15 Thatched Roof Ideas, Advantages and Disadvantages

Thatched roof coverings have actually been made use of for centuries, as well as not without excellent factor. They’re not simply great to check out, and also whilst they do add fantastic personality to a building they are likewise really durable.

When developing your own house, or just adding a roof, the appearance is essential. Thatch is thought about beautiful on all sort of houses from little, old cottages to brand new houses. Thatched roofs have enjoyed a climb in appeal over the last few years as sustainability has actually become more crucial to everybody in culture. Being a lasting material, thatch is a suitable method of magnificently roofing a house whilst taking care of the atmosphere.

What’s Thatched Roof

Thatched Roof Cottage

Thatching is the craft of developing a roof with dry plant life such as straw, water reed, sedge (Cladium mariscus), rushes, heather, or hand fronds, layering the greenery so as to lose water far from the inner roof. Since the mass of the greenery stays completely dry, and is largely loaded – capturing air – thatching also operates as a rather significant insulation material.

It is a very old roofing method as well as has been made use of in both exotic as well as pleasant environments. Thatch is still used by contractors in developing countries, normally with low-cost, neighborhood vegetation.

By contrast in some established countries it is now the option of some upscale people who desire a rustic search for their residence, would certainly like a more environmentally pleasant roof, or that have actually bought an initially thatched home.

Thatched Roof Pros and Cons

Thatched Cottage

Thatched roofings have sustained for hundreds of years. Using a long lasting roof covering choice, they not just include character to an enchanting cottage, however to a contemporary home too.

There are benefits and drawbacks to having a thatched roof, as well as it aids to understand what to anticipate if you are considering including a thatched roof on your home.

There’s no refuting that a thatched roof adds interest any type of residence. Since thatch is a lasting material (although a lot more expensive than a tiled roof), it’s becoming an extra preferred roof covering choice for brand-new homes as well as contemporary and modern styled houses.

Grown locally in abundance, thatch is an environment-friendly roof alternative. Below in South Africa, we have an abundance of grasses that appropriate for thatching, as well as the timber framing system used to place a thatch roof contains ache or eucalyptus from neighborhood forests around the nation.


Thatched Roof Home

1. When mounted skillfully, frequently kept as well as sited away from looming trees, thatch could supply a sturdy roof covering option that has a lifespan of anywhere from 15 to Twenty Years.

2. As an all-natural material, thatch is the most effective insulated roofing option for a home.

In South Africa, and also in numerous other cozy climate regions all over the world, thatch is the recommended roof selection as a result of its natural insulation homes. A thatched roof maintains an awesome residence in summer and also a cozy home in the cool cold weather.

3. In time, the all-natural material becomes darker, blending with the bordering countryside, providing a much more natural method to roofing a contemporary residence. This is why so many game ranches and also lodges utilize a thatched roof choice.

4. A thatched roof is among the most green ways of roofing a home. Products are quickly grown, and also collecting this natural resource needs little or no machinery. And, although even more labour extensive and consequently extra costly compared to other roofing alternatives, the majority of thatching materials are gathered in rural neighborhoods, providing much needed jobs and assistance.

5. One of the most gorgeous functions of a thatched roof residence is when it is crafted right into all-natural free-flowing shapes, adding personality and character. Thatch is a flexible material when it comes to covering irregular roof structures.

6. Thatching produces a relatively affordable methods of adding on to your house by making use of roof room that would certainly otherwise have actually been wasted. And also, the high open ceilings give areas a spacious feel.


Thatched Roof House in Castle Combe

1. Due to the labour intensive installation method involved, a thatch roof is extra costly compared to many various other roofing products.

2. Insurance premiums will be higher on your home in contrast to various other roof covering products.

3. A thatch roof requires yearly assessment to make certain that any kind of small fixings are addressed to avoid the requirement for costly repair services at a later phase. The ridge cap, the part of the roof that obtains the roughest therapy from the components, will certainly call for more constant focus. This will certainly not just prevent leakages into the property, however also keep the architectural honesty of a thatch roof.

