TV Wall Mount Ideas To Create Perfect View Of Your Decor

TV Wall Mount Ideas – Choosing wall mounted TV is a great idea. It brings simplicity, style, and modern vibe to your décor. Of course, it could be challenging to apply TV wall mount ideas when your interior design wasn’t that providing for those type of décor.

However, wall mounted TV is a great choice not only does it have the functions for entertainment but also bring out the aesthetic pleasure to the eyes.

Wall mounted TV can be set up in various places in your house be it living room or bedroom. Placement and style are two important things to consider when installing wall mounted TV.

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TV Wall Mount Ideas

Mounting TV to the wall may sound simple. However, it is important to know that the aesthetic point is also important to pay attention to. You need to create the focal point of the idea so you can bring out the best view of it.

The focal point is not only to point out the best part but also to reflect your preferred style and feel. Designing TV area can be fun to complete your décor. Here are some looks of TV wall mount ideas you can choose.

1. For Small Living Room

Fit a Sliding Panel TV Wall Mount

For small living room, mounting TV to the wall can be a little bit more challenging because you need to be wise with the space use. Wall mounted TV is a great idea for small living room to save some space so you can place more furniture.

To make the room look more spacious, choose neutral and light colour in the living room area such as white, beige, or light brown.

2. TV Wall Mount with Storage Space

Surround It With Storage

TV wall mount idea with storage brings more benefits to you because you can save some space from mounting the TV to the wall, and you can hide wires into the storage. This is can be great idea for cable management so the room look neat and free from wilding cables that can be dangerous as well.

3. Living Room TV Wall

Combining Styles

Mounting TV on the living room wall is already common. However, it is highly recommended to place it in the middle so it serves as the focal point no matter how many you place the furniture inside the room. Add some decoration around the TV such as mini shelves, frames, etc.

4. Simple TV Wall Mount Ideas

Simple TV Wall Mount

To save some space and minimize the overpowering effect, you can choose simple TV wall mount in your living room.

However, it is great idea to set a big shelf and install it on the wall so it frames the mounted TV. You can also places some decoration for the space available inside the shelf. Stick to neutral colour for calming and relaxing tone.

5. TV Wall Mount Designs for Living Room

Cute Bedroom

What you see from the picture is TV wall mount in simple and cosy design. It has calming vibe to the design and there is no excessive furniture included aside from the closed-storage that can be used for seating and placing stuffs. The TV is mounted near the large window so the lighting help highlighting it.

6. TV Mount With Cabinet

Gallery Wall Incorporates Mounted TV

You can always maximize the function of every furniture you have such as mounting TV on the wall with a cabinet to store some stuffs inside. This low cabinet brings more benefits as well as is aesthetically pleasing because it can balance out the mounted TV on its look.

7. TV Wall Mount 55 Inch Setup

Frame It with a Surround

55-inch TV is considered big enough to be placed in the living room. Instead of mounting it in the middle of the wall, you can do it a little bit to the corner so you can also provide more space to the room. It is great idea to create space on the wall to frame the TV specifically.

8. Bedroom TV Wall Mount Ideas

Zebra TV

Mounting TV in the bedroom is not that different from doing it in the living room. However, it is important to point out the placement. The position of the TV should be aligned well with the bed and the provided space for sitting as well. It should be comfortable to be watched while lying in the bed.

9. Simple TV Wall Mount Style

Simple TV Wall Mount

Being simple means you don’t need excessive decoration or bold colours. You can simply mount the TV on the wall in your living room with minimum decoration.

However, you can always add functional and practical furniture such as shelves to keep things organized in the room. Adding a pot with plant can add the perfection of the spotless living room.

10. Wall Mounted TV Ideas In Bedroom

Bunk Beds and Twin TV
Eric Perry – Scripps Networks –

If you like watching TV while lying in the bed, it is great idea to have wall mounted TV in your room. Since you likely watching while lying, you can install the TV a little bit higher on the wall.

11. Make It Simple Decor

Make It Simple

Going simple means you just need to combine two or three main colours for your decor. You can always rely on monochrome design because black and white are superior colours that can’t go wrong.

12. TV Wall Mount with Floating Racks

TV Wall Mount with Floating Shelves
Fraley and Company –

If you are bored with the same cabinets or shelves, why not choosing floating racks along with your wall mounted TV? It is great for book enthusiasts as well since you can store your book in the racks. It reflects your style and interest in the best way.

13. 32 Inch Flat Screen TV Mount

Lime Green Media Room

Installing 32 inch flat screen TV mount in your living room is not too difficult since the size is still bearable. 40 inch flat screen TV is still considered standard for living room or bedroom and it goes the same for the 42 inch flat screen TV. They will fit perfectly for small room.

