24 Studio Apartment Ideas and Design that Boost Your Comfort

Recently, studio apartment has been reaching its fame significantly. It can be seen from the increasing demand of studio apartment in many big cities all over the world. Are you also interested in living-studio style?

Particularly, this living space becomes a foremost choice among young professionals including entrepreneurs and artists. However, it is also perfect for those who are seeking simplicity, high-quality of life, and affordability.

The last one is important. Typically studio apartments are less expensive than one-bedroom apartment. This lower price tag has attracted many dwellers to consider studio apartment as a cheap yet comfy place to live. It is no wonder that the popularity of this smart way of living will never stop growing.

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What is A Studio Apartment?

Boutique hotel Room Studio Apartment Ideas

Many people think that studio apartment is similar to one-bedroom apartment. Well, it is true that these two types of apartments have some similarities especially in terms of the design. However, they are not exactly the same.

Both studio apartments and one-bedroom apartments consist only one bedroom and thus they are intended for singles or couples, not for big families. If you are planning to live alone, you can give it a try.

The main difference between these two apartment styles lays on the presence of dividers or walls. In a studio apartment, there are no walls to divide the rooms. The whole apartment simply has only one room that serves as bedroom, living room, and dining room.

Therefore when you enter the room, you can see a bed, a couch, a dining table, even a kitchenette. In some studio apartments, the kitchenette might be placed in a separate room as well as the bathroom. In other words, different rooms are combined into a single large room with the absence of wall dividers.

Some people may use partitions to separate the rooms. Meanwhile, one-bedroom apartments consist of several rooms. Each room which is divided with walls serves different functions. Even, this kind of apartment may have two floors.

Although a studio apartment only houses a single open space, the shape and sizes greatly varies. It is also available in various locations. Therefore, apartment dwellers can choose the location and size to meet their needs and lifestyle.

Those who look for quite neighborhood and need a quite large space for home-based work can opt for a bigger studio in a suburb. Meanwhile, those who spend most of the time working in an office and want to get to the office in no time can choose a smaller apartment size in the inner city.

Why Studio Apartments are Great?

Studio apartment ideas

Studio apartments provide a great living experience for anyone looking for modernity and efficiency. This apartment also offers the ease of life for those with busy lifestyle. As a young professional with tight schedule, of course you do not want to spend much time in cleaning and maintaining your home, right?

As the space is typically small, you can do the cleaning and maintaining in just a second. Even, you can just skip them. What you need to do is to get up early, grab your towel, reach the shower at no time, get dressed quickly, grab you breakfast, all in the same place. Doesn’t it save you precious time?

Moreover, living in a studio apartment can save you some money without the need of finding a roommate to share the apartment cost. That is why this type of residential accommodation becomes a great option for first-time apartment buyers who do not want to spend much money on living space.

Studio Apartments Pros and Cons

Studio apartment

Although many people love their new space when they move into a self-contained living unit, remember that every living space offers both benefits and drawbacks. Apartment buyers should understand both the pros and cons of studio apartments before they decide to live there.


Modern studio apartment interior design

You probably think that living in a studio apartment is fun but this option is just not for everyone. Some people may feel a little bit uncomfortable to sleep in the same area as when they eat or cook. The area can be too spacious for sleeping.

If you used to sleep in a bedroom, you may experience the discomfort of sleeping in a studio. Of course, you can just use temporary partition to divide the room but buying temporary dividers will cost some money.

Another problem with studio apartments is when you have some guests coming over. There will be no problem if there just two or three close friends visiting. What about if you have more guests?

Of course your small space cannot accommodate your guests. Not only isn’t there enough space, you may feel a bit discomfort as visitors can have access to every corner of your apartment and even see your personal belongings or privacy.

Apartment dwellers also often experience a problem with the lack of storage unit. In the first several months after moving in, most people will still enjoy the streamlined space. However, things will change after that.

Overtime, they will get more stuff and there is no storage to house the stuff because the tiny place has been already full of furniture and things. It may feel cramped that you will need more space. Therefore, a studio apartment is not recommended for those who like to keep and collect things.


Compact studio apartment

However, you don’t need to worry about all of the cons because this efficiency apartment, in the other hand, also offer many benefits for the occupants. The first advantage is due to its financial benefits.

As mentioned earlier, this apartment is typically cheaper than another apartment and larger house. It is because the size is smaller and has simple feature.

Because of its compact size, it really saves your energy and time to clean and furnish the space. Say goodbye to the headache of seeing your space dirty and messy. In addition, the apartments are usually situated in strategic and desirable area such as in the city downtown or office area.

