Video Gaming Room Ideas

Video gaming room ideas will certainly make you feel more at home. There are a wide variety of examples of room design for gaming in this article.

You can make the gaming room follow the theme or according to your wishes. Whether it will be made into elegant, cute, cool, epic, man cave, garage, basement, or for teenagers.

So, what should be in the gaming room?

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What to Put in a Gaming Room?

Actually, you can use any gaming equipment to be placed in a video gaming room.

In this article about video gaming room ideas, we will discuss the important equipment that must be in a gaming room.

1. Gaming Table

gaming table

In fact, this gaming table does not need to use a special one. You can use the desk for the home office, or with a desk that is already at home.

You can also make your own or use furniture from the manufacturer. For example, from Homedepot or Ikea. If you use Ikea, you can hack Karlby desk setup for a cool table.

2. Gaming Chair

gaming chair –

In the modern gaming room, you certainly need the latest gaming chair. Of course that chair can be a recliner chair or bean bag. So, when you play a game for a few hours, don’t feel tired.

By using a gaming chair, it will provide comfort and lumbar support. So, you don’t have your back won’t hurt.

Now there are also many gaming chairs in a variety of colors. Children, adolescents, or adults, whether male or female, can adjust the color.

3. Good Loudspeakers

great sound system

Loudspeakers are one of the elements to provide a good gaming experience. With a good speaker, we will become more excited when playing the game.

You can use a speaker with good quality. Of course it will cost more. But, if you don’t need a speaker, the headset seems to be enough.

4. Soundproof Room

soundproof gaming room

If you use a loudspeaker that sounds big, make the video gaming room soundproof. Because, if you turn on the loudest sound, neighbors and people around you will definitely be disturbed.

5. Gaming Monitor or Big TV

big gaming monitor
@gamingsetupstrr –

Playing games using a PC or console certainly requires a screen. If you play computer games, then a gaming monitor with a high refresh rate must be owned.

If you use a console, you can put it in the living room. This is a living room ideas video game with a large television.

6. RGB Lights

rgb light

Following the current trend, it’s certainly no stranger to RGB. Almost all gaming devices use RGB. Starting from lights, keyboards, mice, and wall hangings.

RGB lights will make the room more aesthetic with dim lighting. You can concentrate more on playing the game.

7. Cable Management

desk cable management

Using electronic goods will certainly make many cables installed. That is why cable management is important, in addition to making the cable well organized, the room will also look neater.

You can use a management cable connected to the gaming desk. Or, you can also make your own management cable using a variety of equipment.

Best Video Gaming Room Ideas

Making the best video gaming room is certainly a gamer’s dream. With a variety of equipment, interiors, and a comfortable room atmosphere. Here are some ideas that you can apply to your gaming room.

Computer Game Room Ideas

computer game room ideas –

By using a PC to play games you can set the room as best as possible. Uses a wide variety of lights and gaming trinkets.

Room lights can be made to be dimmer and use RGB lights. You can add many monitors to make the sensation of playing games more fun.

Cool Gaming Room Design

cool gaming room design

Anime lovers will certainly be very happy with the design of a room like this. Combining games with favorite anime is a good thing. We can play games with more fun.

Basement Game Room Ideas

basement game room ideas
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Utilizing the basement into a room to play games can also. With this basement, additional equipment such as silencers can be more efficient in their use.

You don’t have to organize the room very well. Just arrange the furniture needed neatly enough.

Game Room Chair Ideas

game room chair ideas

You can use a gaming chair following the theme of the room. As the example above, the chair used is black. Like the theme of the room is black.

Office Game Room Ideas

office game room ideas

Making the office as a place to work as well as play can also be. You can create a relaxed room atmosphere but still be productive.

Using an ergonomic chair will make the body not easily tired. But, also provide some fun games so that when working we do not feel bored. Especially if you work at home or in the home office.

Game Table in Living Room Ideas

game table in living room ideas

Using a table in the living room for a place to play board games is also fun. You can put all the equipment on the table. Also use a desk drawer to store the necessary equipment.

