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What is Youtube Shorts thumbnail size? Let’s find out in this article.

One of the most prominent social media networks, Youtube, is growing in popularity day by day thanks to new features. We are all aware that Youtube recently introduced the idea of Youtube Shorts, which is a condensed version of a video designed to provide quick, engaging content.

Increasing the quality of your video thumbnails is one way to get more views. The thumbnail for a Youtube short is quite important in attracting viewers.

Potential viewers are drawn to thumbnails for Youtube Shorts, which encourages them to press the play button and watch your video.

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What Are Youtube Shorts?

Youtube Shorts are vertical, short-form videos that are produced on mobile devices and posted straight to the site using the Youtube app.

You may record, edit, add music from major labels (including Sony, Universal, and Warner), add animated text, alter the tempo of your film, and combine numerous 15-second video clips to create your Shorts using Youtube’s built-in production tools.

While watching your Shorts, viewers have the option to subscribe to your channel, share, like, or comment on the video. In contrast to other short-form video applications like Instagram Stories and Snapchat, the footage doesn’t vanish and is still accessible on Youtube.

The Youtube app’s Shorts camera and a smartphone are all you need to engage with a new audience, claims Google, with the help of Youtube Shorts. With our multi-segment camera, you can easily construct short-form videos that are up to 60 seconds long using Youtube’s Shorts production tools.

What is a Youtube Shorts thumbnail?

The little pictures used to depict Youtube videos are known as thumbnails. They’re designed to entice viewers to notice them and watch your content.

Youtube Shorts thumbnails resemble book covers in many ways. They’re a visual depiction of the information in the video designed to spark viewers’ attention.

Why Youtube Shorts Thumbnail Is Important?

youtube shorts video

It’s inconvenient to create a Youtube Short on your phone and then grab your PC to add a thumbnail. Are the additional measures even worthwhile?

Depending on the type of material you’re producing, we’d say sure. A Short may be seen in a variety of Youtube locations, thus it makes sense to adapt the movie for various settings.

The Youtube Shorts player itself is the most popular site to watch a Youtube Short. Viewers can cycle among 60-second or shorter movies in this prominent display area in a TikTok-like approach.

You may anticipate that a video will receive hundreds or perhaps thousands of views when it is arbitrarily displayed there. Alternatively, viewers may watch a Youtube Short on channel pages or on pages as a regular video, as we previously explained.

The statistics for the video will display the following traffic sources in addition to “Youtube Shorts” after this has occurred, letting you know.

Channel pagesBrowse features
Direct or unknownNotifications
Suggested videosExternal
Youtube searchOther Youtube features
PlaylistsPlaylist pages

Your Short has been viewed by a significant number of people if you can observe viewing percentages from the traffic sources mentioned above. Additionally, as we’ve already discussed, normal videos might have unique thumbnails.

Youtube Shorts Thumbnail Size

  • The ideal thumbnail size for Youtube Shorts is 1080×1920 pixels
  • Youtube Shorts thumbnail size ratio is 9:16
  • Thumbnail pictures ought to be no more than 2MB
  • JPG, GIF, or PNG are available as image formats

How to Upload a Custom Thumbnail for Youtube Shorts

The procedure for adding a Youtube Shorts thumbnail to a standard video is the same as for uploading one. Sort of. There is a very small step that you could be skipping.

  1. Launch the Youtube application and add a Short.
  2. Submit the Youtube video.
  3. Access the Youtube Studio for your channel on a desktop computer.
  4. On the left navigation menu, select Content.
  5. Locate the Youtube video you just posted (it should be at the top of your uploads list). To change the details of your video, click the pencil symbol.
  6. Navigate to the section with the thumbnails. You have the choice to create a unique thumbnail to your Short right here on Youtube.

Keep in mind that before you can post custom thumbnails, you must validate your Youtube account.

Youtube Thumbnail Best Practices

how to get view in youtube shorts

Let’s move on to the creative now that we’ve covered the technical aspects of your Youtube thumbnail. How do you create a captivating thumbnail that draws in viewers? wonderful question You’ll want to bear in mind the following advice while you create Youtube thumbnails.

1. Simple is best

Be succinct! The thumbnails on Youtube are tiny. And since Youtube is frequently seen on mobile devices like smartphones, they’re much smaller when viewed on such devices.

In actuality, 1 billion mobile views were recorded on a typical day in 2018. Because of this, you should strive to avoid including either too little or too much content. It won’t be readable by most people, wasting important thumbnail space.