Not only are studio apartments available in numerous strategic locations, they are also available in abundant designs idea to choose from. Here are some favorable ideas that can make your space feel homey and comfy.

Studio Apartment Ideas

Small studio apartment

If you are thinking about looking for a studio living, it is important to decorate it with particular decorating ideas to make the space feels like home.

Because the apartment has limited space and it only has a single room to see every single day, it is much likely that the occupants will get bored overtime.

Therefore, it is important to design and decorate your apartment to avoid boredom that may occur. Here interesting ideas to consider.

1. One Bedroom Apartments

Bedroom in studio apartment

This one bedroom apartment is not really huge yet it looks simple and fresh. The bed has storage space underneath to keep excessive stuff out of sight. The bed is placed right against the wall to maximize the space.

One of the wall is painted in different color that defines the focal point of the studio living, making the whole room feel more inviting. Furthermore, the built-in shelves above the bed provides extra storage for decorative accessories.

2. Efficiency Apartment

Loft bed studio apartment

The idea of efficiency in design is to make the maximum use of every corner in the room. If the ceiling is high, as you can see in the picture, you can place the bed in the attic.

This leaves some floor-space under the bed that can make the apartment appears larger. The stairs that lead to the bed can also function as additional storage space.

3. Cheap Studio Apartments on a Budget

One Bedroom Apartment

Cheap studio living may not contain high-tech feature but it can be a perfect place to live for those with limited budget. Usually cheap apartments are located not really close to the city center but for some people this is considered to be a great area as it is not really noisy.

4. Furnished Apartments

One room apartment ideas

Equipped with basic furniture and appliance, you will feel that moving in is easy. You just open the room and everything is set up.

5. One Room Apartment for Guys

Refurbished Small Studio Apartment

Although there is only one room in the apartment, you can apply particular design that can bring unique ambiance in the room. Using stairs in the design is a clever idea that give the illusion of the presence of another room.

6. High-tech Studio Apartments Arrangement

Rug Studio Apartment

The apartment comes with high-tech amenities such as large screen TV, high-speed wifi, fingerprint card entry room, and high-tech shower system. These will give you premium lifestyle experience that make you reluctant to leave the room.

7. Contemporary Studio Apartment for Couples

Senior studio apartment

A studio apartment with contemporary style offer a clean and streamlined look for those who adore modernity. The whole apartment is painted in neutral color, creating an eye-pleasing and relaxing atmosphere, perfect for alleviating dizziness and eyesore.

The abstract painting is an interesting touch to the plain and neutral wall as well as the attention-grabber of the room.

8. Home-office Studio Apartment

Small studio apartment ideas

For those who work at home, this apartment idea is just the right option. The small space eases you to set up a stylish and functional office. What you need to have are a small desk and some additional storage space that fits your tiny home.

9. Bachelor Masculine Apartment Design

Studio apartment design

The neutral hues like grey and white can highlight the masculine design of the apartment. The combination of color can really emphasize the elegance of the room and accentuate the masculinity. The presence of a set of bar table with the stools instead of a large dining table also reinforce the masculine vibe.

10. Scandinavian Decoration Studio Apartment

Studio apartment design ideas

Scandinavian interior makes use of earthy colors with not many ornaments. It creates a simple yet stunning interior especiallu when the window is wide opened. The combination of white walls and wood floor makes the space more livable and lovable.

11. Studio Apartments with Dividers

Studio apartment designs

Although the idea of a studio apartment is a single open space without any walls, some people adds partition for their comfort. There are some divider ideas. One of them, as you can see in the picture, is to use a bookcase as a divider. The bookcase splits the bedroom and the living room.

It is a brilliant idea to separate the rooms as the bookcase does not seem to be the divider thus it keeps the design genuineness of studio apartment.

12. Fresh and Light Apartment Decor

Studio apartment double bed

With a large window, natural light can enter the room, making it looks brighter. The addition of greeneries create a fresher vibe to the apartment. There are a lot of places in the apartment where you can place plants or flowers such as on the desk or they can be hung on the wall.

13. Vibrant Studio Apartment

Studio apartment ideas

Are you bored with the pale tone of your apartment? Maybe it’s time to get a new look. Vibrant colors such as hot red or deep colors applied for walls or draperies can give a new feel to your living space. Even, you can try some neon colors to give new excitement to the room.

14. Minimalist Design of Studio Apartment

Studio apartment living

Due to lack of space in a studio apartment, the minimalist design can be the right option. The absence of dining table leaves much space. The dining table can be replaced with a kitchen island and stools.

