What is Flat Roof?

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What is Flat Roof?

Flat roof by definition is the low-slope roof with maximum 100. Unlike the rest of roof shapes that has slope, flat roof doesn’t design that way.

Most of this roof are used as roof top or an outdoor living area. This type of roof is known and used worldwide and every place have their own standard to what is called as flat roof material and all.

The usage of this roof type is commonly not limited as roof. Instead of covering top of building, this roof type is more like another level of the building but outdoor.

This is why there is a roof top. The thing about roof top is it reserves good view and most of the time a good place in a big city. In urban area, it might be not necessary to have a this roof type.

Even though every country in the world has used flat roof, this type of roof is not suitable for places with cold climate.

Those places that have rainfall and snow will have to avoid this type of roof because it can be dangerous if the drainage didn’t work well.

Especially with the snow that might built up on the building and probably will exceed the maximum weight they can carry.

Pros and Cons of Flat Roof

Even though it will give extraordinary view for you, flat type of roof has disadvantages too that might cost a life. Advantages of this roof type are very contextual since not every place has the same weather and climate.

If you try to pull off the right roof for your house you will have to consult with professional. Here are advantages and disadvantages of flat roof.


The most beneficial thing about flat roof is it will maximize space. You can use both below and above the roof. It is not just additional space but a double up space.

Besides, this roof type doesn’t require as much as the rest of roofs material because it has smaller surface. Installing a this roof type is taking a whole space right under the roof and it can be whatever you need.


Drainage is the main problem of this roof. For such countries with heavy rainfall, flat roof has a drainage issue. It might leak to your home and it will not be comfortable.

Another disadvantage is the durability. It last for 10 years only. Probably you can maintain more years with extra maintenance. So if you want to have rather longer roof durability then you have to change your choice.

Flat Roof Material

There are so many flat roof materials based on where you live. Although it might be not available in our country, these are some material options for your roof.

Metal is probably the finest material you can have. Not only it has quieter sound when the rainfall, metal can save your money for long term calculation because it has good durability.

Your roof house will look great with metal material.

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Type of Flat Roofs

Types of flat roofs are various with various material based too. Even so, the purpose of this roof is just the same.

The diversity of material is due to availability because not every country has that exact same material so there are so many flat roofs material diversity for every country.

You have to consult this with a professional so you won’t regret the final look.

Flat Roof Ideas

Even though this roof type is famous for roof top, it is not only limited to it. There are so many flat roof ideas you can make so you could maximize the look and its benefit.

But of course you must consult the best roof option you have to professional so you can have the best roof shapes. Here are some flat ideas for your roof house that might inspire you.

Modern House Design

Flat roof design

For a gathering space, most of people dream of outdoor pavilion or gazebo. Outdoor gathering area is a good option but what if rainfall and summer just can’t get a little friendlier? Then roof top comes to save you.

Instead of building your gathering area without roof, you still can make an outdoor with roof to cover your upper side.

Lighting Source for Roof

Flat roof ideas

Light source is important to make your room cleaner and lighter. If you choose this roof type you can install replacement for lighting source with glass. Now your room will get enough lighting source and flat roof at the same time.

It might get much beneficial if you apply this in the middle of your home instead of the one with enough window already.

Design Inspiration

Flat roof ideas

Flat roof installation is not only limited to one side. In this illustration you can see that they install many flat roof so it looks like steps rather than one roof.

This looks also allow the backmost room to get light source with window.

Garage Roof Ideas

House design with flat roof

What about a flat roof design for garage? It is absolutely a great idea. This way, you can put your car under a roof but still vulnerable to the outside because it has no covering four side walls. It looks luxury and modern.

Roof Extension House

Modern flat roof

If you have such smaller house like in the picture, you don’t have to worry because flat roof looks good on house too.

There is no limitation to what type of building and purpose to install roof like the picture. As long as you feel like you wish to have them, you just have to consult if it’s okay to install flat roof and that’s all.

Pavilion or Shed Ideas

Outdoor-cabin flat roof

Like a quote, people always feel like they feel the same way. Flat is the type of roofs that will match with anything you can offer even if the smaller room

This roof good for pavilion, for garage, for house for anything you wish you can have a flat room on it. Like quote, inspire people.

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