How to Clean Shower Curtain

Cleaning your bathroom is an easy way to do. However, you might have no idea how to clean shower curtain in a good way. Some people take different ways because there is so many options to clean your shower curtain.

Before you start to clean your shower curtain, you need to understand there is a different material between shower curtain and shower curtain liner. Once you want to clean them all, you need to use different method and cleaning material.

For those who are using bathtub inside their bathroom the use of shower curtain must be important. You can keep the water not to splashing outside the bathtub. Yet, people still have no idea the different use between shower curtain and shower curtain liner.

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What is a Shower Curtain Liner?

Differentiate between shower curtain and shower curtain liner must be difficult. It can only be differentiated by the use of material. However, the liner would create by a fabric and other would be used plastic or vinyl also. It has a lot of uses and benefit to your bathroom.

Purposed to protecting your bathroom and keep it dry from splashing and spills of water. Every curtain would be combined between the liner and curtain to protect your bathroom. The rules is simple, the liner can be used without a shower curtain but it cannot be done in the opposite.

There is a lot of different price for the shower curtain liner depend on the material. The mildew resistant material would have an expensive price. It is one of the less difficult materials to clean and can be used without any curtain. Some hotels often use this bathroom curtain type.

How to Clean Shower Curtain Plasatic

1. With Baking Soda

Once you found that your shower curtain or the liner gets dirty, it must be easy for you to clean them up. Most of the curtain would gets mildewed and it does not look good to see. The first steps is to use baking soda to clean them all.

  • Use your washing machine with two bath towels. You need to set the power with gentle or medium setting.
  • Start to adding ½ cup of baking soda inside along with detergent. Once you put them inside, try to wash cycle and add around ½ cup vinegar for better result.
  • Wait the machine to scrubbing the entire shower curtain.
  • Make sure you are using a warm water inside for better result. It will help to remove the mildew and dirt.
  • Once you can make sure the scrubbing process is done, add a soap and let the power set into a high power.
  • After you done with the process, rinse them back with clean water and soap. It will let the curtain to get fresher and have a good scent on your bathroom.
  • Let it dry and hang in the inside or outside your house. Do not ever try to put a dryer for your curtain that will break the material.

2. With bleaching method

Another way to clean your shower curtain is with bleaching method. It is one of the easiest ways about how to clean shower curtain by using your washing machine. However, you need to wash them along with a couple of bath towels.

  • Make sure if your shower curtain or liner is already mildew or dirty to use this method.
  • Use warm water to start this process. It will help to protect the material and clean faster.
  • Add ½ cup of chlorine bleach along with ¼ cup laundry detergent. You need to mix them all together for better result.
  • Run the washer for a couple of minutes to mix the chlorine and detergent. It will help you to have better cleaning result.
  • Start to put the shower curtain and towels at the same time inside.
  • Wait until the machine finish for a couple of minutes.
  • After you finish with the washing method, start to put the shower curtain and towel in the dryer.
  • Set the temperature to the lowest setting. Wait for 10 minutes until it completely dries and hang it out.

3. With vinegar

There is a lot of tutorial shows about how to clean shower curtain with vinegar. Thus, the result is unbelievable because we often use vinegar for cooking only. The steps is quite simple and you can clean the curtain faster.

  • Put the curtain along with the soiled towels to your washing machine.
  • Add around ½ cup laundry detergent and ½ cup baking soda.
  • Try to wash with warm water on your machine with regular power.
  • In the middle of process, try to add 1 cup of white vinegar for the first rinse.
  • After you have done with this process, wash the curtain for the second time with detergent only.

How Often to Wash Your Shower Curtain?

Some people might need to wait until they can see there is a dirt or mildew on their shower curtain. On the other hand, to make sure the quality of your shower curtain you can clean them once a month for better time.

The fact that it is easy for you to clean the curtain with a lot of simple method to do. Normally, you should clean your shower curtain 4 to 12 month a year. Thus, try to clean your showe curtain before you realize there is a dirt.


You can choose many different ways to clean your shower curtain. However, make sure if you already differentiate between cleaning your shower curtain and shower curtain liner.

That is why, steps how to clean shower curtain would have different method and result.


Can we clean the curtain and liner with washing machine?

Of course, you can clean them with your washing machine as long as you wash them along with couple of towels.

What kind of water do you need to use?

For having better result, you need to use warm water to make sure if it will have cleanest curtain.

Can I use dryer?

Some people might use dryer to drying the curtain. However, others believe if it would break the material.

How to wash safely with washing machine?

Once you use the machine set for the lowest power. Including for the dryer temperature.

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