Inspiring Corner Fireplace Ideas for Warmer House

Do you want to add a touch of luxury and warmth to your small room? If so, corner fireplace ideas are the perfect choice! Not only do these fireplace designs look elegant and stylish, but they also provide a lot of natural light and heat.

So if you’re looking for ideas for a cozy corner room in your home, keep reading! We’ll share some of the best corner fireplace ideas for small rooms. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of corner electric fireplaces, so you can make an informed decision before choosing one.

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Best Corner Fireplace Ideas for Small Rooms

Fireplace ideas for small rooms can be tricky, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful. In fact, there are many great corner fireplace ideas that can make a big impact in your living space.

For example, think about using corner fireplace ideas to add depth and dimension to a small room. Additionally, make sure to find the perfect corner fireplace for your living room or bedroom.

It will be one of the most practical investments you make this year! Some of the best features include a built-in warming tray, decorative mantelpieces, and comfortable seating.

Whether you’re looking to add a little warmth or simply want to make your home look and feel more inviting, corner fireplace ideas for small rooms are a great way to do just that!

Rustic Natural Materials

Cabin corner fireplace ideas

Your rustic home will be personified by the rough corner fireplace in living space. This fireplace will give a home a comfortable and warm feeling due to its wood tones.

Small Modern Interior Design Corner Fireplace

Contemporary bedroom with corner fireplace

This concept will inspire you if you have little space left to create one. The corner fireplace, despite its contemporary design, manages to look nothing strange, vintage, or out of date.

TV Above Stone Corner Fireplace

Corner fireplace in living room

If you want to vertically display additional stuff on the fireplace, you can still do it. It’s important to make sure that this is safe and that you’ve gotten the advice of the right professional.

Farmhouse Corner Fireplace Layout

Corner fireplace tiled hearth

This corner fireplace design will be great in a farmhouse living space. Hopefully this picture will inspire you to remodel your fireplace as much as you want.

Living Room Corner Fireplace Idea

Corner fireplaces wall of windows

To fill your empty corner and wall space, consider adding a living room corner fireplace. This corner fireplace will do some favors rather than just ordinary plants. 

Small Living Room Cozy Vibe

Corner shiplap fireplace ideas

A fireplace with a TV stand above it might be a pleasant addition to have. It is not necessary to place a TV in a large area or alone. It can also be better with this one suggestion.

Traditional-like Beautiful Fireplace

Corner stone fireplace family room

When you want a warm-looking fireplace, a fireplace hearth is another excellent choice. While it is necessary to contain the fireplace, placing it in the incorrect area may produce a chilly mood throughout your space.

Entertainment Center Fireplace

Corner tv unit with corner fireplace

Since you don’t know where to put your fireplace for your home, it might be a little difficult. A corner fireplace, like the one shown in the picture, can be a nice feature in the family gathering and children playing family room.

Favorite Fireplace Ideas

Decorate a bedroom fireplace

Even if the white wall appears to be cold, it doesn’t imply that a corner fireplace is the best option. Despite the fact that you choose the proper color tone, it infuses opulence into the space at family room.

You can look the ceiling texture types for more information.

Corner Gas Fireplace Ideas

Gas fireplace room corner

One of the nicest features for an indoor fireplace is a corner stove fireplace. In order for the indoor fireplace to create the clean lines, correct ambiance or tone, asymmetrical design, and contemporary look of the space, it must have the proper hue tone.

DIY Wood Burner Traditional Fire

Great indoor fireplace designs

A picture of a Gryffindor dorm from the Harry Potter movie appears to be it. Enjoying a warm cup of hot chocolate after a long week of work seems to be relaxing.

Even if the symmetry corner fireplace mantels is modest, it needs additional adornment to make it cozy and comfortable ambience.

Modern Corner Fireplace Ideas

indoor fireplace ideas

Despite the fact that it is now a contemporary living room design, the presence of a corner fireplace did not make it seem no-match or outdated. Instead, it seems that Christmas is close and additional relatives will come to see us. 

Kitchen Corner Fireplace Idea

Kitchen with corner fireplace

Previously, the suggested position or layout was in the center of the living area, where people spent most of their time. It’s the kitchen this time around.

Corner fireplace may be a suitable option if you have spare corner space and aren’t sure what to fill it, but it just practical options.

