DIY Computer Desk Ideas

DIY computer desk becomes one of the options when you want to create a desk that suits your wishes. By making it or stringing it ourselves, we can make the computer desk look more attractive.

You can make a table with your own design, or you can also change the existing table. If you want the cost incurred cheaper, of course make it from scratch.

But, if you want to be easier in making a computer desk, of course buying that has become faster and easier. You can directly assemble a computer desk and provide some accessories.

So that you have an idea in building a diy computer desk, take a look at some of the following examples.

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DIY Computer Desk with Drawers

diy computer desk with drawers

Creating a computer desk that has storage will certainly be more difficult. The size of the table must be well made in order to look good.

A computer table with drawers will make it look neater. Messy items on the table can be put in a drawer.

For the creation and plan of this computer desk, you can see the video above. The manufacturing process can be followed clearly.

Designer Desk for Home Office

designer desk for home office

If you are a designer, making a desk like the example above can also be. Utilizing an existing desk, set it well into a work desk at home.

Simple table arrangement with minimalist accessories will make it look clean. You can use a table that is only assembled or make it from existing leftover materials.

Built In Computer Desk Ideas

built in computer desk ideas

Saving a computer into a desk can also be. You need a custom table to make it.

Build from scratch like the following video.

DIY computer desk ideas will make the table look more minimalist. This is because the computer that is usually on the table will hide in it.

Simple DIY Computer Desk Plans

simple computer desk plans

Making a computer desk that is minimalist and with easy materials it can also be. You can follow the following creation plan image.

simple computer desk plans

Using materials that are easy to get and the manufacturing process is quite easy. The size of the table you can make the same as the picture or adjusted to your room.

DIY Stand Up Desk Scaled

diy stand up desk scaled

A computer desk that can be adjusted in height can also be an option. You can make a table with legs that can be set in height.

This will make your work more flexible. If you are tired of sitting, then the table can be raised and worked by standing.

DIY Floating Computer Desk

diy floating computer desk

Utilizing a small room or corner of the room by making it a workspace at home will certainly be more useful. You can make a floating table that sticks to the wall.

By using a floating table, it will save space. Even a small room can be made to feel spacious.

Desktop Computer Table Design

desktop computer table design

If you use a PC, of course you need a wider table. This is so that there is still a lot of work space left. So you can work more comfortably.

A spacious desk is needed to put a desktop computer, monitor, keyboard, and other equipment.

Minimalist Home Office Desk

minimalist home office desk

Working at home requires that we have our own desk. Working without a desk will make the body tired faster. In addition, the back of our body can hurt.

Computer Desk Ideas for Small Spaces

computer desk ideas for small spaces

A narrow room is certainly not a problem to place a computer desk. You can use a laptop with a small desk to work.

Using a desktop computer will certainly require a large space. Meanwhile, using a laptop or Macbook can save you space. You can put this computer desk in the corner of the room though.

DIY Gaming Desk

diy gaming desk

For those of you who like to play games, a sturdy computer table can be an option. So, you can put some monitors, speakers, computers, and other equipment on the table.

DIY Pallet Computer Desk

diy pallet computer desk

Fences from pallets are certainly common, you can make a computer table from pallets. The cost you spend will certainly be less by using used goods.

In order for the table to be neat, first clean the pallet to be used. You can add glass at the top of the table as well.


diy pc desk

The table made of iron pipes also looks good. Of course combined with wooden boards for the table.

With the right construction and plan, it will make the table stronger. This is because we use an iron frame.

DIY Plywood Desk

diy plywood desk

Another inspiration in using pallets for computer desks. You can use pallets without needing to be dismantled first. Just use it as it is so that it has a better impression.

Desk Pole Mounted Monitor

desk week pole mounted monitor

A monitor that is hung on a pipe on the table can also be done. A table with an iron pipe frame and has wheels. You can move it freely.

L Shape Computer Desk

l shape computer desk

An L-shaped computer desk will certainly be very large in size. You can put some computers on this table.

If used for yourself, you can place many monitors at once. Using special tools, one computer can be divided into multiple screens.

Pipe Floating Desk

pipe floating desk

Floating desks can also be made using pipes. It is suitable for those who use industrial themed homes.

Pipes are used as a tableboard buffer so that they can float on the wall. The top, you can use wood, concrete, marble, or other materials.

Reclaimed DIY Corner Desk

reclaimed diy corner desk

Placing a table in the corner of the room can also save you space. Use a large L-shaped table to make the room wider and the corner of the room is well utilized.

You can make your own table by designing the top of the table. Table legs can also be made by yourself or bought at Ikea.

Classic iMac Desk

classic imac desk

Using an iMac can save you space. You just put your iMac, mouse, and keyboard on the table.

A small table with a classic style will give a retro atmosphere. The modern design of the iMac gives the impression of the future. The combination of the two is very beautiful and looks luxurious.

DIY Lighting for Computer Desk

diy lighting for computer desk

Using RGB LED lights will give the impression of gaming in your computer desk setup. But, just wearing ordinary orange LEDs will give a warm impression.

Desk setup like the picture above is suitable for those of you who work at home. The setting of the room and table is not excessive and makes it feel comfortable.

Simple Desk for Home Office

simple desk for home office

Minimalist tables and chairs, unique room lights, and some posters on the wall. This workspace setup is very simple and minimalist. You can copy it for the home office.

DIY Standing Desk

diy standing desk

If previously there was a table that can be set in height, this one table is indeed installed high. You can also use a high chair to sit.

So, if you want to work by standing, then just get rid of the chair and stand up. A computer desk like this looks unique.

DIY Computer Stand

diy computer stand

If using the table turns out you have to look down and make your back tired quickly, you can add a stand on the table.

You can use a stand with any material. For example wood, cardboard, acrylic, plastic, metal, and other stand materials.

DIY Gaming Computer Desk Plans

diy gaming computer desk plans

A gamer wants his computer desk to look cool. In gaming room uses gaming chairs, a gaming mouse and keyboard, as well as good sound speakers.

You can see the video below to make the gaming computer desk as you wish. Template plans from the gaming computer desk are also in the description of this video.


DIY computer desk ideas above you can be an inspiration to make the same thing at home. Using existing materials can also make a computer desk as dreamed.

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