to ceiling windows

Design for the kitchen is certainly the most important part in the style of the house. This is because the kitchen is an important room to show the quality of cleanliness of your home.

Floor to ceiling windows in kitchen overlooking the cooking area can make you get more inspiration. This is because the view from the outside can give a better imagination.

5. Style for Modern Bathroom

Bathroom with floor to ceiling windows

Bathroom with bathtub is certainly a dream for everyone. This is because you will feel more comfortable to clean yourself by using a bathtub, especially if your bathtub is facing the beautiful view outside the house. You will be able to pamper yourself with fragrant foam and beautiful scenery.

6. Modern Living Room for Apartment

Apartment with floor to ceiling windows

The design of each apartment certainly varies according to needs and desires of market. One of these designs can use this modern for the interior.

Apartment with floor to ceiling windows can give a room more comfortable and spacious. Apartment spaces that use these designs today are very much loved by modern society.

This interior style is very suitable for urban communities. The arrangement of the sofa facing the window with outdoor views is able to provide peace for the urban community.

White color on the walls and sills can give a more elegant impression to your living room. You can add small paintings to a blank wall to make your room more artistic.

7. Woods Modern Design

Woods Modern Design

The wooden design in the room can produce a classic and unique impression. This design is very suitable for villas that have a beautiful view equipped with cool air.

This will be more perfect if the interior design is equipped with changing wall into wide windows. This kind of window can provide good air circulation, and the room will be naturally cooler.

The wood design with floor to ceiling windows is able to provide positive energy to its inhabitants. This is because the room is served directly with beautiful views can make you more comfortable and peaceful, so this will treat your stress and depression. You can mix this design with a brown sofa, and a textured wooden table.

8. Modern Style for Sea or Beach View

Modern Style for Sea or Beach View

Interior design is also very suitable for hotels or villas with beach and sea views. This design can be made modern with neutral colors on the walls and frames.

This room can also be equipped with a silver-colored sofa, and some modern furniture that can cause an elegant minimalist effect by each of its residents.

This design also will provide beautiful views of the beach and sea, also provides the modern looks with completed the furniture.

This style is perfect for urban people who want to take a vacation to enjoy nature while still being equipped with a modern environment. The design of wooden floor also can give artistic view to complete modern look.

9. Luxury Modern Living Room

Luxury Modern Living Room

If you want to build a villa with a view of the beach, interior design can be your choice. That interior design is suitable for any room because it can provide luxury but still look simple.

You can also maximize sunlight to be the main light source in the room, so the room stays bright during the day without having to turn on the lights.

10. Ideas for a Comfortable Home Office

Ideas for a Comfortable Home Office

A room with the wide windows in its interior design is able to provide more inspiration for its residents.

This is because the scenery outside house can make you more comfortable to imagine more about everything, so you can work more comfortably. Home office is also very suitable to be designed by using this interior style to provide simple luxury for its users.

11. Curtain Ideas for Wide Windows

Curtain ideas for your home

If you like the floor to ceiling windows design in your room, but still want to maintain privacy, you can use the cover to overcome them. This furniture also serves the sweetness to make your room look more classic and elegant.

You have to choose the right colour for using curtains. You can choose the same colour with your couch to make it more suitable and beautiful look.

12. Bedroom Ideas with Wide Windows and Blinds

Curtain Ideas Pictures
yuorphoto.com © Royalty-Free/Corbis

The bedroom is a room that needs privacy, so your room can do anything in the room. Wide windows with blinds can make your bedroom more beautiful and comfortable to use. You can still enjoy the view outside but still maintain your privacy. You must choose the right color to decorate this room.

If you like the atmosphere of the hotel room, you can modify the color choices. Choose neutral colors like white or silver for walls and frames.

Also make sure to choose the color of bed linen well, because it is very influential on the appearance of your room. You also have to place the lamp and texture of wall rightly for making simple modern look.

Interior design is an important part of making your home more comfortable to live in. Be sure to choose a design that suits your budget and needs.

You can choose floor to ceiling windows for your requirement, if the location of your home has a beautiful view. Choosing the right interior design will have a positive effect on your mental health.

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