Console Gaming Setup Ideas

console gaming setup ideas

For those who like to play games using consoles, try the example picture above. PS4, PS5, Xbox, or Nintendo users can use the living room as a playground.

Man Cave Video Game Room Ideas

man cave video game room ideas
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Everything you need is in one room. You can use a lot of equipment. Starting from good loudspeakers, soundproof rooms, headsets, VR, gaming consoles, to gaming chairs.

Gaming Room Interior Design

gaming room interior design
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The design of the room to play games or become a home office can be made simple. You can still use rgb themes with triangular lamp decorations to make it more attractive.

Add decorations in the form of plants so that the atmosphere becomes more comfortable. Tables with wood materials also add a natural and calm impression.

Loft Gaming Room Ideas

loft gaming room ideas
@gamingsetupstrr –

Placing a gaming table under the bed is a way to save space. An example of this can also be video game room ideas on budget.

You can take advantage of a narrow place to be more optimal. Small gaming room ideas with bed will save budget and also space.

Video Game Room Decoration

video game room decoration
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You can create a basement video game room with a design like the picture above. Use decorations on the wall that symbolize one of the e-sport teams.

Although it looks simple and cheap, this gaming setup is good. Simply use furniture at home, or make your own DIY gaming equipment.

Best Lighting for Game Room

best lighting for game room

Lighting for a nursery depends on taste. You can use a lot of lights so that they look bright. Or, you can also use minimalist lights that give the impression of the future.

The best lights for now are probably LEDs. You can use LEDs with a variety of colors.

Retro Game Room Ideas

retro game room ideas

Fans of old games or arcades certainly would like to have a room like this. A room inside the house full of retro game machines. The picture above can also be the best gaming room design.

Kawaii Gaming Room Ideas

kawaii gaming room ideas

Using game characters to decorate the room will certainly be more fun. You can place dolls or accessories related to the game being played.

Like for example gaming room ideas girl above. Using pink as a whole makes it look kawaii.

Teenage Game Room Ideas

teenage game room ideas
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A teenager will certainly keep up with the latest technological developments. Especially teenagers who like games, the equipment must be complete and capable.

You can try using a design like the picture above to create a study room as well as games for teenagers.

Video Gaming Room Designer

video gaming room designer

With a minimalist design and a neat work desk, making the above example is suitable for designers. You can use an oak table with one monitor and a game console.

Gaming Room Ideas PS4

gaming room ideas ps4

PlayStation fans will often play this console game. You can try a clean design with a little furniture used.

In addition to PS4, PS5 or Xbox users can also try setup like this. Although not many knickknacks, playing games is still fun.

Epic Video Game Room Decorating Ideas

epic video game room decorating ideas

Using a room with a little decoration will make your gaming room look minimalist. But, you can also put up some posters about esports to add to the spirit of playing the game.

Especially for those of you who work as streamers or professional gamers. The e-sport team’s winning poster will provide motivation in working and working.

Best Setup Gaming Gear

best setup gaming gear
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PC and console games on one table? Of course you can, you can even add accessories playing racing games as well.

Using white and black themes makes this idea look cool. Plus ring light that will illuminate the table more optimally.

Monochrome Gaming Setup

monochrome gaming setup
@gamingsetupstrr –

Using black, white, and gray for a luxurious impression turned out to be great. The desk and play so it looks more luxurious and elegant. The use of rod lights makes it minimalist.

Ultimate Video Game Room Ideas

ultimate video game room ideas
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It uses a large screen, gaming keyboard and mouse, gaming chairs, quality headsets, RGB lights, and minimalist desks. One of the ultimate setups for your gaming room.

Retro Gaming Living Room

retro gaming living room

Making the living room as a place to play games will certainly be very fun. Using arcade games and bean bags makes you feel a comfortable classic style.

Game Room Ideas for Small Spaces

game room ideas for small spaces

Having a small room can still be set as a gaming room. Minimalist desk, medium size monitor, and regular chairs.

