Thatched Roof Ideas – Advantages and Disadvantages

Exterior design is one of the hardest things to consider before you finish to build a new house. Roofing concept is essential to make sure if you can have an eye catching and aesthetic outdoor design. Thatched roof often used for unique exterior design for new house model.

Types of roof differentiate by the material, way to install and other factors. However, the thatched roof is quite unique and old to applied. You should make sure if you can prepare a huge budget with professional installation process that will take times.

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What Is a Thatched Roof?

Castle Combe

Thatching included as one of the crafting activities for the roofing process. Build with dry vegetation materials including water reed, heather, straw, rushes, and also palm branches. You need to layering the vegetation to make sure if the shed would help the water run away.

The vegetation should be dry which can be used to trapping air and functionate as the insulation. This method has been used for almost 100.000 years ago. Most of the users lived in a tropical area including in developing country to minimize the use of budget.

For those who loved to have rustic design for their house thatched concept can be beneficial to applied. Besides it is one of the Eco-friendly roof ideas to use vegetation material around us. In UK, this type of roof is quite popular and people appreciate their aesthetic quality.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Farmhouse Extension Exterior


  • You may add value to your home once you can use this thatched design on your roof.
  • It is one of the best properties among the UK citizens. As you can raise the price once you would like to sell your house for better investment.
  • It has better durability for your roof based on the material you are going to use. Thus, if you use the water reed, the life expectancy may raise up to 10 years.
  • For those who have a hot temperature during summer, this type of root will help you a lot. Providing natural insulator for a cooler house temperature.
  • In the winter season, it can help you to save more money to buy heating machine.
  • Their characteristic with Eco-friendly material can be able to bring better profit for nature. As one of the sustainable resources to create environmentally house.
  • The flexibility is amazing since you can shape it for many different types of building design. Means you can always customize your taste based on your mood.
  • Thatched popularity in England already reached almost 35.000 properties.
  • The longest durability for thatched roofing design may reached 65 years. Combed wheat might stand for 20 to 40 years ad long straw will reach 15 to 25 years.
  • Based on the design, thatched model is quite unique in a soft shape. Aesthetically, it would have better design rather than other types of roof. You can have nice contrast for the amazing outdoor concept.
  • You do not need to have a heavy support to construct thatched design. There is not much roofing materials needed.


Maintenance of a Thatched Roof
  • Some people said if their house would need a proper inspection to make sure if their roof condition is all right.
  • Checking for moss, leaks, including animal nesting would necessary to do. Once you forgot, it will bring another problem and cost to your house.
  • You need professional hatcher to install your roof. Otherwise it can cause problem and give damage to your house. The water would not be able to run faster from your roof.
  • Every leaks and other problem need to spotted faster if you do not want to have worse situation. If it come deeper to the thatch you will need to replace with the new one.
  • Another disadvantage is you need to replace the ridge caps every few years on winter season. Otherwise, you will get cold inside of your home since the wiring and thatch comes to loosen.
  • Once you want to increase the water resistance means you need to change the ridge caps often every few years.
  • Fires might come once you do not pay attention to the safety precautions. By ensuring the chimney that should be correctly insulated.
  • The changes should happen once your thatched roof have different condition. Including to check the moisture absorption, mold, moss and algae, build up of slime, rotting, and discoloration.
  • The installation costs are quite expensive to pay for the labor intensive. Except, it would take almost 4 weeks to do.
  • To make sure if the thatch does not hold onto moisture, you need to cut down the overhanging branch.
  • To disperse the lightning strikes, you will need to install a lightning rod that must be important to your safety.
  • Thatch is quite easy to bring pests to your house. Thus, you need to make sure if you already have special treatment to deter pests.

Is a Thatched Roof Expensive?

House with traditional roofing

Once you come to installation process, it would require highly intensive payment. Start from re-thatching to the finishing process it may take a few weeks to do. The price would depend on your property size the larger the property means you need to prepare a lot of money.

The risks are quite expensive to insure. As the thatched design would be risky rather than other types of roof. It should be done by an expert thatcher as you need to do routine inspection. The maintenance process will take a long time and need more money.

Required process:

  • Checking the size of the roof.
  • Shaping and designing the roof.
  • Type of material.
  • Counting the height to the ridge.
  • Removing an existing thatching roof.
  • The woodwork condition and maintenance.
  • Considering the thickness of material which required.

Thatched Roof Material

Baaq House

People would have different type of thatched roof materials to applied. The rod wire, shank, and hem wire would be used for sewing or screwing the roof. It may help the rod wire to create reed layer and keep them together as the sub-construction.

The binding wire is a part that we can see as chrome nickel wire. The size should be 1.0 to 1.4mm it can be used for binding, sewing, or screwing process on your roof. It will draw the rod wire to the sub-construction as you can retains several reed layers.

