Rooftop Pergola Ideas

Rooftop Pergola Ideas – An outdoor gathering area is always a wish for all to have in their own yard. but not everyone have enough space to do it and not everyone have enough inspiration to make it reality.

Instead of making one, people used to go on vacation and rent a hotel that offer this facility when in fact they can build one in their own house and save more money.

For an outdoor gathering area, a rooftop pergola is one of the best decorations that will suit every concept.

The interesting thing about rooftop pergola is that it can be a stand to put many other decoration types like lighting sources or even your favorite plants.

With rooftop pergola you can have a beautiful comforting outdoor gathering area.

It is ot going to be easy if you have no inspiration on how to concept your gathering idea. if you had one concept then probably you still need to see these inspiring idea so you would not regret later.

Here are some amazing rooftop pergola decoration ideas in your outdoor gathering area.

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Flat Roof Pergola with Ceiling

Amazing pergola ideas

Roof on pergola is like a privacy screen but on top of your head. It decorates your gathering area both with the shape of pergola itself and with the shadow they made.

It makes them less vulnerable or exposed but still outdoor. That one might be confusing but some people still wish to have privacy even outdoor.

Rooftop Terrace Pergola

Garden rooftop pergola

Sometimes even if it is called roof, it is not necessarily limited to covering top of your head since this is outdoor concept.

In the image you can see that the roo is only covering the bench that is surrounded with plants. This idea is a good concept for your rooftop rather than your front or back yard.

Rooftop Deck with Pergola

Garden trellises pergolas

Rooftop pergola also comes with many shapes that you can decide how to put them. Either make it horizontal or vertical it will impact your own preferred style.

One thing sure about these panels is that if you arrange them straight then there is nothing unique about it. but if you arrange them this way, it looks extraordinary.

Pergola Roof Garden Restaurant

Lowes pergola rooftop porch makeover

There are so many options on how to put your rooftop pergola. Previously they used panels of pergola and make them horizontal and vertical at the same time.

In this image, they arrange pergola double and it is your options to make them another layer or not.

DIY Rooftop Pergola

Lowes pergola rooftop

For closer look you can see that this double layer rooftop pergola looks pretty even though it will take more cost.

With pergola as your ceiling it is not only to hang lighting source or plants but can also be a swinging for your kids to play around.

Metal Panel Screen Pergola

Metal laser cut panel screen pergola

Another option is the material of pergola. This metal laser cut panel screen pergola looks aesthetic with such beautiful motives. This motives make the room looks more aesthetic and beautiful with such artistic cut.

Rooftop Pergola Ideas Modern

Pergola for rooftop

Ideas for rooftop pergola is not only limited with one material. In this picture you can see that they roll the woods so they can turn horizontal or vertical. Such a portable ceiling with beautiful look.

Slanted Roof Pergola Plans

Pergola in rooftop

Previous ideas are always come with straight ceiling as if you cant design them differently. In this image, the ceiling is designed bias.

It is okay to desin your own rooftop flat or bias according to your own preferred style and size.

Pitched Roof Pergola Plans

pergola on rooftop

If you like simplicity than this one is probably the one you have been looking for. No need to make them double layer or different direction only to make them look unique.

This illustration proved it. just make sure that you pain them according to the room color gradient.

Fabric Pergola Roof Cover Ideas

Retractable roof structure

Yes of course you can made them out of fabric but not every fabric material. This is a special fabric material that can block sun lights but has good durability.

It looks like fabric material is rather too fragile more when rain is falling. So for temporary use this material is probably good.

Best Pergola Roof Shade Ideas

Roof eco sustainable house
by Djuric Tardio Architectes –

Another rooftop idea is brackets ceiling. It is pure decoration, simple and still does the job for not making your area too open or vulnerable.

Rooftop Pergola Design Style

Rooftop compress

Here is another idea for arranging style. the double layer and some horizontal direction make the rooftop looks unique but less too crowded at the same time.

Arrange your gathering area with this ceiling style so sun lights can come though easily.

Pergola Roof Cover Ideas

Rooftop garden and pergola

Rooftop pergola is not only stand as ceiling, maybe hardly work as ceiling. Instead, it can be a media to put more decoration around it.

In the illustration, the pergola roof as covered with many plants making them looks fresh and comforting.

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Rooftop Pergola Plans

Rooftop ideas

Pergola is good to come along with plans. Even if you wish that the plans aren’t covering the whole pergola that probably this one idea will suit you. The plans are lying on the ground with pergola as ceiling.

Rooftop Deck Pergola

Rooftop pergola ideas

Previously, most of the ideas are made for gathering round in your yard or rooftop. This idea will suit your deck. The roof is easy to roll so it can be set when you want it or need it for temporary usage according to your wish.

Pergola Roof Lining Ideas

Rooftop pergola ideas

If you want to set it for long use then this one will do you favor. No need to roll it over and over it will set like this forever.

Flat Roof Pergola Ideas

Trends in rooftop patio

This one is called outdoor because it really is outdoor stand on their own without siding with any other building or house. The white rooftop sui the whole concept of color so it looks suitable not pitch off.

Waterproof Pergola Roof Ideas UK

Rooftop with pergola

These big umbrellas work as roof or ceiling as well as decoration. It will not blinds you when you try to lie below it and enjoy the wind blows.

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