Sunken Living Room Ideas to Boost Your Home Value

Back then to ‘60s or ‘70s, sunken living rooms were extremely popular. As time goes by, its popularity seems degrade and not many houses has this design feature today.

Having that said, sunken living room can deliver a unique touch to redefine your space. If you are looking for living room ideas to boost your home value, sunken living rooms are worth your thought.

Before going any further, you might need to know what sunken rooms actually mean. As the name suggests, sunken rooms can be defined as a space or room which is a few steps below the other parts of the house. Short stairs are typically included in this design feature, allowing you to access the room effortlessly.

You might be looking for a unique concept to redecorate living room. Or, you are trying to resurrect the popularity of ‘60s interior design. Either way, it’s time to think about sunken living rooms. There are plenty of ideas to adopt. Check on the following sunken room ideas and pick one that suits you best!

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1. 70’s 60’s Sunken Living Room

Amazing sunken living room

The fact that sunken living rooms hit the mainstream in ‘60s, you can borrow the uniqueness of retro style. This sunken room combines white couches and red cushions that evoke a strong retro touch.

Wooden stairs give an easy access to the room while a unique coffee table enhances the function of this living room.

2. Modern Sunken Living Room

Amazing sunken living room

For your modern living space, this modern sunken room is worth your consideration. Combining black couch and dark area rug, the sunken room matches the hardwood flooring on its surroundings.

Thanks to white cushions that create a nice contrast look to the area. Ditch the coffee table to accentuate more intimate feeling.

3. Mix and Match

Majestic sunken living room design

Narrow space should not discourage you to have a sunken room. In fact, this design feature can help make your interior feel more spacious.

When it comes to decorating style, mix-match concept gives additional visual interest. Grab colorful ottomans and cushions to add more colors to the monochrome walls and floors.

4. Minimalist Sunken Living Room

Small sunken living room designs

To fit your minimalist house, this sunken room idea should be great. The minimalist sunken living room looks clean and sleek, thanks to white ceramic floor combined with area rug and earth-tone couch.

A spherical hanging lampion in neutral color scheme gives a strong accent of minimalist style. For your intimate moment, colorful cushions in any sizes will be the best complement.

5. Sunken Room with Open Concept

Spacious sunken living room

Open concept works well for your living room. The mixture of sunken room, right furniture choices, and good lighting result in a cozy space. You can pick white couch to match the rug as well as coffee table.

While large glass windows provide intense lighting to the room, high wooden ceiling make it feel more spacious.

6. Perfect for Man Cave

Spanish style sunken living room

Are you planning to transform the basement into a cozy man cave? Select this sunken room to perfect your space. Semi-circular couch with vibrant color looks contrast with other room elements.

A fireplace ensures your man cave atmosphere is always comfortable during a chilly winter. You can also install a unique chandelier as a focal point.

7. Master Sunken Living Room

Sunken living room design

Perfect your house plans with this sunken living room idea. A circular sunken room with cozy couches and round fabric coffee table makes a cozy place to spend time with family or friends.

Either you want to host a night party or simply gather with relatives, this sunken living room is adorable. A hanging light with shade can be the best complement.

8. Large Sunken Room

Sunken living room

Your country barn house deserves this sunken room idea. Large glass windows combined with tilt ceiling emphasizes the spacious feeling. Couches and coffee tables are well-arranged, allowing you to have ample space to move around. Thanks to tall window treatment that complements the element of this living room.

9. Rectangle Sunken Living Room

Sunken living room ideas

You might want to introduce your character through living room interior design. This rectangle sunken living room should meet your needs as it can make your room one of a kind.

The red sunken room looks contrast with the rest of the house that is covered in white shade. Don’t forget the stairs to help you access the sunken space.

10. Sunken Room with Fireplace

Sunken Room with Fireplace

Fireplace is what you need to make the sunken room feel cozier. As you’ll use the living room all year long, you need to prepare it for any weather. When the temperature drops, the fireplace will keep your living room warm. But when summer arrives, you can enjoy the outdoor view through large glass windows.

11. Contemporary Style

Classic living room ideas

To enhance your home value, this contemporary sunken room is worth the effort. White furniture looks great on shiny ceramic floors. The high ceiling makes your room feel more spacious. You can pay attention to details by installing table lamps with similar nuance.

12. Mid Century Sunken Living Room

Mid Century room

Beam ceiling really accentuates a mid-century style. Under the ceiling, you can have a sunken living room furnished with earth-tone sectional sofas and wooden table. This living room idea is what you need to emphasize the mid-century concept that you adopt.

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13. Sumptuous Sunken Room with Chandelier

Sunken ideas

Need some sumptuousness to your living space? This sunken room could be the one you are looking for. Large sunken room bordered with couches makes a perfect concept for a master living room. A luxury chandelier defines everything.

14. Modern-Minimalist Room

Modern-Minimalist Room

The mixture of modern and minimalist style makes this sunken room looks cozy and welcoming. A white sectional sofa and wooden coffee table give all the coziness that you need. A fireplace and wall mount TV make this sunken living room perfect to snuggle with family.

15. Outdoor Sunken Living Room

Outdoor room

When it comes to enjoying the summer, there is nothing better than outdoor sunken living room. If you have a large backyard, invest on this outdoor sunken space. Build the design feature and grab some colorful cushions to create a visual interest.

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