Roof Types Design and Ideas

Roof Types – Once you have finished to decide your home design, the exterior part would be the hardest one. Including the roof concept that should save your budget and aesthetically must be able to bring live to your home. There are a lot of roof type that you can try to apply right now.

Simply, it is differentiated due to its type and have a lot of different pros and cons. Yet, you should remember about your budget to start to build your house. One of the essential considerations is to remember about the weather condition in your area.

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Types of Roof

Different countries must have different types of root based on the trend and condition. However, if you wanted to try something unique there is a lot of ideas to apply. At first, you need to be aware of the durability and budget situation.

1. Gable Roof

gable roof

Gable or people often says as pitched or peaked roof is quite popular in the United States. Reviews said if it is quite easy to shape by the triangular design. You can be able to recognizing shape easily and apply the design to your house with many different sizes.

The pros of this gable roof types are perfect for a watery and snowy season. If you wanted to have a house with a lot of ventilation gable roof must be the best choice. With their simple characteristic and easy to build with cheaper cost for complex house design.

Some problem must happen during the windy days especially once there is a hurricane comes. For those who are not properly constructed the roof with adequate support, there must be a roof collapse found on the yard. It can cause the material to peel away from the roof.

2. Hip Roof

hip roof

You can easily differentiate this roof with another one by seeing to their four sides slopes. It has an equal length on the sides that are all come together at the top. They are one of the most stable roofs rather than the gable one. Would be an advantage to the users.

Providing you with better durability and can be used longer. If you are living in a highly wind or snowy area it would be beneficial to choose this type of roof. There is a slant which allows the snow to fall off easily without any standing water on it.

Unfortunately, for those who start to build a house with small budget it would costly enough. With their complex design and a lot of building materials to apply. Once you found the roofing system is not properly installed it would be easy to get the water inside.

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3. Mansard Roof

Mansard roof design

Known as a French roof by using a four-sided design and double slope on every side for having a low-pitched roof. It can help to create an extra living space in your house. By using a full attic which called as garret. The dormers can be easily to open or closed aesthetically.

Once you are living in the area with snowy weather mansard roof would not equal to use. Yet, the mansard roofs would be costly because you will need more detail to add. If you want to apply more make up for an extra space it would require an extra cost and construction.

4. Gambrel Roof

gambrel roof

Known also as a barn roof it has a similar design with mansard root. In a sense it has two different slopes and the different is only the number. In gambrel roof it has only two slopes but also the lower the side it would be more aesthetically to applied.

The reason why there is not much people using this type of roots is because it is quite expensive. Not really recommended for windy area with significant snowfall season. Besides, the roots collapse under extreme weather often happen because of the open design.

5. Thatched Roof

Thatched Roof Treatment

There are many roof types created by vegetation materials including the thatched roof. Some people create this type of roof made of straw, water reed, rushes, heather, palm branches, and sedge. Thus, thatched roof must be better to use in tropical places.

The process will be layering the vegetation and they can be used to shed water away from the inside. It can be used to trapping air and insulation. This is one of the oldest roofing methods in the world. Most of the users lived in a developing country to use local vegetation.

6. Flat Roof

flat roof

The name suggests the characteristic of this roof with completely flat and no pitch on the roof. They are only use slight pitch which can help to allow water running off and drainage easily. Generally, this roof often used on industrial or commercial buildings in developed country.

Fortunately, it can also be used on the residential houses for a high or low rainfall season. There is an extra living space from the roof that can be beneficial to its user. You can always use cooling or heating units on the roof which can help to keeping them out of sight.

It is conducive enough to installing the PV or solar panels that can be used to decreasing the use of energy. However, this type of root having a water leakage which cannot be used for a heavy rainfall or snowfall areas.

7. Shed Roof

shed roof

Most people often use the shed roof for the additional styles combined with another types of roof. It has a similarity to the flat roof that can be seen from the pitch design. However, it has more pitch from the sides.

8. Dormer Roof

dormer roof

Adding an additional design for your roof must be amazing to increase the aesthetic style. You can use this dormer roof for better existent. Most people say it is a protruding from existing slope of the roof. You can say the dormer is a window and roof and quite unique to use.

For those who are likely to have an extra natural light and headroom you can use this existent. Creates another useable space out of the roof for better design and comfy.

9. Butterfly Roof

butterfly roof

The shape of butterfly roof is a V-shaped design. It is constructed of two tandem pieces and angled up more likely to the outside. In the middle section it would face downward that would connect between the two pieces. You can see the overall effects with the butterfly wings.

