35 Farmhouse Bedroom Design Ideas You Must See

Farmhouse Bedroom Design – The trend in interior design keeps changing from time to time. However, there is something about the country style which has left everything beyond trends. It is the aesthetic that never fails country style to be outdated.

The special aesthetic of it is not only about the visualization which pleasure the eyes. There are others factors which make it ‘a forever style’. Those factors include homey textures as well as elective mixture of furniture involved. Furthermore, the accents emphasize more on antique vibe more than anything.

The existence of each factor doesn’t overwhelm or shade off each other instead complimenting each other. It creates perfect blend which in result producing a comfortable personal space and timelessly on trend. Therefore, no wonder that it leads decorators and designers alike to turn to farmhouse motif this season. The most remarkable place to start this style is none other than the bedroom, right?

The most important point in designing a bedroom is comfort. This is certainly why country bedroom is the most perfect fit to provide it. In country style, bedroom is designed and punctuated with little touches to bring out personal comfort.

Those little touches include a milk-jug-turned-vase, heirloom quilt, or re-purposed wooden window frame mirror, to name a few. To complement the room, it is better to add some thrift store finds and flea market treasures. Therefore, farmhouse bedroom decor idea is always open for you to try your own experiment so that you can implement your own personal manner which results in more unique look.

Country decor idea is flexible to be applied as additional touch or a complete design for your bedroom if you want to. However, it must be helpful to sneak a peek into some dreamy farmhouse bedroom design ideas before you start decorating your own bedroom with country design.

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1. Farmhouse Design Bedroom

Farmhouse Design Bedroom

Country decoration style emphasizes on comfortable and homey vibe. That is why this bedroom style is perfect if what you are looking for is comfort and warmth.

Take a look at the choice of furniture and even small details such as headboards and artwork piece hanging on the wall. Everything is arranged in not-so-exaggerating manner but able to pull off neutral tone perfectly. Color palette sticks on neutral tone.

2. Antique-inspired Rugs Create Farmhouse Magic

Antique-inspired rugs create farmhouse magic

There is something about vintage details which can make your bedroom looks timeless. To compliment your farmhouse style bedroom, adding, a distressed, vintage-inspired rug can be a perfect fit. The addition of rug is to compliment the overall vibe of the bedroom.

There won’t be better choice than a custom made grey rug which from hand-knotted wool, from Caitlin Wilson. All the features existing within the rug blends perfectly with the concept of vintage embodied by country style decoration.

3. Farmhouse Bedroom

Farmhouse Bedroom Design

Farmhouse design is varied and can be mixed with different decor style. This bedroom just explains the mixture well. A contemporary bedroom added by some farmhouse touches from its area rug match perfectly.

The color choice looks busy but it is toned down by that printed chair. The element that emphasizes the farmhouse style is the patterns.

4. Antique Farmhouse Bed Bench

Bed Bench

There are many elements you can add to create country interior design for bedroom. For example, the tufted bench with antique finish in this bedroom idea which implement the rustic vibe. The footnote at the end of the bed is just small detail but powerful to create the suitable impact.

Similar options offered by The Bella Cottage which are made from solid oak with a linen cotton blend seat cushion. Those create ethereal look especially with various scheme colors applied to the room.

5. Beautiful Farmhouse Designs

Frio Family Retreat

The special thing about this cool bedroom is wooden beams. For your information, the painted white walls are made from wood. The concept of this bedroom conveys relaxing private space. It is even greater because of the view outdoors through the windows which make the surrounding looks serene.

6. Fleurs Françaises Provincial Bedroom

Fleurs Françaises Provincial Bedroom

Country style in this bedroom is blended well with natural concept from the cotton branches hung in galvanized metal buckets. The combination creates a crisp, clean, plantation vibe harmoniously. Homey vibe is shown through the soft blue-grey tables along with striped bedding which makes you feel nostalgic.

7. Best Farmhouse Decor

Pretty Wreath Decor

For centuries, hanging wreaths have been a part of a home-style tradition especially to since the Ancient Rome. Until now, it has been applied to many farmhouses. Through Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Market, you can find the wild cotton wreath to add decorative accent.

