16 Inspiring Stair Runners Ideas with Images

Have you ever thought about the fact that stair case might be a dangerous threat to your kids, elderly and a pregnant mom? Even so, stair case is inevitable when you have several levels home. It seems like you can not do anything about it but in fact, you can overcome such big danger that may cause using a stair runner.

Stair runner is basically a carpet for stairs. However the purpose of stair runner is not covering the whole stair. That is why its name is runner because its purpose is to cover the walk path only.

It will prevent the stairs to get slivery that might cause a terrible danger. Plus point is, stair runner looks stylish and it will help you to decorate your stair.

Stair runner cost differently according to their material and types of design. There are also some cases when you will have to cost more like pre order or custom stair runners.

Sometimes home decoration is not about what you can buy but more like the amount of things that will continually give you comfort and safety so it will be worth it.

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How Much do Stair Runners Cost

It will be different for every type of materials and country where you lived in. Every manufacturer count or calculate the cost per inch you are ordering.

So it is also different according to your order size. And as usual, it will cost more if you use professional hand. It is suggested for you to use a professional friend recommendation from a friend or somebody you can count on so you don’t get to install twice for the first mistake.

Ideas for Stair Runners

Stair runner comes with various designs. Since it is carpet then there is only slight different between stair runner and regular carpet.

The variety of designs that manufacturer produces will confuse people to choose one out of the available designs. In this article, we combine 16 most inspiring stair runner ideas with images to help you find the most suitable idea.

Blue Staircase Idea

Carpet runners stairs

As it has been said previously, there are so many designs you can choose for your stair runner. This blue staircase is one of the choices you can try. This design is simple and comes in navy so if you feel like you are a fan of blue and simplicity then this idea will help to inspire you.

Modern Stair Runner

Carpet runners ideas

You can see from the beautiful pattern that this staircase adopt a modern style. As a solution to “not every manufacturer produce this type of pattern stair runner” there are manufacturer that will take a customize order. Although it cost more and consume more time too, it will be worth it to try.

Non Slip Stair Runner

Gloria rug stair treads carpet non slip

Usually the non slip carpet different is from the surface of the bottom material. It is not slippery and will stay still even though your feet intended to move them. This type of stair runner material is the one that will prevent such danger from slippery tragedy.

Rugs Stair Runner In Grey

Grey stair carpet runners ideas

Rugs stair runner looks incredibly luxurious. Asian will probably use a rather more colorful and crowded pattern type on this kind of carpet. In Asian culture, rug material is the best and most expensive material you could ever use for a floor mat or carpet.

Grey Stair Runners Ideas

Herringbone carpet stair runners

Over carpet in grey is a concept you will rarely see. The thing about color for stair runner is you will most likely use a dark and calm color shade like grey or navy.

But it is up to you if you wish to install pink or even white for your stair runner. The plus point about dark color is, it will not easily get dirt marks.

Wool Material

Merida flat woven wool stair runner carpet workroom

There are so many types of materials you can use for your stair runner. Wool is one of the best materials you can use for your stair runner.

Stripped Pattern

Modern stair carpet

Previous patterns never come with this stripped design. stripped pattern is one of the most famous patterns out there. It is simple and universal for every home decoration theme.

DIY for Stair Runner

Modern stair runner
@rascalandroses – instagram.com

Affordable stair runner is possible if you use professional hand from a beginner or somebody you know about. Also, you can choose cheap material without decreasing the function of stair runner.

Stair Runner with Landing

Nourison custom stair

You might concern this type of stair in your house. You don’t have to worry about the shape of your stair. You can always customize your stair runner so it can fit your stair perfectly.

Rugs Material

Stair carpet runner

Even though most people did not cover the whole space of your stairs, you can also try this rug stair runner look. Rugs comes with various patterns that might satisfy your preferred style.

Painted DIY Stair Runners Ideas

Stair runner DIY

Every place can be a play ground to your kids including your own stair. With numbered stairs, you can teach your kids to count and it will them to memorize how the number looks.

Stripped Stair Runners Ideas

Stair carpet with rods

There is this type of stripped pattern with rods that might break your imagination. It looks good with such bar vibes.

Pattern Idea

Stair runner diamond pattern

There are so many patterns you can try. It is not only limited to strip pattern. Sometimes you can explore more like the one in the picture. Installation for whatever the patter will be just the same so don’t waste your budget.

Pet Friendly Stair Runner

Stair runners for dog

If you have a dog, decorating your stair will be a playground for them. This is one of examples you can adopt for your stair.

Another Pattern Idea

Stair runners ideas

In the picture, you can see that the pattern is stylish and original. When you customize your own stair runner pattern, it will satisfy you more.

Colorful Stair Runners Ideas

Stripped stair runners

Decorating your stair runner with colourful carpet is not a bad choice too. Although pervious ideas are presented in darker colours, it is not necessarily limit you to have a more colourful one.

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