For the main materials, people often use heather, turf, sedge, rye straw, wheat reed, long straw, and veldt grass. Most of the materials is good enough for better roofing concept. Besides, it is also better for your safety and durability.

More info: Type of Roof

Thatched Roof Picture

You might need example to make sure if you can have better design. However, before you start to installing the roof make sure if you already know all the risks.

Sometimes, people regretting to use hatched concept because it is quite hard to protect with an expensive price.

Red Brick House with Thatched Roof Design

Thatched Roof Treatment

You can combine between rustic and villager home design with thatched concept. An old design is one of the best combinations for having better aesthetic impact.

Thatched Roof House In the Field

Ogi Shirakawa

Picture above shows you that you can have a thatched roof hut design in the middle of the field. It would be amazing since you can bring better natural sensation to your place. You can combine with the use of brown painting ideas to increase unique concept.

Pre-Colonial Design

Thatched Cottage

Hatching activity has been done since a long time ago. It would be amazing if you can applied for today’s home design. Creating a pre-colonial home concept with the use of thatched roofing model.

Simple Gray Thatched Ideas

Thatched Cottage

Many people believe if they can be creative to create thatched roofing ideas. Yet, you can colorize your roof with different concept based on your mood. It will help you to increase an aesthetic value. Since you can have better investment to your house.

Thatched Roof House

Thatched House

Creating mid-century concept for your home design ideas must be brilliant. You do not need to confuse once you need to choose the best material for your roof. Vegetation concept by using a hatched design would be beneficial.

Cottage Hatched Design

Thatched Roof Care

If you do not have any idea to apply for your hatched design, the use of this cottage model is amazing. You can combine many different colors for better result.

Cottage with Thatched Roof

Thatched Roof Cottage

Cottage home design during the colonial era identically with white color. Thus, you can use the concept above as the best ideas.

Simple Gray Hatched House Design

Thatched Roof Farmhouse

It is a hundred percent guarantee that you can have perfect durability to applied hatched design in tropical area. Tropical weather can only cause a small damage to the roof.

Sliding Hatched Design with Tropical Color

Thatched Roof Home

You can always combine hatched model with many different colors. However, you should make sure if the combination has the same tone. Such as combining between white and yellow color.

Farmhouse Hatched Home Ideas

Thatched Roof Ideas

Some people tend to use farmhouse design because it looks fresher than the other. That is why, you can apply hatched concept to your roof for better result. The white color is amazing to bring fresher vibration to your house.


Traditional home

The thatched roof would need perfect quality of thatcher. A lot of professional thatcher that you can find online. However, before you decide to use the thatched roof make sure about the quality. It can be found through an online review and find suitable thatcher based on quality.


How long does a thatch roof last?

Depends on the material used. Water reed thatch can last 25-45+ years. Combed wheat reed between 25 to 35 years. Long straw thatch ranging from 15 to 25 years. Ridges need to be replaced every 10-15 years.

Do thatched roofs leak?

Sometimes there will be leaks, especially in the area above the roof. Especially when there is a storm or heavy rain. Water will drip into the inside of the house.

Do Thatched roofs attract vermin?

Of course, pests from thatch are animals, birds and insects. Birds will attack the roof and take hay. Insects like spiders live in thatch. Other animals that become pests are rats and squirrels.

What are the disadvantages of a thatched roof?

The shortcomings of thatched roof are many. Roof size, roof shape and design, materials used, height of the house, old roof cleaning, wood conditions, thickness of thatch, and cost required.

Are thatched roofs expensive to insure?

Of course, thatched roof insurance will be more expensive. The more complicated a building is, the more expensive the insurance will be. Thatched roof also uses flammable materials, of course the risk will be greater.

Why are thatched roofs good?

Yes, thatched roofs are very well used. This type of roof will make the house warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Sounds from above the house, such as the sound of planes or traffic will be muted.

What are the problems with thatched roofs?

There are some problems that usually occur on thatched roof. Leaking capping (ridge), leaking valleys, wind damage corners, inadequate compaction of thatch, animal and bird damage.

Do thatched roofs get moldy?

Yes, thatched roofs are of course susceptible to mold, moss, or algae. With the growth of fungi, mosses, and algae, it will negatively affect the life of the roof.

How do you maintain a thatched roof?

Thatched roofs need to be cleaned and re-tightened at least once a year. It is also necessary to do redressing to keep the roof looking good. Controlling algae and growing mushrooms is mandatory.

Is a thatch roof safe?

Thatched roofs are always a risk to fire. Once the fire reaches the thatched roof, then the fire will quickly spread. Therefore, we need to read the guidelines for the use of thatched roofs and do it as best we can.

What is a thatched roof made out of?

Typically, thatched roofs are made of dried materials, such as rye straw, wheat reed, and stems.

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