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There are three types of eyes shapes they are mono lid, double lids or hooded. Some ethnicities are born with specific eye shapes as their mark. Asians usually have small and mono lid eye shape. Double eye lids on the other hand found the most attractive for Asian. Even so, hooded eyes are also common among every ethnicity.

Hooded eyes can be a rigid eye shape. When it comes to eye make up you have to treat your eye shape carefully so it would not look too dark or even bothering when your intension is to beautify them.

This is one of reasons why hooded eyes are bothering for some people. Doing eye make up for hooded eyes is a little bit harder rather than any other eye shapes.

Eye make up for hooded eyes is supposed to make a sharper point into your eyes. Hooded eyes make you look like a tired and restless person.

As if you are lack of sleep time in your nights. This is why doing eye make up for your hooded eyes is important but you need to learn how to do it better so you don’t end up making it worst.

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What is Hooded Eyes?

People who have hooded eyes will have smaller lids. This is because hooded eyes have extra layer of skins that biased towards your crease. People with hooded eyes appear to have smaller over all eyes but with more outer line. Just like double eye lids, hooded eye crease part is not shown like how mono lids do.

However some cases shows that when your eyes suddenly a droopy eyes like hooded eye shape, it may be caused by so many risky causes. So if you are not born with this eye shape then you might have to check your eyes condition and make sure that you are fine.

What Causes Hooded Eyes?

Genetic causes

Hooded eyes can be caused by genetic causes. For genetic cause, sometimes it is not applied to both of your eyes. So there are cases where only one of your eye shape is hooded and the other one is double lids.

This is a very common case though. If you are born with hooded eye then you have nothing to worry about because it is not a symptoms for your health condition.


Hooded eyes are also called as lazy eyes even though there are so many cases where it looks nothing like lazy eyes only extra skin of your crease.

But when you get older, your eyes might get a hooded eye shape too. This is why hooded eyes also look like a tired pair of eyes. Senior will have hooded eyes when they are getting older due to health condition.

Health condition

There are some disease symptoms that is signed by droopy eyelid. Although droopy eye lid looks similar to hooded eye, some time some people born with a little hooded eye that is hardly notice. This is why you have to regularly check your health condition. It is much better to prevent rather than cure.

Eyes treatment

Children often rub eyes hard when it gets itchy. This can cause hooded eyes too. Also excessive contact eye lenses usage can cause hooded eye. There are so many mistreatments towards eye that will cause droopy eye lids.

So if you have children. Teach them to treat their eyes right so they will have healthy eye.

How to Tell if You Have Hooded Eyes?

It is easy to tell your eye shape. The key point of your eye shape can be your crease. If you can see your crease when you open your eyes then you have hooded eyes.

How to tell if it is hooded eyes or double eye lids? You still can see a little part of your crease when you have double eye lids. Whereas when you have hooded eyes, you wont find your crease at all.

Different Types of Eyes

Mono lid

Mono lid is easiest to notice. You can see your full crease when you have mono lid. This is why doing eye make up for mono lid is the most satisfying because you can see the overall final look without you have to blink or close your eyes first.

Double eye lids

When you have double eye lids, your crease divided into two. It is almost similar to hooded eye. What makes different is that you can still see you’re a little part of your creases even if you don’t close your eyes.

Hooded eyes

Hooded eyes will cover your whole crease. Your lids will appear smaller and you have such droop layer of skin downward your lid. Almost look like double eye lid.

Upturned eyes

See the end of you eyes tilt to know whether you have upturned or downturned eyes. Set your corner of eye as the standard middle. After that, see if your end tilt is end upturned or downturned.

Downturned eyes

Downturned eyes are basically when your title eyes turn down. Your corner eyes set as center line and if the other end turn down then you have downturned eye shape.

Almond eyes

Almond eyes are determined by your iris position. If position of your iris is slightly covered by both upper and below part of your eyes then you have almond eyes.

Round eyes

Round eye is basically almond eye shape. What makes different is you can still see white below your iris.

Deep set eyes

Deep set eye shape is when your upper eye lids looks small and short. This is because your eyes are biased inward therefore it makes your eye lids appear small and short.

Protruding eyes

Protruding eye shape is opposite from deep set eye shape.

Celebrities with Hooded Eyes

Emma Stone

The gorgeous actor Emma Stone is one of beautiful celebrities with hooded eyes. If you think hooded eye are not a match with perfect shaped apple check, Emma Stone proves you wrong.