15. Hardwood Floor Apartment

Studio apartment loft bed

Not only is wooden floor and furniture easy to clean, it also creates a warm and cozy ambience to the room. The deep brown color blends perfectly with the other elements of the room. The hardwood floor really highlights the grace of the whole room design, making it more visually appealing.

16. All-in-One Room Studio Aparment

Studio apartment rental

When one room tackles several different purpose, maximizing the floor space is important. This can be achieved by placing all main furniture pieces against the wall. Don’t forget to utilize the corners as well.

17. Studio Apartments with Curtains as a Divider

Studio apartment room divider

Installing a curtain to divide the bedroom with the rest of the area in a studio apartment is a great idea. When you sleep, you can let the curtain falls. It also creates a privacy in your sleeping area.

18. Studio Apartment with Built-in Storage

Studio apartment room divider

The presence of built-in storage is foremost in a studio apartment. The storage space can be installed on the wall and can be in the form open shelving system or drawers.

19. Chic Studio Apartment

Studio apartments furniture

Do you want to live in an elegant and trendy interior? Try a chic decorating idea for your apartment. The decor mixes the use of modern furniture with some unique touch of shabby chic furnishings that generates an understated look.

20. Vintage Studio Apartment

Karin Matz Studio Apartment
Karin Matz – idesignarch.com

Nowadays, vintage design is really a hype. Vintage apartment style includes the use of pastel colors and repurposed furnishings. In this style, the apartment will look old-fashioned yet very charming, bring you back to the 1930s era.

21. Small Apartment

Studio Apartment

22. Loft Bed Apartment

Karin Matz Studio Apartment Ideas
Karin Matz – idesignarch.com

23. Minimalist Apartment

Loft Studio Apartment Design Ideas

24. Full Wall Decor

Studio Apartment

That’s all about studio apartment. So, when will you built your own studio apartment? Just make it, your dream comes true then. Thank you for reading this article.

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How do you style a studio apartment?

Of course, I made the design of the apartment studio to look more spacious. Utilizing multifunctional furniture, so it only requires a small place.

How do you furnish a studio apartment on a budget?

Use multifunctional furniture to save space and cost. The room barrier is also used as a bookshelf, the mattress can be folded and used as a table. And another idea that could take advantage of two things into one.

How do I maximize my small studio apartment?

Expand the storage area to make it larger in capacity. Use more useful room barriers, such as hanging cabinets for clothes for example. Use one part of the room as an integrated system.

What is a studio vs. 1 bedroom?

Between studio apartments and 1-bedroom apartments there are certainly advantages and disadvantages. You have to decide based on need, funds, and place. Choosing one of them still has to determine the plan of moving and floor plans.

How do I make my studio apartment cozy?

Use contrasting and bright colors to make the room look spacious and comfortable. Sliding wall partitions can be an option that can make the room feel more spacious. Furniture with a minimalist design will also make it comfortable.

Can a studio apartment have 2 bedrooms?

Studio apartment is a combination of one room. The kitchen, bedroom and living room are in the same place. If there are two bedrooms, then it is no longer referred to as a studio apartment.

How do you split a small studio apartment?

Use a sliding divider, book shelf, or curtains as a room divider. Bright colors for the border and each room is self-lighting.

What is a good size studio apartment?

600 square feet is the maximum size of a studio in general. Of course, with this maximum size, the room will feel more spacious. With notes, it must be designed correctly.

How to decorate a 400 square foot studio apartment?

Use partitions from glass there is a divider between rooms. The same color will give a wider impression. The mattress can be hidden so that when not in use, the place can be used for others. Using curtains is the right choice.

Is a 500 square foot apartment small?

500 square feet is a size big enough for a studio apartment.

Is a studio apartment cheaper?

If compared to a one bedroom apartment, a studio apartment is cheaper. But, there is a smaller version of efficiency apartment. Of course, with a smaller size the price is cheaper.

How much would a studio cost?

If you’re working on your own project, it can cost from 10, 20, or $30,000. However, if the workmanship is professional, then the range is 40 – $50,000 to several million.

Is living in a studio worth it?

If you still live alone or with a partner, staying in a studio is quite worth it. Similar to when staying in a hotel, living, then, and sleeping in the same room.

Is it worth it to buy a studio apartment?

Studio apartment with the right design and good location is a good investment. By buying a studio apartment and renting it, the price will increase over time.

Does a studio apartment have a bathroom?

Usually, the bathroom and toilet become one room. It aims to save space.

How do small studio apartments work?

The small studio apartment is separated by a partition between rooms. The kitchen, living room and bedroom are in the same room.studio apartment plans

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