Freestanding Fake Corner Fireplace Idea

Modern corner fireplace ideas

You may have a fake freestanding corner fireplace chimney at your home even if you do not want the real fireplace. It’ll make your home look more welcoming.

Best Choice Furniture Decor for Fireplace

Modern minimalist corner fireplace

For the fireplace, this is where the furniture will be placed in the future. There isn’t a fireplace here. It’s a specimen that gives the appearance of actual flames. It may be used to make your home look warmer as a the wall decoration.

Outdoor Corner Fireplace Idea 

Outdoor stone corner fireplace

Indoor corner fireplace, for example, is not limited. A corner fireplace can make such a great impression on everyone if you utilize it as a gathering point on your roof or in your backyard. One of the designs is available to test and make extra space.

Christmas Accessories with Small Corner Fireplace

Rustic corner fireplace

Corner fireplaces are just as effective as any other little or bigger piece of the wall decor when it comes to being purely decorative. In addition, the lovely feature of a corner fireplace is that it never fails to create a cozy feeling or similar effect.

Bedroom Corner Fireplace Ideas

Rustic corner fireplace ideas

A bedroom is another setting where you may utilize a natural stone corner fireplace. Even if it isn’t winter, a corner fireplace will keep your room warm like autumn due to the atmosphere they emit. The fireplace in the bedroom is a warm blanket, even if it’s not real.

Small Space Corner Fireplace Stone Idea

Stone fireplace

This one is costly, but it’s also nostalgic stone fireplace ideas. This concept is guaranteed to never fail you if you want to inject some classic accessories and nostalgic feel into your home.

Bedroom Rustic Corner Fireplace Ideas

Wicked rustic bedroom with corner fireplace designs

Every warm outfit in your closet is a fireplace in a vastness bedroom. In addition to providing a soothing chill into your mind, a fireplace mantel and rugs in a bedroom will most likely cure your insomnia.

DIY Wood Corner Fireplace Idea

Wood fireplace surround ideas

The warmth of a wood firebox should surround you. It not only provides you with the sensation of being wrapped in a warm embrace, but it also provides you with actual warmth.

Corner Electric Fireplaces Pros and Cons

Do you love the look of electric fireplaces but dread the cost? corner electric fireplaces are the perfect solution for you!

They’re easy to install, and the majority of them come with a built-in timer. Keep in mind that corner electric fireplaces don’t heat the entire room, but they make a great focal point for any room.

If you’re looking for an electric fireplace that’ll provide more than just aesthetic value, consider a corner unit model instead. These models come with all the bells and whistles, and can even be programmed to play your favorite music.

So, if you’re in the market for a fireplace that’s both stylish and functional, corner electric fireplaces are the best option for you!


  • Easy to install
  • Many come with a built-in timer
  • Provide visual and thermal value
  • Can look realistic
  • Flexible in location
  • Can heat very well
  • Little maintenance


  • Do not heat the entire room
  • Can be more expensive than standard models
  • No real flames
  • Can’t be used without electricity


The corner fireplace is a must-have for any home that wants to enjoy warm and cozy living conditions. Not only does this fireplace provide a cozy ambiance, but it is also an efficient way to heat up small rooms.


How can I make my corner fireplace look good?

The best way to make your corner fireplace look good is to find a mantel or wall mount fireplace console that is the right size and style for the space. Some ideas for fireplace mantels and wall mounts include mantels with carved wood details or flame-shaped designs, stone fireplaces, and decorative tiles.

How do you make a corner fireplace look modern?

Sources of modern corner fireplace ideas may vary, but some popular ideas include using materials such as metal or glass, adding accents like shelving or wall mirrors, and using fireplaces to create focal points in a room.

Can a fireplace be in a corner?

A fireplace can be in any corner, as long as the opening is not blocked by furniture or a wall.

How do you arrange a living room with a fireplace in the corner?

The corner fireplace can be difficult to arrange because the mantel slopes down towards the fireplace and the room becomes quite small. To make the space more useable, it may be best to move the living room furniture off to one side to create a larger space.

What do you put on a corner fireplace mantel?

To add some visual interest to the mantel, you may put a few pieces of art ornaments, such as flat art like a painting, photograph, or thin sculpture.

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