8. Adrienne Chinn Design

Adrienne Chinn Design

Wood is the main charm in this bedroom decor idea. Both on the ceiling and walls are just mesmerizing. Some may think it is hardly acceptable to apply wood elements to this concept. However, the result only makes this room more beautiful. The color of the duvet as well as the print on the area rug just adds the appeal.

9. Sewn Quilt Bed Ensemble

Stitched Quilt Bed Ensemble

Stitched quilt is the original character of traditional farmhouse. The best option downs to the Linden Quilt from Anthropologie. The point of this choice is due to the conventional motifs and floral patterns which give off the vibe of antique.

10. Country Bachelor Gent’s Bedroom System

Country Bachelor Gentleman’s Bedroom Scheme

To bring up warm yet simple vibe, you just need to add some small details on your dresser. A simple framed print of your favorite quote is enough to make you feel warm before going to bed. The additional touches include a cotton branch to a small antique metal milk jug.

11. Cozy Colonial Farmhouse Bedroom Design Ideas

Cozy Colonial Farmhouse Bedroom Design Ideas

Simplicity can create beauty. With a simple black metal bed frame completed with grey and white bedding, the bedroom look exceptionally beautiful but still radiates warmth for a bachelor’s bedroom. To add artistic point, just add a pretty rug and some framed art.

12. Simple Wood Frame Platform Bed

Simple Wood Frame Platform Bed

Platform bed can convey simplicity and it implies a farmhouse aesthetic without excessive vibe to it. This bohemian option is made from the sustainable mango wood and iron is made to give off Bohemian style. The rustic vibe can be seen in the decoration. To accentuate the look, a few oversized pillows and a stitched quilt is just added.

13. Far and Away Country Room Idea

Far and Away Country Room Idea

You can use this farmhouse chic DIY to make your bedroom more playful in warm tone. A line of metal hooks is a great idea to hang sheer curtains in more beautiful and creative way.

14. Full-length Mirror for Classic Farmhouse Style

Full-length Mirror

Full-length mirror is often used as a simple trick to make a room look larger and more spacious. Simple mirror along with antique finish line represents simplicity in stunning manner. There is also a rustic hand-painted to add the charm inside the room.

15. Girly Touch Design

Girly Touch Design

Pink is always associated with girl and beauty. This farmhouse style is perfect for young lady. The additional touches of a little crystal fixture and flower designed straw caps accentuate vintage style prettily.

16. Farmhouse Bedroom US

Farmhouse Bedroom US
Dyer Photo – homedesignlover.com

French windows surround the bedroom, and the door just leads to the balcony. It creates natural and open feeling to the room. The contrast color of the rug, chair and pillow just compliment the overall room.

17. Color Scheme Design

Color Scheme Design

The most often used palette to create farmhouse style is white just like this bedroom idea. The shading is subtle and the wooden seat at the foot of the bed completes the look. To emphasize farmhouse style more, the wicker bin plays the role well.

18. Bedroom Farmhouse Decor

Catch Some zzz's with Eucalyptus

Dried eucalyptus can ignite your sights and smells of the rustic countryside. Floral arrangement can blend well in this natural farmhouse style idea. The aroma even helps you more relax during your resting state.

19. Dorothy “Gingham” Windstorm Bedroom Linens

Dorothy “Gingham” Gale Bedroom Linens

This bedroom showcases perfect combination of rustic and soothing concept. The contrast of a cast iron bed frame with white accents balances the vibe. Another perfect contrast combination added to this bedroom is between lace curtain, chunky knit blanket, and cotton boll wreath.

20. Historic Caretaker’s Wing

Historic Caretaker’s Wing

Simple and soothing concept is the strength of this bedroom. The color combination between blue and white gives off farmhouse style just right. Meanwhile, floral prints bedding and the candle holder just emphasize a subtle ocean touch.