The advantages are because it is a highly modern type of roof with Eco-friendly home design. The different between butterfly and other roof types is because it can have an aesthetical effect to your house. You can lower heating bills during winters with this concept.

Unfortunately, it has a complex design even if it can make butterfly effect to your roof. Normally, the upfront cost would be higher rather than the conventional roof. Except, the maintenance system will be more expensive for those who build a house with low budget.

10. Saltbox Roof

saltbox roof

If you willing to try the asymmetrical roof design, you must have to try this saltbox roof ideas. It has only one side that is more slightly at the flat slope. Other side must have the same flat with gables at the end of them. Yet, this is a characteristic from early colonial era.

Appearing with an extra room to your house and covering the sunlight. People who lived in the early American era says if it could give more space. As you do not need more material to add for an existing gable roof. Interestingly, the slope can make the water to run off easily.

That is why, the saltbox is one of the good type of roofs for a rainfall areal. However, you should realize that the design is a bit tricky and required a huge building cost. You need to have more living space to build a regular design even if it is not as large as a pitched roof.

11. Skillion Roof

skillion roof

Referred as one of the similar types of roof with shed design. You can see them as a single, sloping roof which can be used to attached taller wall. People called them as a half of pitched roof and often used for an additional home design for the sheds and porches.

Skillion are quite easy to assemble by using simple building materials rather than another roofs. The pitch allows the snow and water to run off faster from the roof. They are excellent to be used in a highly rainy or snowy areas. Adding better architectural interest and aesthetic.

You can see this roof as one of the aesthetic design purposes to adding an extension. However, you cannot install the pitch too tight or it can put the ceiling is too low. you cannot use only skillion roof for your house except you will destroy it during a high windy season.

12. Jerkinhead Roof

jerkinhead roof

There are two elements used to install jerkinhead roof which is gable and hip roofs. Some people say it is a gable roof with hipped ends cut in a short size with turning downward. The advantages of having this kind of roof is because it can be stable enough to use.

You can try clipping or turning the point down and instantly the roof can be resistant to the damage during windy seasons. If you want to have an extra space, use jerkinhead design. Place the pitcher higher to get an extra space with better reinforcement.

From the architectural design, this type of roof is amazing to applied. However, it is quite complex to the design and require you to prepare an extra cost. Yet, the jerkinhead can be constructed at most of the roofing material system.

13. Bonnet Roof

bonnet roof

Most of the users called this roof as kicked eaves. With double slope and lower slope constructed at less of angle than the upper one. It is a reverse version of a mansard roof type. Commonly, this roof is often used in a modern house today usually in French.

For the United States, you can see this type of roof while you visiting Louisiana and Mississippi. It provides an extra space for small attic will be better for dormers or side windows design. Protecting the porches from the overhanging eaves and the walls damage from water.

The structure is durable enough rather than a gable roof. However, it is one of the complex designs to apply with a bunch of materials needed. Quite difficult to construct which required you to have a lot of budget. Even if you house might have a small or simple design.

14. Sawtooth Roof

sawtooth roof

A type of parallel pitched roof with slope vertical surface alternate. Resembles with the side look like a saw blade. Somehow, the sawtooth roof often used on the commercial industrial buildings. You can find other modern home design with this type of roof.

Once you use this roof your windows must be placed in the vertical spaces. However, it would give you a natural light inside the home including more space with natural air. For those who wanted to build a house with Eco-friendly design can be perfect.

15. Curved Roof

curved roof

The type is often similar with skillion or shed roof with curved design. You can use this roof model for a modern house which are very unique and creative ideas. The curve itself can vary from slightly curved to an arch shape. It is aesthetically pleasing to your house.

You can make a different between your home with another one by using different type of roof. Providing more subtle shape in the inside of the home which can be used to cover the entire home with single section. There is still the disadvantage from this type of roof to your house.

Even if it is quite easy to customize, the curved roof is risky enough to the windy area with small durability rather than any higher slope. Besides, for rainy or snowy area this roof can allow water to running out faster.

16. Pyramid Roof

pyramid roof

On the pyramid roof there will be no vertical side or gable exists. Often used for a smaller building with bungalows or cabin design. Some people use the design for their pool or garage and storage buildings. It has a strong resistant to windy season.


Creating unique roof design should come from your hearth. Besides, you should aware of your locations due to whether situation. However, roof types have different benefit including the thatched roof that is amazing and quite unique even if it has a lot of cons.

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