4. Thatch must be on a regular basis treated with a fire-retardant, specifically in drier parts of the nation where thatch material can swiftly fire up.

Techniques for treating thatch are based on the impregnation of lawn or reed, as well as various other similar products with a mix of organic chemical and fire retardant.

The danger of fire can not be ignored and also lots of thatchers suggest a fireboard as an included safety and security step. Review these alternatives with the contractor to pick the most effective approach for your thatch roof.

5. The installment of a lightning arrester or lightning protection system is needed by law. These devices are designed to obstruct, perform as well as distribute the otherwise disastrous impacts of a lightning strike.

6. A fire place must be effectively walled, with a minimum double-wall density border, and also the chimney must be fitted with a spark arrestor as well as lie high sufficient to minimize the dangers related to stray cinders.

7. Invasions by bugs, breach by birds or vermin as well as various other kinds of damage to the thatch can occur if it is not effectively laid and also sufficiently protected. Go over any kind of special therapies with your professional.

If you determine to mount a thatched roof, make sure that the specialist you use has references from previous installations, and also could use ideal therapies to expand and safeguard your financial investment.

Thatched Roof Care and Maintenance

Thatched Roof Home

Care, maintenance and repair are decisive factors which figure out the longevity of a thatched roof. Preventive care and upkeep is of wonderful importance for a roof. Proper care could assist to postpone expensive renovation. If damages from birds or storms occur prompt action really rarely costs a lot. A crack in the masonry of the ridge is conveniently taken care of.

However, if you cannot react water can penetrate at the influenced places. In the course of time the amount of money should repair the damages will increase and also uncertain secondary damages may take place.

Algae, moss and fungi are considered to be the main cause for damages on thatched roofings or for their early aging. That is why in the ins 2015 the control of algae and, to a small degree, also of moss has ended up being a part of the maintenance functions.

General Care as well as Maintenance of a Thatched Roof

Maintenance of a Thatched Roof

Throughout the total care of a thatched roof it is encouraged to clean the roof and also to re-tighten it yearly. The much better a thatched roof is looked after and also the better it is maintained, the more durable it will be. A roof filthy with fir needles, leaves, moss as well as algae requires more time to completely dry than a clean roof.

The damp, wet problem of the roof does in turn promote the growth of fungi which feed from cellulose and also hence decay the thatching reed. Timely as well as professional upkeep will multiply the life-span of a roof. That is why in the future the upkeep jobs are less expensive than they could seem to be at first. The opposite is additionally real. An absence of care will certainly always have an adverse impact on the longevity of the roof.

The adhering to procedures could aid your thatched roof:

  • Cleansing the thatched roof
  • Restoring the thatched roof
  • Managing algae and also moss on the thatched roof
  • Cutting surrounding trees
Thatched Roof Treatment

Do you see a thatch home and really feel instantly calm as well as unwinded? Thatch roofing systems are certainly lovely however they do should be well preserved in order to last as well as provide you the best insulation.

If your roof has actually been thatched by a well-qualified expert, opportunities are it will not require regular upkeep in all. Nevertheless, if you have simply bought a residence and also it has a thatch roof, it is wise to develop today just what state it is in.


Thatched Roof Care

Take a look at your thatch as well as when you have actually seen what it is like you could in fact exercise a maitenance routine. If the roof is a bit untidy and also several of the thatch is sliding, do not instantly presume that it needs rethatching.

The various other usual misunderstanding, is presuming it is in excellent condition if it looks neat, thick and also tidy. Thatch that looks thin is also not always a poor thatch. Prior to doing anything at all, get a well valued company to come in as well as offer you a suggestion of just what state the thatch roof is in as well as if anything should be done.

