How Can You Elongate the Lifespan of Your Vertical Blinds

As the functional window dressing, vertical blinds add beauty to your home. They comprise a series of vertical slats that can be used to obscure the windows or let in the sunlight.

If you have full-length sliding or bi-fold doors, you need clean and bright vertical blinds for privacy and light control. Unclean blinds attract mould, bacteria, and fungi while letting down the façade of your house. Since it is a significant investment, you’d want it to sustain for many years.

Experts like Clean Home Guide recommend cleaning your blinds regularly through the safest methods to do so. They also suggest several ways to elongate the lifespan of your investment. Here they are:

vertical blinds lifespan

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Prevent Mould and Mildew

Your blinds are susceptible to damage due to mould and mildew in wet areas like bathrooms. If you have blinds in places with high humidity, mould can happen. Heavy curtains may cover it, but leaving it undetected can wreak havoc on blinds and other porous surfaces nearby.

Mould can damage the structural integrity of the blinds over time. You can clean them before it gets worse. After washing the mouldy blinds, seal them properly to prevent another occurrence.

Deep Cleaning Once a Month

Every month, give your vertical blinds a thorough cleaning with dusting and washing. You can dust by hand or use a cordless vacuum cleaner for the purpose. Start from the top slat and clean both sides down to the bottom.

If there are soiled areas or stains, use soapy water or a commercial cleaner with a soft cloth to clean them. Once sponged and wiped clean, dry the slats with a cotton cloth. For sheer vertical fabric blinds, unsnap the slats from the vanes and wash gently.

Use the Right Techniques

Even if you follow the deep cleaning routine religiously, you may cause more harm than good to your vertical blinds. Improper cleaning techniques can be damaging to the slats or chains.

For example, if you have wooden blinds, they may warp if you leave them soaked in water for hours. Similarly, fabric blinds need tender care while cleaning. You need to use the right cleaning supplies and tools for a proper result.

Taking help and advice from specialists like Clean Home Guide can help here. You can follow the right techniques based on the blind type and material for sustainable effects.

Proper Stain Treatment

Lightly soiled blinds may be easy to clean, but heavily stained ones are a tough job. You have to use abrasive materials and proper methods to remove the stains without damaging the blinds.

Although markets have many chemical-based fabric cleaners, please refrain from using them until necessary. Before applying any cleaner on your blinds, check its efficacy on a small fabric to see if it has any adverse impact like discolouration.

You can make a homemade fabric cleaner using distilled white vinegar, warm water, and essential oils to spray on the stains. Let it rest for a few minutes before drying it with a towel later. For tough stains, repeat the process.

Clean From the Top Down

Vertical blinds are usually challenging to tackle. Hence, you should attempt to clean or wipe them from top-down to avoid unhooking slats from the mountings or vanes. Throughout the cleaning, hold the blind to prevent damages to the bottom chain links.

Sometimes, scrubbing becomes essential to remove stains or grime from the blinds. In that case, avoid scrubbing too hard. It can remove the colour and unhinge the slats.

Depending on the dirt level, use the right cleaning method, be it the washing machine, hand washing, steam cleaner, or dishwasher. If you find it hard to tackle, don’t hesitate to seek professional help.

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