Avoid include the complete title of your video in the thumbnail to keep it simple. In any case, your thumbnail will be right next to your video’s title.

If you can, try to keep your title to a few simple words, or you may just use a still image with a logo. Still photos are excellent for video thumbnails because they allow you to quickly preview what viewers will see in your video without having to start from scratch.

2. Use contrasting colors

This terrible error has been made before: black text on a dark backdrop or white writing on a light background. Yikes. As I already stated, there are a lot of little thumbnails.

If a viewer can’t clearly see the words on your thumbnail, it’s possible that they will skip your movie, which is why you need it to stand out.

3. Take note of where the logo is placed

It’s a smart idea to include your brand in the Youtube thumbnails. It can assist with brand visibility, but it’s vital to consider how and where to display your logo on your thumbnails.

First, check to see that your logo isn’t too large. It shouldn’t detract from the thumbnail’s main message, but if it’s too small, there’s little need in putting it at all.

Avoid the right bottom corner when adding your logo to the thumbnail image’s corner, especially if your thumbnail also contains additional content.

Why? Because that’s where Youtube shows viewers how long your video is. Your brand will be hidden if you place it there, giving your film a less-than-professional appearance.

4. Avoid using images that are inaccurate or inappropriate

None of us enjoy clickbait. Because of this, it’s critical to ensure that your Youtube thumbnail appropriately represents what a viewer might expect from your video.

You risk damaging your reputation or brand if it doesn’t. Even worse, if your bounce rates are too high, Youtube can decide to cease displaying your films in search results.

The aim of a thumbnail is to provide context, so choosing a picture that doesn’t accurately represent what a reader will really see won’t help you. Finding the most crucial part of your film and emphasizing it by enclosing it in a thumbnail is a fantastic approach.

It’s ideal to strike a balance between providing a visual teaser and keeping things vague. Just display enough information to get visitors to go through and read what you have to offer.

5. Create titles with impact

One of the most crucial elements of any Youtube video is the title.

It’s crucial to include it in your Youtube thumbnail. The objective is to draw in potential viewers’ attention while letting them know what to expect from your film.

For instance, “Everything you need to know about Peloton” or “3 Lessons from Peloton’s Rise and Fall | Peloton Explained” may have been the titles of our Peloton-related Youtube video.

Have you made a decision yet? Given that the second one is more attention-grabbing, chances are that you would have clicked it.

6. Test Different Thumbnails

Make careful to test whether your audience will like any new Youtube thumbnail designs you’ve created.

To achieve this, pick a video that does well and replace the thumbnail with your new creation. If the video’s click-through rate rises, you’ll know your audience is responding favorably to the design.

Testing is fantastic because you can keep doing it as long as the films you utilize provide you with enough data to work with. A video is not a good data source and cannot support your testing if it receives only a few hits in a given month.

If you want your channel grow up, don’t forget to contact best Google Ad Consultant.

How to Optimize a Youtube Short

Short videos may be optimized in a similar way as longer Youtube videos. We ensured the following for each Youtube Short:

  • Put a thumbnail in
  • Provide a thorough explanation
  • Include relevant video tags

However, none of those factors affect whether your film is a Short or not. It also takes Youtube days to decide to test (or feature) a video on the Stories and Short Videos shelf, where exposure generates more views, as several producers have noted.

The main lesson learned from this is that Youtube Shorts don’t perform like regular videos, where the first 48 hours are critical for gaining more views. Anytime over the first several weeks, the video might become successful.


Can I set thumbnail for Youtube Shorts?

To make their short films more attractive, Youtube producers may choose a unique thumbnail for them using the Youtube Studio app on their Android smartphone.

What size format is Youtube Shorts?

Vertical videos make up Youtube Shorts. The aspect ratio of the standard Shorts video format, which is vertical, is 9:16.

Can Youtube Shorts have thumbnails?

You have the opportunity to offer your Short a unique thumbnail on Youtube.

Can I monetize Youtube Shorts?

Creators that are a part of the Youtube Partner Program will be able to monetise Shorts videos as of the beginning of 2023. As a result, creators will be able to monetize their work through the Shorts feed’s interstitial advertising.


As a result, Youtube Shorts thumbnails play a crucial role in the SEO of your page. You may easily enlarge your Youtube Shorts by selecting the proper Youtube Shorts video thumbnail size.

Additionally, we discussed how crucial it is to make a Youtube Shorts thumbnail size to draw more viewers to your videos.

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