Butterfly Roof Architecture Ideas

History of architecture born a roof called the butterfly roof. It is designed like two wings with bigger size so it resembles butterfly wings.

With this beautiful roof, a building can be as simple decorated as it can be but looks unique still.

The butterfly roof is usually the main decoration of a whole look which is why it is better to loosen the motives or other decoration when you installed this roof.

Since its first debut in 1950, the V shape roof has such a look that amaze people. That is why butterfly roof is part of legendary architecture history.

Even though the main purpose of butterfly roof is esthetic look, it doesn’t mean that this butterfly roof has no other advantages. And even though it looks amazing doesn’t mean it doesn’t have disadvantages.

To begin with, we provide you every basic informations regarding butterfly roof so you can get inspired and soon get a home with beautiful roof.

But even if you knew later, please always consult with professional for additional consideration and reassurance of its safety.

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What is Butterfly Roof?

Butterfly roof is shape like butterfly wings. By definition, butterfly roof is a butterfly wings like shape of roof.

Consist of two sides directing horizontally towards middle of roof so it looks like butterfly wings.

This roof shape is a beautiful rare design which is why hotels and any other commercial buildings are installing this eye-catching roof.

Advantages and Disadvantages Butterfly Roof

As you can see butterfly roof is a great roof design that make people fall in love in first sight. Because of its unique look and eye-catching design, there are advantages and disadvantages as a change.

Consider these pros and cons so you can decide if this butterfly roof is suitable to install on your building or home.


Not only for its beautiful look, plus points of butterfly roof is also in its resistance towards wind damage.

Some places have strong wind climate that they have to select roof accordingly.

Another plus point is more window can be installed. Because it resembles lifted wings, there are so many spaces where you can install window into them.


Although it sounds just good, there are still lack of butterfly roof that some area cant fit in. Butterfly effect might be resistant to wind damage but it is very fragile towards rain and snow.

Because butterfly roof can collect water, it has high chance that there might be living plants there. It si not very healthy for your surrounding to let such damped place left without care and maintenance.

Plus, butterfly effect is a complex design and it wont only take time to install but also higher cost.

Butterfly Roof Framing

Framing will require your building measurement. Butterfly roof is not the type of room that you can construct easily. It is a complex long step until you get the look.

Besides, due to its weather calculation framing butterfly effect is much better bedone with professional because they have better calculation to everything that might get impacted by this type of roof in local area.

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Type of Butterfly Roofs

There is one type of butterfly roof which is a v shape of wings shape. Inspirations for butterfly roof are mostly combining two roof types or making multiple roofs in one building so they look like separate geometries or roofs.

There is no much to change from butterfly roof look because it is already perfect the way it is now only maybe adapt them to your building might change something.

Butterfly Roof Ideas

Butterfly roof direction is always to the front so it looks like v shape or wings. The size or its sleeps always are not higher than 300.

There isn’t much you can change from butterfly roof like the rest of roof types. For inspiration to how people frame or construct butterfly roof on their building, here are some best of idea with images.

Butterfly Roof with Windows

Butterfly house feldman architecture California

The shape of butterfly roof is just the same but this type of roof will allow you to install as many windows as you would like. There are some types of roof that will make your room dark due to their roof shape.

Butterfly roof is the type that will allow you to have more sun light sources even more like outdoor with screen.

Drainage for Butterfly Roof

Butterfly roof drainage detail

Because butterfly roof has only one possible way that water will run to which is the center end, then it is easy to create drainage.

Right after the center of middle end, install drainage right there so it wont get to fall right in front your building.

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Butterfly Roof In Small House

Butterfly roof ideas

Architecture will always adopt to every size of room and local law. Even If the building is small, butterfly roof is still looking good and fine.

There is no size limitation to install butterfly roof. As long as you feel like you want it then you can build them on.

Butterfly Roof for Mid Century House

Butterfly roof mid century modern

Most of the time, butterfly roof is always a match with mid century house or the modern one.

Either one is good but for the rest of home decoration theme, butterfly effect is probably not the best idea unless you want to try it. Exploration is good.

Butterfly Roof for Modern House Design

Modern butterfly house

Here is an example of butterfly roof on modern house design. The thing sbout butterfly roof is it looks like modern architecture so that is probably one of reasons why most people match this roof with mid-century or modern theme home decoration.

Butterfly Wing Roof Design

Bungalow with butterfly roof

Even if previously the windows are down the wings, you can exchange the place by building wall under wings and install windows right below it.

This calculation requires sun direction and local weather calculation which is why it is much better suggested or recommended if you consult about this with local professional.

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