14. Old-fashioned Design TV Wall Mount

Rustic Design

For the best buy you can make of wall mounted TV, the old-fashioned design is the answer. It is simple but is pleasing to the eyes. This type of design doesn’t need additional décor to make it looks elegant. Stick to neutral and minimalist palette to highlight the TV itself as the focal point.

15. Extended Arm

Extended Arm

Wall mounted TV with arm or extended arm is a lot more modern. However, it is not only for showing off advanced technology but also to add more functions. This type of wall mounted TV has extended arms so you can decide the angle of TV and direct it to certain point. Thus, you can watch TV from any angle.

16. Above Fireplace

Above Fireplace

It sounds dangerous to think that you can mount TV on the wall above the fireplace. The heat must be what you concern the most. However, it is not extreme as you think.

This design is possible and it brings warmth while you are watching TV in the middle of chilly weather. However, ask professional instead of installing the TV by yourself because they can calculate everything properly for safety measure.

17. In Corner Decorative

Corner wall mount

It is very common to mount flat screen TV in the middle of the wall. However, it is not impossible to mount it in the corner as well. It brings out decorative point.

Choose the right corner as not to hide it too much. The point is to make its angle interesting not to hide the entertainment you have at home. It is highly recommended as well to mount the TV on the wall with neutral colours like white to bring the contrastive effect.

18. In Kitchen

Wall Mount TV in Kitchen

It is not bad idea to have wall mounted TV in the kitchen so you can still enjoy your favourite TV shows even in the middle of cooking.

However, make sure to mount the TV far from dangerous kitchenette such as gas stove or microwave. It is great idea to mount it on the wall a little higher than any other kitchen appliances.

How to Wall Mount a TV & Installation Tips

Wall mounting TV sounds simple but it is not entirely true because you need the right preparation and steps to do it. It is important so that you can keep your flat screen TV from falling down the floor.

Of course, you can do it on your own if you want to. However, make sure to do your own research beforehand so you can avoid making mistakes. Before making any advancement of installation, prepare necessary tools such as:

  • Drill
  • A built-in level that every mount TV has
  • Stud Finder
  • Mounting hardware
  • Wrench
  • Tape Measure

Here are some steps to do the installation of wall mounted TV properly:

  1. Your wall mounted TV has four holes, two on each side of the back. Therefore, attach the brackets to the holes to the back of your TV properly. Look into the packaging which hardware to use for attaching the brackets.
  2. Next step is to measure from the top of the TV to the edge of the brackets. You don’t need to worry because they will eventually be attached to the wall plate. So you will be able to locate the right wall mount.
  3. Then, mark where you are going to let the brackets hit the wall once you have decided the location where to hang your wall mounted TV.
  4. Start installation process following the mark you have made. First, install the wall plate and use the level to make sure it will hang straight. It is highly recommended to use at least two studs if you are planning to mount your TV on dry wall. Locate the centre of the studs using high quality stud finder.
  5. Mark where you are going to reconnect the wall mount before drilling to make the process easier. Then, drill the holes properly. Next, hold the mount to the wall while drilling the screws into places. If it is too hard to hold while drilling, ask for help from others. Is you are planning to attach a TV wall mount to concrete, just use drill with a masonry bit to get in to the wall and you don’t need to find studs like when you do when planning to attach it on dry wall.
  6. Next, attach your TV and brackets to the wall plate using washers and screws. Ask for help from others because this can be a little bit difficult. You need extra hand to hold the TV and attach it properly to the wall without dropping it on the floor. Finish.

Cable Management

You can’t properly finish your task without the help of technology. However, it is also true that we get irritated easily with the sight of power cables or cords. If you own a TV along with its extravagant sound system, you need to deal with the cable whether you like or not. So here are some tips for cable management:

  • Hide the cables properly. They are important elements of any TV system but hiding them is the best thing to do to prevent potential tripping hazards, it is also for the sake of aesthetical point. You can organize the cables using the right ties to keep them in their hiding place.
  • Keep everything clean from dust and dirt. Cleaning your system to make it look better as well as to ensure that it will stay functional. You can use cable channels and paint them to the colors that fits the décor. You can also use mounting clips to fix the cables to the wall to keep them from wandering.
  • It is recommended to buy TV stand providing functional features for your TV wall mount. Good TV stand provides plenty ventilation, shelves, and many other features. Most importantly, good TV stand has integrated cable management as well as room for all cables boxes. Choose TV stand with the size that fits your TV to make everything looks perfect for each other. It can also do great to the décor in general.

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