Best Outdoor Rugs for Your Exterior Design Ideas

Outdoor Rugs – When it comes to styling areas, the lines between indoor as well as outdoor living have actually blurred. We’re now taking the time and initiative to create patios, decks, as well as yards that show our sense of style equally as high as our living-room does.

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Outdoor Rug Buying Guide

If you prepare to your outdoor space, take into consideration starting with an outdoor carpet – or more! Or three! – and also develop your very own little stylin’ island.

1. Outdoor Rug Material Basics

Product is a crucial facet of your outdoor rug. Artificial – i.e., acrylic or polypropylene/man-made outdoor rugs, and all-natural rugs each have benefits and drawbacks.

Synthetic/Man-Made Rugs


  • Synthetic rugs last season after period without revealing deterioration.
  • Manufactured rugs are by far the easiest to tidy and also care for, typically needing simply hosing off with water or place cleansing with moderate soap as well as a gentle brush.
  • Artificial rugs maintain their shade in spite of sunlight as well as climate– you do not need to stress over fading or colors hemorrhaging. This makes it simple to maintain the carpet as an anchor and simply switch out accents such as pillows, which is an economical consideration.
  • Since the selection is much broader in synthetic products, these rugs can be an extra affordable option.
  • Synthetic fibers are frequently as soft as natural materials.

Care & Cleaning:

  • Constantly follow supplier recommendations, however generally, artificial rugs are simple to vacuum (month-to-month) and also rinse off/spot clean.
  • A common cleaning service consists of a teaspoon of white vinegar in a quart of pure warm water, yet many rugs could stand up to mild cleaning detergents.

Natural Material Rugs


  • Materials such as sisal, hemp, cotton, as well as wool give structure and charm.
  • Some materials are eco-mindful, such as sisal, a quickly restored material.
  • All-natural products really feel soft underfoot.

Things to Note:

  • Moisture can cause mildew or wear and tear of natural rugs. Make sure to follow makers’ ideas.
  • Natural product rugs can put on down with usage sooner compared to synthetics.
  • Drying out a wet carpet in sunshine, off the ground, can help keep it in good shape, however use care to prevent fading.

Care & Cleaning:

  • Be sure to keep in mind maker ideas on all care. The majority of rugs, specifically those made of woollen, which drops, can be vacuumed weekly/monthly.
  • On all spills, dabbing away excess wetness first is usually suggested.
  • An usual cleaning option for woollen includes a tsp of white vinegar in a quart of pure cozy water. Attempt a spot test initially. This remedy works for most synthetic rugs as well.
  • Hemp could normally stand up to swabbing with soda water. Usage caution.
  • Tiny cotton rugs can generally be machine-washed.

2. Develop Spaces

Choosing the appropriate carpet is critical to the general appearance of your outdoor area. First, take a look and possible sketch of your outdoor area. Ask yourself exactly how you’ll be utilizing it throughout the season. Do you need a couple of various conversation areas? A dining space? Kids area? Want to cover some patio blemishes?

You can produce all sort of various vignettes, and also there’s no far better location compared to outdoors to define a space with a rug. It attracts the eye to the area you’ve styled.

3. Outdoor Rug Sizing

The best dimensions for outdoor rugs follow the same principles as those for interior rug.

  • For beginners, select a shape that complements the form of your furniture. A rectangular shape or oval carpet looks great under a rectangular shape patio eating collection, while a bigger (8-foot) round carpet works well with a four-person round patio dining set.
  • If you want to position a rug under a dining collection, make certain you enable around 30 inches from each side of the table to the side of the carpet. This will provide room to comfortably draw chairs in as well as out from the table.
  • Joggers add pop to a pathway or smaller, narrower veranda area.
  • If you’re covering a whole patio, attempt to allow 12-24 inches from the carpet’s edges to the boundary of the patio room. This allows some breathing space around the carpet. It can additionally make an area appear larger.
  • A more versatile alternative for discussion or “living” locations is simply making sure the carpet’s sides are beneath the front legs of the furnishings items contained in the room.

3. Colors as well as Patterns

Wait ’til you see the unbelievable selection and also choice readily available in colors and patterns of outdoor rugs. Whatever your style, you’ll find it. One approach is to take the colors you enjoy inside your house and also bump them up in brilliant and also strong versions. However truly, anything goes when it pertains to outdoor decor.

Right here are some trends we’re seeing in outdoor rugs:

Geometric Patterns

You’ll discover the ubiquitous chevron to Moroccan, quatrefoil, as well as every geo pattern you could envision.


Browns, tans, off-whites, and also grays will certainly mix seamlessly right into your outdoor room.


Dirty eco-friendlies, tans, terra-cotta, corrosion, and so on develop a flexible pallette.

Trendy Blue Hues

Think ocean, sky, as well as all the lots of shades discovered there, from environment-friendly to teal to sky blue, cobalt, and also extra.

Make Your Stripes

You ‘d marvel how red stripes could collaborate with various other patterns – simply keep your color pallette consistent throughout your space and you could blend and layer practically anything.

Outdoor Carpet Ideas

1. DIY Outdoor Carpet

DIY Outdoor Rug

If you need an incredibly low-cost outdoor carpet repair, we’ve got an option for you. This bright as well as cheerful burlap carpet is easy to make and cost us much less compared to $15!

2. Large Outdoor Rug

Large Outdoor Rug

3. Outdoor Patio Rugs

Outdoor Patio Rugs

4. Outdoor Area Rug

Outdoor Area Rugs

5. Lowes Outdoor Rugs

Lowes Outdoor Rugs

6. Rustic Patio

Rustic Patio

7. Artificial Outdoor Grass Carpet

Artificial Outdoor Grass Carpet
Rustic Patio

8. Blue Outdoor Rugs

Blue Outdoor Rug

Maintain it maritime with a fresh white and cobalt outdoor rug and also beachy accessories. A luxurious outdoor material uses an excuse to be barefoot – whether you’re back from the beach or not.

9. Cocktail Lounge

Cocktail lounge

An easy blue as well as green striped outdoor carpet provides simply sufficient cushion to attract visitors to loosen up on a footrest and also enjoy a cool drink. Coordinate colors of cushions, a cozy throw, as well as a light to match the rug for a total look.

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