As soon as you have actually inspected the thatch on the outside, it is very important to consider the underside of the roof and examine all the rafters as well as branderings. Occasionally, the smaller rafters might be damaged or rotten. Do not be upset as this is fairly easy to take care of– most of these can be replaced from below without disrupting the thatch whatsoever.

Make sure to likewise check the ridging and make certain that the fibreglass or concrete treatment remains in excellent condition.

Little Pets and Birds

Thatched Cottage

Often, you will certainly discover that birds and various other outdoor animals make holes in the thatch or end up in fact living in it or under the pinnacle. This problem can be addressed with flashing and netting.

Do not allow any person, other than an experienced thatcher do this job. Lengthy straw thatching ought to always be firmly netted to prevent bird infiltration.


Thatched Roof

Once you have determined what has to be done to get your thatch roof in tip-top condition, obtain a quote from a seasoned thatcher and get going. If the quote has actually surpassed your budget, the thatcher will certainly have the ability to inform you just what should be done promptly and also exactly what could be done at a later phase.

The life of your thatch roof can be extended significantly by doing a good repair work at the right time.

Water, Wind as Well as Fire

Thatched Roof Ideas

Water infiltration into thatch is restricted, when it is appropriately installed, it rarely takes in water in all. Any water striking the pinnacle of the roof is moved down the roof surface area from stem to stem, till it drops from the eaves.

By nature, thatch is not susceptible to wind damage – it is actually a lot more weather-resistant compared to most roofing materials.

The incidence of a fire occurring in a thatched house is really frequently overemphasized.

Terminates that break out in thatched homes are started the same way fires in all kinds of housing are started – so regular, sensible fire safety measures must be taken.

If you have a smokeshaft undergoing the thatch, get an expert to examine that it is well shielded as well as not accountable to burn the thatch.

Do not mount an integrated braai or outdoor fire also close to your home as the stimulates can start a fire. All electrical cables must be mounted securely – inside avenues.

Thatch roofs are as safe as any other kind of roof if the owners of the house are accountable with all forms of fire dangers, such as smoking cigarettes, candle lights as well as using gas.

Several of the oldest homes in the world, in the chilliest countries worldwide are covered in thatch and if thatching was such a dangerous type of roofing it would not have lasted this long.

Thatched Roof Material

Ogi Shirakawa

Whichever means you look at it, thatch is an exceptionally reliable roofing technique used worldwide and also throughout the ages. It continues to be the most typical roofing method in the world, specifically in establishing nations, making use of low cost, local and lasting materials, along with being lighter compared to many options and also an excellent insulator.

Nonetheless, it remains in the industrialized globe that thatched insurance coverage contributes in the choice to have a thatched residence.

Water Reed or Norfolk Reed

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As the name recommends, this kind of thatch was used practically specifically in East Anglia and was as soon as sourced in the Norfolk Broads. Applied as ‘one layer’ it is laid making use of techniques just like those made use of in Eastern Europe.

Nevertheless as a result of the exhaustion of the reed beds and also the big amount called for to thatch a property, around 80% is currently imported. Water reed delights in an online reputation for being sturdy and could last for up to HALF A CENTURY.

Brushed Wheat or Devon Reed

Thatched Farmhouse Extension Exterior

Popular throughout the south of England as well as particularly in Devon, hence the name. Brushed Wheat is straw that has actually been via a comber add-on. The outcome is the elimination of much shorter straws and all as well as the stems depending on the exact same direction.

Brushed Wheat thatched roofing systems could be anticipated to last for 20 to 30 years and also have the tendency to have an extra spherical appearance compared to Water Reed roofs.

Long Straw

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Much Like Brushed Wheat, Long Straw is precisely that ‘long straw’ which has gone through a threshing device to get rid of the grain. This could bruise the straw, yet leaves it otherwise undamaged.

Long straw is well-known for being the most work intensive for the thatcher, because it should be prepared manually prior to it could be made use of. About expected to last 15 to 25 years, these roofings can look shaggy in contrast to thatch utilizing other materials.

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