21. Farmhouse Bedroom Set

Clean and Fresh

You can apply ideal design from historic farmhouses. It is shown by straight-lined trim as well as simple wainscots, and beamed board-clad ceilings. White dominates general element of the room to create fresh and clean mood. Combination of new pieces, antiques, and homespun textiles is perfect for this concept.

22. Master Farmhouse Bedroom

Master Bedroom
Dayna Katlin Interiors – homedesignlover.com

The focal point of this bedroom is the painting. However, it is balanced by the softness of the pillows and the mattress of the four-poster bed. To accentuate warm feeling, the windows use brown shades.

23. Store Your Garments in Traditional Style

Store Your Clothes in Rustic Style

Handmade by Indonesian artisans, The dresser from Arhaus is a handmade by Indonesian artisans. The natural oak finish and Parsons-style iron base in inspired by the Bauhaus era. It gives off unique yet natural vibe to the bedroom.

24. Naturalist’s Research study Farmhouse Implements

Naturalist’s Study Farmhouse Implements

You can try this idea to redecorate your modern bedroom style. Just add Gingham bedding, wicker baskets, and a white wooden. It automatically creates farmhouse style. To emphasize country look, just add soft curtains, fake plants, and an antique lantern.

25. The Chorley Cottage

The Chorley Cottage

The charming point of this bedroom is a mirrored side table along with the mix of patterns. To add warm feeling and look, a carpet is used to cover the flooring.

26. Edison’s Estate Wooden Light fixture

Edison’s Manor Wooden Chandelier

Farmhouse aesthetic can be combined with arrows. You can even create some out of repurposed wood. Just simply cut 4 pieces and arrange them in a double point pattern then the scheming decoration looks just perfect.

27. Farmhouse Bedroom NY

Farmhouse Bedroom NY

The patterns along with printed carpet, chairs and bedding make the room looks busier. However, the look surprisingly harmonizes each other well especially when there is a rustic themed chandelier with various lighting shades placed in the middle.

28. Secret Garden Style Bedroom

Secret Garden Style Bedroom

Lighting can help to set certain mood to interior design. Just like what happens to this room where a unique light fixture perfect is created. In addition, the open box design beautifies the general view as well as allowing a lot of light to flood inside.

29. Farmhouse Bedroom Houston

Farmhouse Bedroom Houston

White is not a constant color for farmhouse style. You can also use green combined with pink shades to create farmhouse concept. Add some red accents on the fabrics and chairs to compliment the room.

30. Farmhouse Sweet and also Basic Bedroom

Farmhouse Sweet and Simple Bedroom

The space on top of your dresser can be filled up with candlesticks, huge clock, and vased-plants. Those pieces can accentuate farmhouse style to your bedroom. You can also add an antique windowpane in the back to spice up artistic vibe.

31. Cool Farmhouse Bedroom

Cool Farmhouse Bedroom

You can make a bookshelf as a headboard of the bed. To help you read well while lounging on the bed, place a pendant light with a floral design right in the middle. Wooden flooring is the main element of this bedroom. And an area rug can be added to add more comfort.

32. Farmhouse Bedroom Furniture

Ebony and Ash Palatial Farmhouse Bedroom

Farm and cow is a perfect fit. You can apply farmhouse style by adding some vintage cow prints to the room complimented by pretty quilt, ruffle, and wicker accents.

33. Farmhouse Bedroom Charleston

Farmhouse Bedroom Charleston

Earthy tone is the main theme of this bedroom shown by wooden vaulted ceiling. The overall vibe is warm and natural which is perfect to showcase farmhouse style.

34. Farmhouse Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Beach House Retreat Bedroom

Farmhouse concept can be combined with fancy and rustic vibe just like this bedroom. The upscale chandelier, regal end table, and giant poster bed look are the right elements to showcase homey vibe.

35. Girl’s Farmhouse Bedroom

Girl’s Bedroom

The most eye-catching point of this girl’s bedroom is the pattern on the floor. However, another interesting point is also there such as the wall candle holders which decorate the space on the wall just right.

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