What is a Gable Roof?

Do you ever thinking about designing you roof a little different from your neighborhood? Still, designing a roof is not as easy as you thought.

There are so many points you have to consider since every country and places have their own weather theme. You will go through winter, rain even heat and your roof is your first protection from those things.

There are various roof shapes that will help you not only to cover your home but also for esthetic purpose. One of the best is called gable roof.

Most of its shape is high and it allows your home to get more sun light sources. If you wish to make your house to get more sun light source and good vents at the same time then gable will help do you so much favor.

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What is Gable Roof?

gable roof

Gable roof is the mostly used in those places where they have cold climate. As definition gable is a rectangular shape roof.

It is made out of two different sides roof with both of its end put horizontally to meet with each other and shape a rectangular roof.

It has good versatility which is one of the reasons why this roof shape is the most common one to design.

Pros and Cons Gable Roof

There are always pros and cons to everything. Even though gable can be a great roof option for those who need good versatility, this roof type is still lack of things. Here is the pros and cons of gable roof.


One of the main things is probably because it has low cost. Since gable roof didn’t require additional details, people tend to choose this design.

Even though it has little details, this roof type can be designed in so many various ways. Besides, not only they have good versatility, they are a good cover for weather-resistant.


Even though gable roof has many good benefits, they can’t give you light source unless from gable window or roof window. Unless it is fine with you, it might be bothering so much because It is hard to clean.

Also, gable tends to have more chances to wind damage rather than hip roofs. The higher the roofs the better because if you design it low then you will loss your living space.

Gable Roof Framing

First you need to install board to your top walls and later you can apply joists on it. After you installed them, you can determine your roof pitch.

It is calculated in horizontal and vertical to cover your roof. That’s how you frame your gable.

Framing your gable type roof must first started with cover your ceiling and make sure you calculate them using Pythagorean theory.

Type of Gable Roofs

Box Shape Gable

box gable roof

Box shape gable has a triangular extension in the end of the roof. It is one of the most common one only it has triangular in every the end of the roof so it is not in line with the wall.

Front Gable

front gable roof

This one is the same as previous one only it doesn’t have the triangular extension so it is in line with the wall.

Dutch Gable

dutch gable roof

Dutch gable is combination of gable with hip roof. So on the top of gable where it is usually sharp end where the two horizontal meet, this roof has hip roof instead on it.

Cross Gable

cross gable roof

It has intersection of gable roof. This is probably a beautiful idea to make your house has more front room. It is usually an attach porch or shed.

Gable Roof with Shed Addition

gable roof with shed addition

What makes different from previous idea is the shape of horizontal roof. This time although there is extended shed, they didn’t make it another roof but one side horizontal instead.

Gable Roof Ideas

Best Lighting for Gable

Best gable roof ideas

This roof lighting is a decoration option. Besides, without proper lighting input, at night your house will look rather need more lighting source. Make sure you input enough of lighting so it won’t get too dark.

Gable Type with Porch

Contemporary gable roof design ideas

Isn’t the house in the illustration looks cozy? The roof with porch for a house can be a great combination.

Designing gable with porch can create an illusion that your house is more spacious than it is.

Another plus point is it won’t be a straight box-like house (refer to previous example).

Vent House with Gable

Gable roof design

Vent for this roof type can be a decoration too. Enough sun light is important to make sure that it won’t get too dark or too bright. Measuring the right window work for both vent and sun light source.

Some people want to make their house as bright as possible because it is better to get too much light rather than lack of lights. However it is still your choice to decide.

Modern Gable Roof Idea

Gable roof ideas

Gable type is a good match with various home decoration theme including the modern design. This roof is not the main decoration for home though.

That’s why it is easy to match gable type roof with any home decoration theme. As long as the supported decoration is in line with the decoration theme then your gable design roof can pull it off.

Minimalis Shed Design

Gable roof ideas

Gable type roof is not only limited for home decoration. For shed, you can get more sun light source and good decoration too. There is no need to make your roof as high as previous examples.

Even for one floor room, this roof type is a good roof types that can decorate the whole final look and still give you many plus points including sun light source and vent.

Large Window for Gable

Gable roof

This roof shape can be as straight as the illustration or combine with stairs and porch. Both are fine as long as you feel like you fulfilled your preferred style.

But if you want to make it straight then you will need window not only as your sun light source but also as decoration. Big window will suit with this roof type rather than the smaller one. The bigger it is the better.

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