Her eye make up is always inspiring and a perfect example of how hooded eye make up should have been. In fact, hooded eye shape never creates bad impression in her.

Taylor Swift

The famous singer, Taylor Swift can be a perfect inspiration for your eye make up look. She often wear a cat eye make up look too. Although usually hooded eye appears smaller.

It didn’t stop her to create a wing eye liner. To create stronger impression, lashes that gives more volume to your real eyelash is one of her secret in making such look.

Megan Fox

Megan Fox is widely known as former Transformer actor. She is often said as one of the most beautiful women in the world. With strong bold eyebrow and hooded eyes, Megan Fox manages to look like a literal angel. She proves that with hooded eye you can still manage to look as gorgeous as the other eye shapes out there.

Hooded Eyes Surgery

When you have hooded eyes due to age cause, you might find that you want to get rid of your hooded eyes. You can do surgery to eliminate excessive droopy eyes especially if your vision is not as visible as before your eyes get droopy. Your doctor will tell you the best next stage of your further treatment.

However, before you could think of plastic surgery further. You might have to consult about this to your doctor.

Even though this is not as risky as any other surgery, people with special behaviour and health condition may be prohibited to do this. Smoker for example, will be asked to stop smoking for several weeks because they tend to heal slower.

Hooded eyes surgery cost differently. Approximately you might have to spend more than $3,163. This cost is a full calculation due to every hospital facilitation cost differently and you might choose different class of facilitation too.

With this cost, you can have a youthful eye look and more visible vision if that is the reason why you want to do this surgery.

How to Get Rid of Hooded Eyes Naturally?

So if you want to have less excessive droopy eye then there are so many natural ways on how to fix hooded eye. As stated previously, hooded eyes surgery takes a lot of costs to spend. So before you try the surgery step, check these steps on how to get your hooded eyes less excessive.

Get enough sleep

This is important to note that enough sleep is key point both your health and beauty. Make sure that you get minimally 6 hours of sleeping.

This will reduce not only excessive droopy eyes but also the black mark under eye and your brain works. When you get enough sleep it will impact your whole body circulation and wake up fresh.

Aloe vera gel

After you get enough sleep, you can use aloe vera that will act as shooting. You can put aloe vera gel in your refrigerator to make it more chilling. Hooded eyes can be a symptom to tired and stress.

With soothing aloe vera gel, you can reduce this symptom. Apply aloe vera gel around over your eye lid and make a circle move while gently massage for 20-30 minutes and rinse it after.

Cucumber mask

If you don’t have aloe vera gel in your home, you can use cucumber as a mask too. Cucumber is soothing as much as aloe vera gel when it comes to eyes mask. It is easier to use cucumber.

You are going to need 2 slices of cucumber that you will put on your close eyes. Another way to use this is applying blended cucumber jus over your eyelids.

Ice water

Ice water will tighten not only open pores but also your tired eyes. You can simply rub ice water over your eyelids.

Another way to use ice water is duking your face into cold water for around 20 minutes as soon as you wake up in the morning. Of course you have to breath in between. Another alternative way is washing your face with cold water twice a day.

Avoid direct sun light

Sun exposure is not good even for your eyelids. Don’t get too much direct sun light into your skin. Make sure to always use spf so you can reduce the effect.

Sun exposure can be one of reasons why aging can get faster. This is why spf is very important before you get outside. Avoid as many direct sun lights as possible so you can take care of your body better.

Tea mask

Your left over bag tea especially chamomile one will help you to get rid of hooded eyes naturally. This is one of most common ways to get rid of tired eyes better.

This is ot only working for hooded eyes but also puffy one. put on tea bag on your closed eyes for around 15 minutes. Make sure that your tea bag is cool enough after you use them.

Best Treatment for Hooded Eyes

Making sure that your hooded eye will never get you an impression as if you have restless night is the best treatment. The way to achieve this is by doing every possible previous natural way to get rid of hooded eye.

These treatments will help to tighten you eyes and look youthful. So the previous treatment is not only to get rid of hooded eyes but also to help it stay youthful as possible.

Hooded Eyelids Makeup

Hooded Eyelids Makeup

Eye shadow tips

First you have to blend the most skin colour like as basic of your eye shadow. After that, blend the lightest colour to darker colour in top of outer corner. Create a shadow look on your hood lid.

Eye liner tips

Use white eye line so your eyes will appear bigger. Do not make an excessive wing line. Apply your eye liner o upper lid. It is highly suggested if you use eyeliner pen.

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