You can also put a gaming desk in the corner of the bedroom or workspace. But remember, do not disturb other residents of the house when you play games.

Awesome Game Room Ideas

awesome game room ideas

Gaming rooms are actually recreational rooms for fun. That is why this room should make us feel comfortable and happy.

You can use a minimalist design with the addition of RGB lights that make the room feel different. Add gaming equipment to support comfort when playing games.

Game Room Ideas for Adult

game room ideas for adult

The design that offers comfort and tranquility makes it suitable for adults. Game players who need peace of mind are playing.

This setup is also suitable for couples who enjoy playing games together. Foster romance along with playing games.

Rustic PC Game Room Design

rustic pc game room design

Use a special style to make the room look different. In addition to being used for the workspace, you can also use it as a gaming room.

With a classic and minimalist rustic design, this room looks very comfortable. The selection of furniture with dark colors makes the atmosphere in it different.

Game Room Decorating

game room decorating

Decorations for gaming rooms can be made more attractive with the addition of several images or posters. You can also put writing from lights that look interesting.

Equate the décor installed with the theme of the room. Use accessories with the same theme.

Simple Gaming Setup Ideas

simple gaming setup ideas

Now, gaming rooms can also be used for a variety of things. You can use it for work, entertainment, and of course playing games.

With a minimalist design like the picture above, making the room feel more spacious. The addition of wall decorations with the same color as the walls makes it seem more luxurious.

Nintendo Game Room Ideas

nintendo game room ideas

Nintendo Switch console users can also arrange the room to be more attractive. Although this console game can be carried everywhere easily, arranging a room for this does not hurt.

Pokemon Game Setup

pokemon game setup

Actually the setup for this one gaming room is very simple. Just use the yellow theme to match one of the characters in Pokemon.

Garage Video Game Room Ideas

garage video game room ideas

Making the garage as a gaming room certainly does not hurt. You can put on a variety of consoles such as PS4, PS5, Xbox, Nintendo and other games.

Add decorations to make it look more like a gaming room. Display Gundam, Star Wars, air balloons.

Gaming Room Ideas Xbox

gaming room ideas xbox

If your home is scandinavian-themed and still wants to create a gaming room, try the idea above.

Placing the Xbox in the living room by utilizing the television in the room. In addition to unwinding, you can also play games with your family.

Gaming Room Wall Color Ideas

Walls in the room to play games you can actually make with a variety of colors. For those who like white, just change the walls to white.

Or, lovers who are dark, can use black or gray. It can also be adjusted to the theme you choose to create a gaming room.

Gaming Room Ideas Low Budget

gaming room ideas low budget

You can use white on the wall if you use a minimalist theme. The equipment on the table is also made to a minimum.

White color with a minimalist theme will give the impression of a wider room. This will certainly be suitable for small rooms with limited space.

Under Stairs Gaming Room Ideas

under stairs gaming room ideas

Although made under the stairs, this gaming room still looks cool. Utilizing a narrow room for this gaming room is a little tricky. Because we have to put big stuff in it.

The choice of wall color must also be adjusted so that the room looks more spacious. You can choose white for wall paint. In order to change to the desired color, use a colored lamp.

DIY Video Game Room Ideas

diy video game room ideas

Although the color of the wall is still white, you can also add other decorations such as statues, wall shelves, and paintings.

The white color of the walls will become more crowded due to the addition of this decoration. So, make the room not empty.

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Video gaming room ideas above are certainly just as inspiration. You can make the room according to your own ideas. Of course, it must be adjusted to the funds prepared, so that the cost does not swell.


How to decorate a game room for cheap?

You can use the items at home for decoration. Use game posters, paintings, or wall shelves. Add some vines so that the room looks more alive.

How to make a small gaming room?

First measure the room that will be used as a gaming room. After that, adjust the furniture and equipment used in order to follow the size of the room.

How to light a gaming room?

You can use rod lights to make the room look brighter. Use LEDs to save costs. You can also use ring light if you are going to stream. Don’t forget rgb lights to make them look up to day.

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